What I’ve Been Reading: January Edition

Hello hello helloooooooo lady! Ladies. I’m clawing my way out of a ~seven year reading slump, and I figured I’d do something new. At the end of each month I’m going to list what I’ve read in the prior month. (This will *knocks on wood* give me enough time to update Goodreads, which is something I’m determined to do this year. Cuz I swear I’m fucking re-reading books without knowing it >.<)

In no real particular order… these are the books I read in January 2015. (This isn’t an exhaustive list … because certain books it was so complicated even a simple listing would be too much trouble.) I’ve been on a total Entangled Brazen kick. Somebody stop me. I’m just going to list the title, author, and grade. If I said anything more, it’d be in GoodReads.

I also need to [re]write out the ALBTALBS grading scale… but for now, this works.

A = AMAZING. You loved it. You want everyone to read it. Even you dog. If s/he could read. Hell, you’ll read it to your dog.
B = a really good book. You enjoyed it, and recommend it. You’ll also definitely be reading more books by the author
C = a good book and enjoyable read, but an average book. You liked it, but it’s nothing to write home about. Nothing wrong with it, it just wasn’t to the next level
D = there were definite issues with the book
F = you flat out hated the book and kinda wish it hadn’t been written. you’re a little pissed that you wasted your time reading it

MacNamara’s Lady by N.J. Walters Grade: C+

Courting Trouble by Kimberly Dean Grade: B+

All Fired Up by Madelynne Ellis Grade: D+

Sweet in Love by Nadia Lee Grade: D+

Willing Victim by Cara McKenna Grade: B+

The Billionaire Biker by Jackie Ashenden Grade: D+

Playing Dirty by Kelly Jamieson Grade: B+

Can’t Buy Me Love by Rin Daniels Grade: C

Don’t Let Me Go by Rin Daniels Grade: D+

Three Little Words by Maggie Wells Grade: B

Friends With Benefits by Rhonda Lee Carver Grade: D

Power Play by Charlotte Stein Grade: C-

The Last First Date by Maggie Wells Grade: C-

Slow Surrender by Cecilia Tan Grade: C+

Slow Seduction by Cecilia Tan Grade: C-

Slow Satisfaction by Cecilia Tan Grade: D+

Asking for Trouble by Tessa Bailey Grade: B+

Dare to Love Series: Dare Me by Kelly Jamieson Grade: C-

Forbidden by Charlotte Stein Grade: C-

Baiting the Maid of Honor by Tessa Bailey Grade: C–

I hope you found this interesting. 🙂 I had fun – it totally reminded me that I want/need to keep Kimberly Dean’s Courting series on my radar! And … despite my ridiculous love of tags, I’m not going to tag each book/author … I don’t think because O_O That’ll be like a book.

What books have you read? Were there any stand outs? Any recommendations? Have you read any of the books I read?

15 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading: January Edition

  1. Audrey

    I’m doing the GoodReads challenge. I pledged to read 100 books or more by the end of the year, so with that said I will only name a few that I have read in the pass three months…
    Wallbanger by Alice Clayton Grade: B+
    Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren Grade: A+ (Mr. Ryan and Ms. Mills kick Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele ass any day of the week!)
    Lick by Kylie Scott Grade: C
    Tangled by Emma Chase Grade: D (lost my interests)
    Rock with Me by Kristin Proby Grade: C- ( it was missing something)

    And I’m waiting to download “Unraveled” by Lorelei James at midnight.

    1. Dominique White

      My goal is also 100 books for the year. Have a good start so far with a lot of great reads in the pipeline. My interests tend to lean toward Literary Fiction with a smattering of romance in there.

      I had a really hard time with the Cecilia Tan trilogy. When I got the first book I didn’t know it was a cliffhanger book and……let’s just say I wasn’t happy. The second book just didn’t grab me and the final book was a disappointment. I think I am in the minority but the reviews on it swing heavily one way or the other. People loved it or hated it.

      I also read WallBanger and DNF’d it.

      I have really enjoyed Piper Huguley’s historical fiction series– Lawyer’s Luck and Preacher’s Promise were great. Starting Mayor’s Mission tonight. I gave those both 4 stars.. I don’t use letter grades usually but Id say they were an A?

      I also read Christina Jones Serendipitous Love Series (3 books so far) TRIPLE A as well as the first two books in her ‘If You Can’ series – romantic suspense- Also A’s. Superb.

      The Reluctant Midwife was about a B. High C. The Secrets of Midwives was a B.

      I read a fabulous erotic romance by Roni Loren- Nothing Between Us. Also an A.

      Lastly, Karin Slaughter, one of my fave crime thriller writers released a collection of short stories. Ugh. C.

      1. Limecello Post author

        Dominique, so … am I reading this right that you were just “enh/meh” on the Cecilia Tan trilogy? (I also didn’t know it was a cliffhanger although I guess I should have since all 3 books were out. Or … maybe I knew and forgot, because I read them when all of them were out and read them back to back. Although that may have made it worse, because … I don’t think there was enough for 3 books but it was “the cool thing to do” at the time so it was drawn out unnecessarily. I also think it’s basically erotica, not erotic romance, which I found disappointing.

        [And I’m a solidly “prefer to only read romance girl” 🙂 ] I think I have the Roni Loren … I’ll have to look, thanks for that reminder!

        1. Dominique White

          I didn’t enjoy the Cecilia Tan Trilogy. The first book was okay.. a B, I’d guess and I think it came out like the spring or so? Next book wasn’t coming out until JANUARY and it was not worth the wait. The third book came out soon after and I was just so frustrated with it!

          Cecilia said it was three books because her publisher felt it worked best as a trilogy and wouldn’t publish it unless she stretched it out, hence the cliffhangers at the end of 1 and 2. It could have been one fantastic book but it turned into three mediocre releases. Hopefully publishers are OVER the trilogy trend because they’re ruining good books.

          1. Limecello Post author

            Dominique, interesting – I guess sometimes I forget how publishers factor into things. (And >.> dare I say ruin them? :X) I don’t begrudge people making money … I just want good stories. I get it though. Like Sylvia Day’s Crossfire books were initially supposed to be a trilogy. She even promised me on a tweet I now wish to God I had screen capped and saved. But … now it’s 5? 6? books?
            I don’t think we’re over it at all though – in fact some publishers are making what ought to be a single story/book duologies… and don’t even get me started on serials.
            I’m with you though on book two just not working. I said I’d almost wished she just forgot about James/dumped his sorry angsty ass and went out with the other guy … 😛

    2. Limecello Post author

      Audrey, I know I’ll read Unraveled but I’m a little apprehensive. I had major issues with Bound – I think I skipped the first 4? 6? chapters of awkward intro – Ronin and his “Japanese heritage/culture” about made me head explode, so once that was over I could ignore it more.
      I’ll have to read Wallbanger … sometime – it’s in my TBR, as is Beautiful Bastard. Is that a standalone or no? I can’t remember/haven’t looked into it. Also have you read the other books by Kylie Scott? Any thoughts? [I’m so over books that don’t stand alone. :X]

      1. Audrey

        Beautiful Bastard is the name of the book and the series. That first book I had to read twice because it was a page turner with the mini books in the series. Also I started the With Me in Seattle series backwards with Rock with Me and then Safe with Me. Even though the reviews said it could be read by itself, the books were lacking some background into the love affairs.
        I hope in Unraveled that it will not stuck on the Heritage angle but the affair itself. I do like that Lorelei James is branching out from the Western background.

        1. Limecello Post author

          Audrey, I know it’s a whole series … it’s first person POV? (I can’t remember why I haven’t bothered with it yet…) Well – other than I don’t think the ~series is complete yet?)
          The With Me series is by Kristen Proby, right?

          I’m happy Lorelei James is branching out too. I really liked most of her Blacktop Cowboy books. My issues with the dojo book(s) were just… there were some glaring cultural issues. (And I’m not even Japanese! So my take kinda was like “man if I learned that in middle school exploratory Japanese… *cringe* you know what I mean?)

          1. Audrey

            Ok I just finished Unraveled by Lorelei James and I must say it was a refreshing change of pace. To have Dom Fem and a Submissive like Knox was a great challenge for the author. Grade A+

            1. Limecello Post author

              Ahhhhhh ok – now I’m excited. Thanks Audrey! … And *angelface* if you’d like to review it here … *doubleangelface*

              1. Audrey

                Cool, I’m just waiting to be paid in books.
                😉 but I just started Obsession by Treasure Hernandez. Keeping my fingers crossed for this author.

                1. Limecello

                  Audrey, *FAINTS* GIRRRLLL – email me. We’ll talk because I have SO MANY ARCs. I kid you not I was offered … just nine at least? today? So we could definitely work something out!

  2. sharonchalk

    man I am glad I did not read your list,most were c or lower,that sucks,I only buy Amazon and I must say that in January out of the 82 books I read that there were only 4 that were rated a c or less lol

    1. Limecello

      LOL well Sharon, I think part of it is also I’m a really picky reader. A C for me would very likely be a B read, or even A read for many other people. [Actually though, I like to say it’s that I have standards 😛 I want the total package, not just fluff entertainment. I mean, that’s okay but it wouldn’t be my go-to, and it wouldn’t be getting an “A” from me.] 🙂
      Which is why generally reading what the review says is key – but there’s no way in hell I’d be reviewing all those books. I can’t even keep track of updating books into GR in a timely manner. XD


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