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Hi Y’all! So, a long time ago Ki tagged me (on Facebook :X) in one of those “five things about me!” posts. And … I really wanted to do it but then I never ~got a chance to – and figured then I’d do it on the blog but you know how 2014 went … and then 2015 I was trying to do stuff and trucking along, but then I saw this empty space on the calendar and I hope to god I don’t get some “hey I thought I had that date email.” … >.>


That Scandalous EveningErm … five things you don’t know about me. I actually can’t even quite remember what the task was? So I’m going with the general gist. [I bet I have it right though!]

1. I love skating on carpet. I don’t know if I’ll ever outgrow it. What do I mean? Getting a pretty good buildup, and then just sliding on your bare – or socked (stockinged…) feet. This is why I hate berber. No sliding there. Well, one of the reasons I hate it. I don’t know if I’ll ever outgrow carpet skating. Not for a long, long time I think. So … maybe in my 40s? Later? Possibly about the time I’m too embarrassed or old to go by Limecello?

2. I’m pretty sure I have [undiagnosed] ADD. Come on now – as if we got tested for things like that when I was a kid. Or at least, it definitely wasn’t the norm. That’s like … a 00s phenomenon! Sidenote: I basically ADORE ALL ANIMALS. Unfortunately, I’m also allergic to them. It’s a cruel cosmic joke.
… Wait what was I supposed to be doing? >.>

3. I think I love the idea, concept, practice of baking things … more than baked goods themselves. Sure, some things I’ll probably gorge and eat myself sick. But generally? I’d rather give it away than eat it. Or like … cupcakes. I LOVE cupcakes. Or so I think. I love looking at them, talking about them, even getting them. But eating said cupcakes? … I don’t know. Maybe I’ve built up cupcakes so much I’m destined to be disappointed. … Or maybe I haven’t yet found the ultimate cupcake and cannot give up my noble quest!!! So you know, send me cupcakes. Please? *angelface* πŸ˜‰ I’ve got a birthday coming up … πŸ˜€

4. “Small towns” freak me out. As in, the actually isolated ones. (Not the ones in romances that pretend to be an island but really are like … walking distance (long walk, admittedly) between city borders, and whatever, Martha, but I just can’t comprehend living in town of less than 2,000. [Less than 10,000 if I’m being honest … and even that is too small for me…] But all these stories (of real people!) with their towns of less than a hundred and or high schools of less than 100 and I like … get itchy and panicky. No. How does that even work?!?!? Why??!?! How do you get things?! Or alone time?! Or away from people??? Or have any sort of anonymity?!?!? Although I guess I don’t know how isolated some towns of 1,000 or so are. BUT WHY ARE THERE SO FEW PEOPLE? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT PLACE?
… >.> Clearly I did not grow up in, nor have I ever lived in the country. … Nor do I ever plan on doing so.

The Bride and the Beast5. If I could live on the east coast/in east coast time but operate on pacific time I think I’d be the happiest little girl in the world. I’m naturally a night owl, so this whole adulting and working and shit is … for the goddamn birds. And I’m not a bird.

… We’ll do a serious APAHM post later. … Probably much later so I don’t feel this little blip of mine is too inane. Heh. My fingers typed “insane” first despite my brain sending the instructions to type “inane” so it’s both, most likely. So yeah! That’s my five random things about me I don’t think I’ve ever blurted out to the world wide web before!

How about you? What’s a little known secret about you? And uh … to bring APAHM into this at least a little … what’s your favorite Asian food? πŸ˜€ [Oh and the covers are just … books I like that I think are under appreciated :P]

6 thoughts on “5 Things About Me

  1. Cheryl

    Carpet skating is bad. Really bad. When I was 18, I was scooting my sock covered feet across the carpet and went to turn on the television by using the power button since I couldn’t find the remote. I had built up so much static electricity by scooting my feet along the carpet that it created an electrical arc about four to five inches between my finger and the power on button. It hurt like hell, not to mention it blew up our tv. Thus ended my carpet skating days. πŸ™

    1. Limecello Post author

      Cheryl I’m sorry but … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Omg that’s horrible. XD Also, thank you, duly noted to avoid all electronics if/when carpet skating.
      >.> A teeeny part of me is jealous though because man – I love seeing sparks fly from sweaters/fleeces etc in the winter. So … ok I’m jealous of the show but definitely not of the fried TV. :X Kinda surprised [and lucky] that hasn’t happened to me yet πŸ˜›

  2. Ki Pha

    Ha! You crack me up with the”small town” stuff. I definitely agree with you on weveeything, like why they’re so small and so few people living there!? And I like being anonymous so it’ll be tough living there. And driving through them is just scary. Everyone be watching you and stuff. *shudders* It’s like a horror film, and I love horror films!

    But I got to say, That Scandalous Evening? Really? My eyebrows rose when I saw it on here. I have a love hate relationship with it, or more like with Dodd’s HR backlist. But I’m glad I got to know one book you enjoy.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Ki if I were ever to write a horror I’d totally set it in a small town. With lots of kids. Because kids are fucking creepy too. >.> [And okay while I’m not a parent, I have been working with kids for the past ~13 years, so I feel like I’m allowed to say that :P]

      Ok – now we have to talk – WHAT DON’T YOU LIKE ABOUT THAT BOOK??

      … Also >.> did I get it right? Were you the one to tag me eons ago on FB? :X

  3. dholcomb1

    I’m the mom of 3 boys.

    I have naturally curly hair.

    I like small towns–as long as there is civilization within an hour’s drive.

    I curse [a lot] when I drive–but I never have road rage. Meaning, I will call a driver something bad, but he/she won’t know it–don’t want confrontation.

    I love 80s music.


    1. Limecello

      LOL Denise, I like that. I have road rage – as in I swear up a storm when I’m driving – but I’m worse than you because on the rare (but warranted!!!) occasion I’ve honked my horn … :X or flipped the bird. XD


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