Guest: Cynthia Sax On Mastered 2 & Secret Romances + An Exclusive Excerpt of One Night With My Billionaire Master

Hi friends! Here we are for the weekend! If anyone has emailed me the past few days you’d have gotten a quippy little message … I only wish I’d managed to set that up earlier. 😉 However, as you see today we have first time guest Cynthia Sax visiting with us! So everyone please remember to offer her a warm welcome and say “Hey!” 😀

Mastered 2 And Secret Romances

Thank you so much for having me here at A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet. (hugs Limecello).

I’m Cynthia Sax, one of the lucky writers contributing a brand new, never before published erotic romance to Mastered 2, a deliciously naughty boxed set.

(Other writers contributing stories are Opal Carew, Portia Da Costa, Madelynne Ellis, T.J. Michaels, Emily Ryan-Davis, Jennifer Leeland, Evangeline Anderson , Avery Aster , Karen Fenech , Ruby Foxx , and Saskia Walker – I know. What an amazing lineup! I feel so privileged to be included. )

Do you love reading about secret romances, romances between two people who shouldn’t be speaking, not to mention doing…well…other decadent things?

I do! That’s why One Night With My Billionaire Master, my contribution to Mastered 2, features a secret relationship.

I can guess what you’re thinking—it’s a secret because their relationship involves BDSM. Every story in the boxed set does feature some form of BDSM. There will be hot, demanding Doms and needing-to-be-trained Subs. We’ll be introduced to suave billionaires, tattooed bikers, even a fist-bitingly-sexy alien or two. My story is no exception.

But that’s not why my couple’s relationship is a secret.

Arianna, the daughter of a media mogul, is secretly lusting after Logan Ross, her father’s number one enemy. Yes, this isn’t a good situation. She wants him, craves his touch, but she knows if she’s caught indulging her desires, her father will disown her. She’ll be cut off from the family, losing her emotional support system, her job and her wealth.

Logan Ross, our billionaire financier, wants two things—Arianna and total control of her father’s company. He scares the shaving cream out of hardened CEOs. Men jump to do his bidding. Now he seeks to have his nemesis’s daughter kneeling at his feet.

Arianna has resisted their attraction thus far. But every time they meet, every time Logan not-so-innocently brushes against her, her resolve weakens. Her billionaire pursuer has been persistent yet patience, content to slowly, steadily wear her down. The sexual tension between them spirals higher and higher.

Arianna finally breaks and sends him a two-sentence text—One Night. No one must know.

I have a long history of loving secret romances.

In high school, I fell in love with Romeo and Juliet, except being a romance reader even then, I rewrote the ending in my mind. In my version, they had their happy ever after (and babies, many, many babies – grins).

When I watch a movie, I usually cheer for the villain and the good girl heroine to get together. I’m still hoping that the Hound and Sansa in Game Of Thrones fall in love (I might be living in a fantasy world with this hope).

A real life example of a secret relationship gone public is when Beyoncé and Jay-Z finally admitted that they were an item, that the singer was dating her powerful boss. I was over the moon happy for them.

One of the reasons I love these romances is because I KNOW the couple will get caught eventually. They can’t hide their feelings or their actions forever (though Arianna tries to). When the truth is exposed to the harsh light of day, the individuals and their relationship will be tested. Their dealings with other people will also change. True natures will be revealed. Who will stand by their side and support them? Who will betray them?

Most of all, I feel hopeful when they overcome the odds, when they take their secret relationship public and make it work. If they can find and build a lasting love surrounded by conflict, love is possible for anyone and everyone.

What is your favorite secret relationship gone public (either fictional or real)?

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One Night With My Billionaire Master
Cynthia Sax
R Rated Excerpt

Logan Ross, billionaire investor, thirty-five percent shareholder in St. James Communications, and my father’s sworn enemy, has arrived.

My heart races and my senses tingle, my body awakening as though from a long sleep. The man I’ve chosen to be my first, perhaps my last, lover, stands in the ballroom’s doorway. He draws every gaze, his shoulders barely contained in his black form-fitting tuxedo, his stance deliciously dominant, his feet braced apart like he’s preparing for battle. The lights from the crystal chandelier shine a spotlight on his thick mane of black hair.

He suits the venue, a man as darkly elegant as the gothic revival-style mansion he’s entered. I shiver with feminine appreciation. Several lifetimes ago, Logan Ross might have been a warrior, standing on the battlements with his hands clenched behind his back, watching over his domain. The woman he defended would have been safe, protected, cherished. No enemy would have dared to storm his gates.

Tonight, those gates will surround me. I’ll be the woman he defends and he’ll expect my total submission in return for his protection. He hasn’t been shy about his sexual preferences, sending me links to websites, murmuring his plans for us against my cheek. This won’t be a vanilla first taste of sex. He’ll restrain me, spank me, force me to service him.

My pussy moistens, the possibilities exciting me. He’ll tell me what to do, his commands supplanting my inexperience, ensuring we both leave his bedroom, his dungeon, as I privately think of it, satisfied. It will be glorious. I won’t disappoint him and I won’t be required to make any decisions.

“I know he wasn’t on Father’s guest list.” Frederick interrupts my fantasies. “Arianna must have invited him.”

“No one invited him.”

Logan does whatever he desires, fuck guest lists, fuck getting permission. Father refused to grant him security clearance for St. James Communications properties. Logan had his own passcard made. Father wouldn’t allow him to access the database. Logan instructed his team to hack into the system.

The billionaire takes what he wants, and tonight, he wants me, the family-run charity event be damned. My toes curl.

“Father is in a private room, negotiating a deal.” Kayla stares at me. “If Ross leaves now, Father won’t realize you invited him.”

I didn’t invite him. Knowing they won’t listen to me, I remain silent, my gaze drifting to Logan. He searches the crowded space. Beautiful women flip their hair and smile enticingly, trying to attract his attention. He doesn’t notice them, his focus on finding me.

“Once she gives him what he wants, he’ll go away,” Cindra states loudly, her inference that I’ll grant him a fast fuck irritatingly obvious. “We’ll allow her to manage him.”

I doubt anyone can manage Logan. He’s dominant and determined down to his well-clad feet. “I’ll talk to Ross, ask him to leave.” I smooth my moist palms over my evening gown, don a polite society smile, and step forward.

Logan turns his head and his gaze locks on mine. His brown eyes gleam with awareness, appreciation, and a thrilling possessiveness, as though I’m already his, I belong to him.

This is only one night. I repeat this mantra in my mind. Don’t get emotionally involved. I glide toward him, putting distance between my half-siblings and me, not wanting them to overhear our certain-to-be outrageous conversation.

My billionaire isn’t patiently waiting for my arrival. He stalks across the marble floor, his gait fluid and smooth, his gaze fixed on my face.

Bejeweled society matrons and gray-haired business titans step out of his path, their eyes widening with curiosity. Couples stop dancing. The band valiantly continues to play, choosing a waltz as their next piece of music, the haunting notes filling the silence.

Guests expect a scene. They won’t get one. I’ve watched my mom in action. I know how to handle a horny man.

“Mr. Ross.” I hold out my right hand, proud of how steady it is. “I’m glad you could come.” My voice lowers, accentuating the innuendo. “To our little event.”

Logan clasps my fingers, his palm warm and intriguingly calloused. “I knew you’d be here.” His deep rumble rolls through my body, tightening my nipples. “It wasn’t a hard decision.”

Is he hard? I resist the urge to drop my gaze and verify, knowing other people are watching us. “Did you receive the agenda for tonight?” Does he understand that no one is to know about our liaison?

“I did.” He lifts my hand and brushes his lips over my knuckles, his breath wafting across my skin. “I incorporated it into my plans.” Gold flecks glow in his eyes as he straightens. “You have no reason to worry, Arianna.” He doesn’t release my hand. Instead, he places my palm on his forearm, his muscles flexing under his tuxedo jacket. “You can trust me.”

“I know I can trust you.” I study him, this man I’ve chosen to fuck. “That’s why I sent you tonight’s agenda.” Our texts alone, private exchanges with the dreaded enemy, would damn me in my father’s eyes. “You would never hurt me.” I know this in my soul.

“I won’t allow anyone to hurt you,” Logan makes one of his infamous vows, promises he’s been known to bend laws to keep. “You won’t regret your decision.”

We stand in the middle of the ballroom, surrounded by people. I see only him, entranced by the emotion in his brown eyes, his passion, his need, and something more, something I don’t dare believe in.

“Was this my decision?” I muse. “Did I have a choice?” Or was this inevitable, our fate, our destiny?

“No, you didn’t have a choice.” Logan’s lips lift into one of his rare smiles. “Dance with me.” This is a command, not a request. He leads me onto the floor. “It’s expected.” He swings me into position, his maneuvering graceful and sure.

It is expected. In the past, he has arrived at events, sought me out for a dance, and then departed immediately after our exchange.

His focus on me means nothing. If I say this statement enough times, I might believe it. I bend my left arm, layering my limb over his. Logan clasps my right hand tightly. Our bodies come together and we move as one.

This isn’t the rigid proper waltz I learned at ballroom dance class. It is rolling and sensuous, like the undulation of muscle under skin. One, two, three. One, two, three. There’s no thinking, no talking, only feeling, reacting. Logan steps forward. I step back. He turns. I follow.

Our hips brush together, my skirt swirling around his black pants. I gaze at his sharp chin, firm lips, feeling delicate, womanly, trusting him to guide me, to keep me safe.

Logan dips me and I fall back, confident he’ll catch me. “You’re exquisite.”

So, what’d you think? Has anyone read Mastered, the first anthology? Or any of the authors included in this one? (Mastered 2)

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  1. Ki Pha

    Hi Cynthia!! And welcome. Beyoncé and Jay-Z definitely was a shocker but a powerful one. As for other couples, I’m not sure. I don’t papyrus much attention to them so I got nothing.

    But Mastered 2 sounds sexy as Heck!


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