Birthday Month of Random

So … if you’ve been around ALBTALBS for any amount of time you know I always LIKE to and TRY to do it up big.

No idea how that’s going to pan out, or if scheduled things are going to happen in 2015 as planned… and I kinda can’t find it in myself to care at this very moment. I tried last night, and it just resulted in me wanting to set things on fire … so you know what? Why would I want to do stuff that will only make me suffer, in an attempt to celebrate? Not only was I sick for about a month, the first time I think “hey – I can almost breathe normally again and only wheezing when I laugh!” …  I’m relapsing.

As such, my gift to ME this month, is the freedom to fuck up as much and as often as I like. And to feel – at least less guilty than I normally do. If authors I arranged to guest send their posts in, then awesome. I’ll do my best to have it go live when it should. If not … well, we’re all adults. Sometimes shit happens like death or other tragedy, and sometimes we don’t know how to use calendars. I don’t care to figure out which happens when right now.

My prize to you … um, random snarkery and posts like this that I’ll probably regret in the morning?

Oh and you know, if my mood improves, maybe a kindle or something. Or maybe a box of books. Or maybe such a creatively formed string of swear words that you’d make a sailor blush if you let that loose in front of him. OR HER. You never know. (No really – we none of us know how I’ll be feeling a few weeks from now. Especially since I’ll be traveling.)

So to all the haters out there… 😀

One year I’ll learn how to be an adult. Clearly this one is not it. (And anyway, I won’t technically be a year older until the end of the month, so maybe I’ll mature in a few weeks. We’ll see.) 😉

So you know, Happy Fucking Birthday Month to Me.

Xoxo!!! Thanks for sticking around, loves! <3

10 thoughts on “Birthday Month of Random

    1. Limecello Post author

      Thanks Denise, xoxo.

      … probably someone should have me a cupcake or something to try to calm the beast. XD


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