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Hey y’all! Zomggg I can’t believe June is almost over. This month has been crazy. Nothing like I planned, but hey sometimes that works right? I’m super excited to welcome Amie Stuart to ALBTALBS today – so everyone give her a warm welcome! Honestly nothing else is needed – she can take it from here. 😀

First off and most importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIME!!!!

For those of you new to Amie Stuart Books, Hittin’ It is actually a reissue. It was originally released from Kensington as a 2-story anthology in 2009. I got the rights back and I’ve decided to re-release the entire series (Nailed, Hittin’ It and then Screwed in early 2016).

When I originally wrote this series, the idea of hitmen as heroes was not an easy sell. MY how times have changed—and if I do say say, for the better. And when I wrote Hittin’ It, the idea of a vagabond (and basically homeless) heroine wasn’t exactly considered mainstream either, so I’m very excited to get the chance to introduce Will and Sabrina (and Scamp!) to a new set of readers.
I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Hittin' ItAs a professional hit man, Will Collier has more secrets than most. But on a sweltering Texas night, the lives he’s taken rank second place to the love he’d like to be making with a sensual Bohemian beauty.

Sabrina Walker is intimately familiar with the havoc Cupid can wreak. She’s determined that love will never seduce her again, until she meets Will Collier and discovers that some secrets are better when shared.

Will had driven as far as the Hampton Inn in Ft. Stockton before pulling off for the night. While unloading the SUV he’d discovered a crate of Sabrina’s journals. They would have been perfectly safe in his SUV all night, but curiosity had made him grab two of them and carry them upstairs to his room. He tossed them on the dresser where they called to him while he showered and worked.

He’d memorized the job details his father had sent him. Acknowledgement wasn’t necessary. He only needed to respond if he was unwilling to take the job or had questions. He was rarely unwilling and only drew a hard line at settling domestic disputes. Those were just messy from the word go, a prison sentence waiting to happen unless you took out both parties, and obviously, that idea didn’t usually go over well with the client.

Once he was done, he’d stretched out in the cool confines of the queen-sized bed, the television turned to CNN and muted, and learned a lot about Sabrina’s last year on the road. Fascinated, he’d stayed awake reading much longer than he should have.

Now here he was, sitting in a nearly-empty restaurant, sipping coffee and waiting on his eggs and turkey bacon and reading about the life and times of Sabrina Walker–the early days. The pages were musty and filled with doodles of animal faces and tarot card figures, and elaborate girlish handwriting that slanted crisply to the right.

Note to self: stay the hell out of Alabama.

Jail sucks. Jail really sucks. I don’t care what anyone says about ‘three hots and a cot’, I’m never going back. I can see why my dad didn’t want to go. Bastard.

Of course, dear old daddy wouldn’t have had to blow the sheriff to get fed either.

The scalding hot sip of coffee Will had just taken turned sour in his mouth. He forced himself to swallow. This was definitely worse than the one he’d read last night. That one had detailed a pleasant spring and summer in Florida and Georgia working fairs with a guy named Wes. Apparently, when she’d turned west, Wes had disappeared with most of her money and things had gotten progressively uglier.


He looked up, blinking to clear the ugly visual of Sabrina sucking the dick of some red-faced man old enough to be her father, to find the waitress standing over him, plate in hand. He moved the journal, making room. Smiling, she set his eggs down and refilled his coffee cup, her eyes lingering on the book before she turned away.

His appetite ruined, he barely touched his breakfast then tossed the journal in the back of the Tahoe with the rest. How the hell was he going to get them back to Sabrina? The phone number on the card she’d given him was disconnected and the PO Box address listed probably didn’t belong to her anymore.

He could have just thrown them out, and maybe he should have. But something stopped him. Probably the same unexplainable something that had made him buy her a van. Luckily, she’d never know he read them.

So, what’d you think? Did you read these books the first time around? Are you interested now? I love that stories are getting a second chance, sometimes with a revamp. Amie has also very generously offered a giveaway – because BIRTHDAY MONTH! So you can enter here. 🙂 Cheers!

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11 thoughts on “Guest: Amie Stuart <3

  1. Timitra

    I haven’t read them before since this is my first introduction to this author but yes I’m interested

  2. ki pha

    Welcome Amie! And a happy birthday to you Lime.

    From that short excerpt, Hittin’ It sounds great. Now I’m just curious how he got her journals and how she ended up being in jail. And it’s definitely great that old works are getting reissued to a new set of readers.

  3. Deb

    Happy Birthday, Lime!
    Amie, I recently read Nailed (got it from Reading Alley), and I loved it. Thank you for making it available on RA, and I hope my review did it justice. I’m Islanddeb on that review site.


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