Your Reads, Our Reads, ALBTALBS March Reads!

So … we’re pretending it’s April for this post, okay? I’ve had a time of it, and then just stuff, and simply standing up feels like quite an accomplishment. Accordingly, I’m off schedule. Although, we should all know I should know better than to try to have a schedule, right? 😛 But on to the important stuff! Books! I know reviews have been sparse … none have been sent in, requests are piecemeal and I can’t handle email, so that’s what happens. (Or review myself, clearly.)

And now the Review Crew in the order of which I received their emails. [Even if I wanted to play favorites I don’t think I could manage it. ;)] But, cuz I’m a bitch like that … me first. As you might notice, I’m a “harsh” grader. I.e. A “B” read for me would most likely be an A for someone (anyone) else. Even the “C” reads for some. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. And so when there is an “A” read … you know it was fan-fucking-tastic. 😀 Oh – and you’re more than welcome to ask me why I “graded” a book a certain way. I’d love to discuss it!

Beauty Touched the Beast by Skye Warren Grade D+ (Currently free for kindle)
Mistress to the Beast by Eve Vaughn ​Grade D+​
​Owning the Beast by Alexa Riley DNF/F
Seducing Mr. Right by Katee Robert Grade D (Currently $0.99 for kindle)
Courting Jealousy by Kimberly Dean Grade C+ (Currently free for kindle)
Heat of Passion by Elle Kennedy Grade ​C+
​Unraveled by Lorelei James Grade C++
Trade Me by Courtney Milan Grade B-
Just One Night by Lauren Layne Grade B-
Made for You by Lauren Layne Grade B+
Rock Hard by Nalini Singh Grade B+
Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh Grade C+
The Trouble with Love by Lauren Layne Grade B
Play by Kylie Scott Grade C
Lead by Kylie Scott Grade C+
Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost Grade C
The List by Anne Calhoun Grade C-
One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy Grade C+
Breath on Embers by Anne Calhoun Grade C+
Lovers Unmasked by Katee Roberts, Cari Quinn, Samanthe Beck, Tessa Bailey Grade D+
One Starry Night by Olivia Cunning Grade C- (Currently $0.99 for kindle)
Filthy Beautiful Forever by Kendall Ryan Grade D+
What Happened in Vegas by Sylvia Day Grade C (Currently $0.99 for kindle)
The Viper by Kele Moon Grade B+
Heart’s a Mess by Kylie Scott Grade C
Working Out by Marie Harte Grade D+
The Slayer by Kele Moon Grade A-
Extreme Love by Abby Niles Grade DNF/F
Anticipation by Sarah Mayberry Grade D+

Fedora: Continuing down the Susan Andersen backlist path, both Hot & Bothered and Coming Undone were B reads
The first four books in Moira Rogers’s Southern Arcana series (Crux (currently free for kindle), Crossroads, Deadlock, and Cipher) were definitely B+
I also, enjoyed Stephanie Doyle’s For the First Time–don’t think I’d her before, and this was definitely at least a B … and I will look for more from her in the future.

Karen: Nothing like Paris by AmyJo Cousins Grade A

What have you been reading? Any recommendations?

Oh and question – do you prefer a link to the paperback copy, or kindle copy? (Did you even know all the books have buy links?) Then, would you be interested in me noting any/all books that have a price of say, $2.99 and lower at Amazon? Would you consider that a book deal/steal? Or do you not care about that? I’m asking because I’d be happy to add it if y’all are interested but if you a) don’t shop at amazon or b) don’t care, then of course I won’t. So let me know please, thanks!

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