Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: The Enforcer by Kele Moon

Hi friends! Today we have Kele Moon sharing an exclusive excerpt with us from the upcoming book three of her Untamed Hearts series! The Enforcer! We al know it’s Tino’s book WHOO! (Although goodreads says book four is The Boss which one would think is Nova’s book … but I’m pretty sure book four is Brianna’s book … anyway.) It’s clear I’ve read the books in this series and enjoyed them. The first series is the Battered Hearts series, and the “spinoff” is the Untamed Hearts series. While Kele wasn’t explicit about this, I want to say it’s a raw excerpt – and this is so exclusive the book doesn’t even have a cover or blurb yet!


“That’s my sister that motherfucker brought with him!”

Tino didn’t really have to say any more.

Meilei tossed his bag at him, and he stormed into the crowd, shirtless, with his gun showing. Not too many people were paying attention anyway. It’d been about an hour since he got there, which meant everyone was already rolling their asses off.

He snatched a glow pen out of a party girl’s hand, because she’d been writing on her boyfriend. Then he walked right up to Carina and grabbed her arm.

She gasped, clearly in full defense mode for about two seconds before she yelled over the music, “Tino! What’re you doing here?”

He was dealing for their father, but he didn’t explain it to her.

Tino just leaned down and wrote on his sister’s forehead in big block letters that glowed under the black light.


“If it says moron, I’m gonna be really fucked off!” Carina shouted at him. “Why are you coloring on me?”

“Why are you here?” he screamed and then pointed to Dominic. “With him?”

“Cause he said he knew the location!”

“You’re not allowed to go to raves!”

“Since when do I only do what I’m allowed to?” Carina shouted back at him.

Well, yeah, there was that.

He turned around and grabbed Brianna, making her gasp. She was wearing one of those low cut, v-neck shirts that Tino was sure Dominic really enjoyed. So he wrote it across her chest, from the slope of her left tit, up to the right side of her collarbone.


In big, bold letters that glowed blue under the black light.

Brianna stared down at it and then looked at him. “What does this mean?”

“It means private property!” Tino looked at Dominic when he said it. “You’re leaving! Step out right now or I’ll have you thrown out!”

Dominic shrugged. “Then you owe me twenty bucks.”

“For what?” Tino followed his line of sight to see him staring at the water bottle in Brianna’s hand. “Oh, you motherfucker.” Tino pulled his gun out and pointed it at Dominic. “Get out! I will fucking kill you! I swear to god!”

People screamed and backed up, but Carina and Brianna jumped forward and caught his arm, which was a really dumb, extremely naive thing for them to do. Fortunately, Tino had been practicing with Carlo for the good part of two years and he wasn’t one to misfire on accident. In fact, he was pretty fucking sure he could put a hole right through the center of Dominic’s forehead.

“It’s okay!” Carina screamed at him. “We asked him to bring us! This is our fault!”

“Did you ask him to drug you?” Tino shouted at his sister without taking his eyes off Dominic.

“I took it!” Carina was still holding onto his arm. “I’m the one who took it! I wanted to.”

“You took Molly with Dominic Brambino around.” Tino cast a side glare at Brianna for that one, just quick enough to let her see how fucking disappointed he was in her. “He gave it to you so he could fuck you! He told me that’s why he gave it to you! He said he brought his own pussy! Who do you think that is, Bri? ‘Cause it’s not Carina!”

“I didn’t take the Molly he bought,” Brianna assured him. “I’m not stupid. I just came to dance and make sure Carina stayed safe.”

“Who gave you the water bottle then, if you’re so fucking street smart!”

Brianna looked at the mostly empty water bottle in her hand and glanced back at Tino with wide eyes.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you,” Tino told Dominic and he was dead serious about it, because the Brambino’s had taken so much from him. Now that motherfucker was going to drug and screw Brianna just to piss him off. That felt like a murder worth going down for. “I just want to kill you. I want to put a bullet in your brain.”

“You know what will happen if you do that?” Dominic didn’t even look nervous about it. Like he was so fucking secure in his family’s control over Tino he was fearless in the face of Tino’s gun pointed at his head. “Is that a risk you’re willing to take?”

“What the fuck is going on?” Nova shouted before Tino could decide. “Valentino!”

“He drugged Brianna’s water,” Tino explained without lowering his gun. “And he gave Carina Molly.”

“Holy shit, why would anyone do that?” Nova made it sound like that was the worst possible combination he could think of. “Get him out!” Nova pointed at the door when the bouncers came up. “You let my sister in! The Don would lose his fucking mind!”

“We didn’t let her in!”

“Well, she’s in here!” Nova threw up his hands in disbelief. “And this puttana tricked Tino into selling him Molly for her. I can’t even fucking conceptualize what Carina is gonna be like rolling on ecstasy. Now thanks to you motherfuckers, I get to find out!”

“You sell drugs?” Brianna asked him.

“I–” Tino put his gun back, because the bouncers grabbed Dominic real fast once the Don was mentioned. “Yeah, sometimes. I sell them sometimes.”

“For the Borgata?” she whispered in disbelief. “Do you like selling it?”

“This situation is awesome on so many levels.” Nova looked a little manic. “We have to leave. Right now.” Then he leaned down and got in Carina’s face. “Thanks for ruining my buzz, princess! This was my last weekend!”

“You ruined my buzz!” Carina shouted back at him. “I can’t do anything!” She pointed to her forehead. “This is my life! I’m never gonna have a boyfriend! NEVER! I’m gonna die a virgin because my family is psychotic and everyone knows it!”

“Oh my God, is she fucking for real.” Nova grabbed Bobby’s arm and shoved him at her. “Here you go. There’s an approved boyfriend for you.” He turned around and walked towards the door shirtless. “I can’t deal with her princess problems.”

So what’d you think? Have you read any of the previous books? For The Battered Hearts you have Defying the Odds, Star Crossed, and Crossing the Lines. Those books lead into the Untamed Hearts which kicks off with The Viper followed by The Slayer.

Oh and OF COURSE Kele is offering a giveaway too! Cuz it’s BIRTHDAY MONTH! Maybe you’ll win a signed copy of one of her books. Or a giftcard. Winner’s choice? We’ll see! 😉

13 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: The Enforcer by Kele Moon

  1. Deb

    Kele’s books are absolutely awesome. She has such a wonderful group of characters that you just want to hang out with…and maybe other stuff. 😉

  2. Aliquis

    Is anyone else having college flashbacks from drama at the club? Great excerpt. Thanks so much for sharing it, Kele and Lime!

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