Exclusive Bonus Deleted Scene from Defensive Heart by Dorothy F. Shaw

Hi friends! Look! It’s Saturday! October is over! Everything is nuts — and … Happy Halloween! <3 As you see we’ve got Dorothy F. Shaw sharing an exclusive deleted scene with us from her book Defensive Heart. It’s sexy, and a lot of fun, perfect for this day of mischief. Seriously – NSFW!

Defensive HeartUptown girl, tattooed bad boy. Think you know which one is wild? You’d be wrong. The Donnellys, Book 2 Greenwich Village is home to successful artist Jimmy Donnelly, and the world is his playground. A broken heart in college left him with zero interest in being tied down. But when he meets a sexy, quick-witted Manhattan attorney, he reconsiders his bad boy ways. Sonja Martin’s life is filled with work, an ex-husband who refuses to stay gone, and a teenage daughter who won’t follow the rules. Jimmy, with his myriad of tattoos and piercings, looks more like one of her clients than a potential lover. But when every argument between them feels more like foreplay, she can’t seem to stay out of his bed. The heat burns through whatever defenses Sonja thought she had. And Jimmy finds his every fantasy fulfilled-and exceeded-by a woman whose fire burns as bright as her fiercely guarded vulnerability. But his case for breaking her out of her self-imposed mold might just be dismissed. And he’ll lose the best thing he’s ever found. Warning: This book might piss you off. But if I’ve done my job, while you’re busy being pissed off, you’ll also fall in love with the hero and the heroine. May contain: A pompous, misogynistic ex-husband. A rebellious teenager. A ton of sex. Adventurous sex. Make-up sex. Desperate-OMG-GET-YOUR-CLOTHES-OFF sex… Did I mention there’s a lot of sex?

Sonja’s mind floated in a haze as her post-orgasm bliss settled. The bed still swayed from their lovemaking—though maybe it was her body trembling from her orgasm, Sonja couldn’t tell. However, James was trembling too.

With little thought, she stroked her fingers up and down his spine. His skin was warm and damp with perspiration. He shivered and kissed her. His soft lips met hers, his smooth tongue tangled with her own, and she moaned. The tenderness in the affection he showed was a sharp contrast to the rough sex they’d just had. At least rough by her standards.

Sonja had never done anything like that in her life. She never talked dirty in bed, let alone told someone what to do while they were there. One minute she was acting the lady she likened herself to be, the next she was barking out sexual orders like some sort of dominatrix. As though she’d been possessed, and a completely different Sonja awoke in her place, taking over.

James broke from her lips and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek, and then her neck. After rolling them to their sides, he slipped from her channel, sending another aftershock pulsing through her. Sonja shivered.

He gave another light kiss to her shoulder, rose from the bed, turned and tucked the sheets around her. “Be right back.”

She said nothing, but smiled when she was treated to a view of his magnificent backside. As the door to the bathroom closed, Sonja turned on her back and stared up at the ceiling. She simply didn’t know what to make of her behavior—nor did she know what to make of his reaction to her behavior.

Never before had a man been as intense and focused on her. Then again, James had always been intense with her. Yes, he poked and started fights, which annoyed her beyond words, but then his demeanor would flip on a dime and he’d be tender and sweet. Frankly, she didn’t know what to make of him.

The toilet flushed and Sonja looked in the direction of the bathroom. The door opened a few seconds after, the light already off. She watched his shadowed figure make its way back to the bed. His face only clear to her once he reached the edge. He climbed onto the platform beside her, with a sated and soft look in his eyes.

James pulled the sheets back, slid beneath them and once he was settled, smoothed her hair off her shoulder. “Hi.”

Sonja shifted to face him. “Hi.”

He snaked an arm around her, bringing her closer to his body. The music had stopped playing at some point, she didn’t know when, but now there was silence, save for their soft breaths. James ran the flat of his hand up her back to her neck and into her hair, threading his fingers through the long length.

Again, without thought, Sonja closed the inches of distance between them and kissed him. When her lips touched his and she moved her tongue into his welcoming mouth, he gripped the hair at her scalp. The sting drew a moan from her, and she raised her leg, resting her knee on his hip. James deepened the kiss. Releasing his hold on her hair, he smoothed his hand down to her backside, to her hip and thigh.

She tingled everywhere his fingertips had pressed on their journey along her flesh. James hiked her knee higher on his waist and rolled his hips against her center. Sonja broke the kiss and gasped at the hot contact with his erection.

My God, he was ready so soon? The benefits of being thirty. Every inch of her skin sizzled and her insides tightened with need. He was ready, and she definitely wanted him again.

Before she allowed herself to pick the unexpected desire apart—dissecting it—she moved her lips to his neck. His skin tasted of salt from his sweat, and she wanted more of that too. The scent of his cologne still lingered, but above that was the scent of pure masculinity.

Sonja moved her hands to his chest and traced the lines of his pectoral muscles with her fingertips and found his flat areolas. She sucked at his neck as she scraped her nails over the tight nipples.

A thrill ran through her at the rush of breath escaping him. Creating a trail with her lips and tongue, she moved down the side of his neck to his collarbone. Nuzzling him, she pressed her palms flat on his chest and pushed him to his back. She followed, straddling his hips.

His erection pressed hot between them. Unable to help herself, she rocked her hips forward and rubbed her folds over the thick shaft. James’s hands landed on her backside, grabbing hold of her flesh. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”

“Mmhmm.” Sonya took his hands in hers, and moved them above his head. Lacing their fingers, with her chest pressed to his, she took his lips in a hard kiss. She thrust her tongue into his mouth and undulated her hips, stroking his length with her wetness.

As the kiss deepened and James stroked his tongue over her, the need to have him inside grew higher. Her nipples scraped against his smooth chest, and another need spiked within her.

Sonja. She wanted him again, yes. For sure.

But she also wanted to be in control again too.

Like he’d asked her to be before.

Unsure of her foreign reaction, she tried to ignore the craving—tried to let him lead, but the urge clawed at her insides like a wild tiger, eager to be released. Giving in to what her mind wanted, Sonja pulled away from his lips, gripped his hands tighter, before releasing them and easing herself into an upright position.

James reached for her and Sonja rolled her hips, stroking over his length again. “Leave your hands where I left them.”

His eyes went wide, but he did what she wanted, linking his hands behind his head.

“Perfect. Don’t move.”

“Fuck. Yes. Anything you want.”

“Shhh.” Sonja spread her hands flat on his chest, mapping the contours of his upper body with her fingers. His skin was a decorated velvet canvas, one she knew she’d never grow tired of learning. With focused care, she traced the lines of the dragon tattoo on his left pec, following its design over his shoulder and up his neck.

Leaning forward she kissed where her fingers had been, savoring the flavor of him. She moved back to the center of his chest, pressed her lips there and inhaled his scent before trailing her hands down his torso to his stomach.

Sonja sat up and traced a line with her fingertip down the center of his hard abs. His muscles were chiseled in a tight a six-pack, but not bulky. Absolutely perfect. She scooted down, straddled his thighs and dipped her tongue into the center of those pronounced hills and valleys. A slight smile curved her lips when his breath hitched and his stomach jumped in response to her attention.
Moving down his legs a little farther, Sonja found his belly button and circled it with her tongue, but continued to explore his stomach, chest, and sides with her hands.

She wanted him begging…like he’d done before.

She wanted—this is crazy—she wanted every heated, carnal response she could draw from him. And more.

In this position, his heavy erection was settled between her breasts. Placing her hands beside him on the bed to support herself, Sonja arched her back, and rocked her body forward, rubbing the smooth, hot shaft.

James groaned and his whole body went rigid. “Holy shit.”

“You like that?” She undulated in the opposite direction and had to stifle her own groan. He was satin against her overly sensitive skin, but every nerve in her body vibrated in anticipation of his reaction. His pleasure.


Her nipples were drawn into tight points and her arousal coated the inside of one of her thighs. God help her, she couldn’t remember ever being this turned on before. Who was this person she’d become? Shoving the thought aside, she focused on his again. “Tell me, James, what else do you like?”

“I—” he swallowe, “—I like everything you’re doing.”

“More specific, please.” Reaching between them, Sonja took his shaft in hand.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck. That, yes. Damn.” He clamped his mouth closed and exhaled a harsh breath through his nose.

“This?” She stroked his cock from base to tip.

“Yes! Fuuuck…”

“Say it, James.”

He reached for her.

Sonja shot upright letting go of his length. James froze mid-motion. Good. “I didn’t say you could move. Put your hands back where they belong.”

He stared at her for what felt like eternity. His mouth slightly open—as if he couldn’t quite believe what’d come out of her mouth.

That was fine; she was having a little trouble believing it too, yet she couldn’t bring herself to stop. This all felt too good, and screw it, she needed some feel-good with all the bad going on lately. “James?”

“Sonja, whatever it is that’s happened…whatever it is that’s come over you? Don’t stop. Okay? Just…don’t stop.” He reached for her, yanked her close and kissed her. She moaned against his mouth. Breaking from her lips, James lay down, and tucked his hands behind his head.

Just like she’d told him to do. Wow!

A thrill bolted through Sonja like a speeding bullet. Sweat trickled down her back and her heart pounded in her ears. If she didn’t know better, she’d think she was having an anxiety attack.

But she did know better. She knew exactly what this was: The rare purity of sexual desire, chemistry and connection.

Something she’d never experienced with anyone. Sonja pushed the thoughts away. There’d be plenty of time to examine them later. For now, she intended to follow through, and finish what she’d started.

Sonja glanced at his erection as she stroked him. The crown was flushed and swollen, and a bead of arousal pooled at the tip. With a moan, she swiped her bottom lip with her tongue.

James shifted beneath her. “Fucking hell.”

“Don’t move.” Sonja met his eyes and took his length in her palm again. Pressing her thumb to the tip, she covered the bead of ejaculate and then spread it around the crown.

His cock pulsed in her hand. Her body pulsed right along with it. Without preamble, Sonja shifted to the side of him, positioning herself on her knees. She gazed up his torso, over the tight ripple of muscles on his stomach, to his tattooed pectoral muscles stretched tight with his arms raised over his head. She took in his biceps—the globes of muscles also pronounced due to his position. Then returned her gaze to his gorgeous cock in her hand, and the heavy sac beneath it.

Sonja stroked him from base to tip and watched the muscles in his stomach contract. Her head spun. God help her, she felt dizzy with lust. His scent wove around her like a tight coil, constricting her ribs. She pulled in a tight breath, licked her lips and stroked his length again.
He groaned and let out a curse and another ripple of pleasure rolled through her. “You want my mouth on you, James?”

“I want you to want it.”

Wanting was an understatement…

Sonja straddled one of his legs—in this position, she could watch his face, watch his reactions to the things she would do to him next. Watch as his mind drowned in the pleasure she felt compelled to give him. Leaning forward, Sonja opened her mouth. Careful not to make contact with the swollen crown, she hovered above it, and let out a breath.

He pulsed in her hand again, and another bead of his arousal surfaced. The urge to snake the tip of her tongue out almost overtook her, but she stifled it. “This is about what I want, yes, but it’s also about what you want too.” She stroked down to the base and back up again. “Do you want my mouth on you?”

“More than anything.”

Again, ensuring not to touch him yet, she hovered above his shaft, exhaling along the way, letting him feel her warm breath. “Tell me what you want.”

“Suck my cock. Please?”

“Perfect.” Sonja gripped his shaft and moved to the head. Her mouth watered for him. The desire to know how he’d feel sliding over her tongue—how he’d taste when he exploded and shot down the back of her throat, possessed her.

She’d never before wanted a man’s penis in her mouth as badly as she wanted his.

Unable to hold back any longer, she swirled her tongue around the crown.

As his flavor hit her taste buds and she moaned.

James blew out a harsh breath. “Oh, goddamn!”

She glanced up, not wanting to miss his reaction. Catching his gaze, she pressed her mouth to the tip, and with slow deliberate care, parted her lips, receiving him. When she had the whole crown in her mouth, she pressed her tongue against the slit and sucked.

His eyes rolled back in his head, his head thrust back on the pillow and the muscles in his neck tightened. She suckled him and another drop of pre-ejaculate emerged. Desire for more of his taste ping-ponged through her, ricocheting to her core. Sonja rocked her hips and ground her slick folds against his shin.

“Fuck yeah. God, you’re so hot and wet. Take more, please?” His tone was full of gravel as he panted out his request.

The word please had never held so much meaning before. But coming out of his mouth, it felt like a drug, an intoxicating one, and she was now addicted. “Don’t come until I say.”

James raised his head off the pillow and their gazes locked. “What?”

Keeping her eyes on his, Sonja slid her mouth down his length and took him all the way to the back of her throat.

“Okay. Fuck. Anything you want.” His head fell back on the pillow.

Pleasure zinged through her at his submission. Drawing him out, she massaged his sac with her other hand and circled the base of his shaft with her fingers, and sucked him deep again. Sonja moved at a steady relentless pace…intent on driving him to the brink.

James’s cock swelled between her lips. Twirling her tongue around the edge, Sonja licked down to his sac, then back to the head. Only to begin once more.

Driving him mad; driving him higher.

James panted and gasped, tensing each time he came to the edge before finally begging her not to stop. To let him come.


…the only word Sonja zeroed in on through all his frantic pleas.




Until she gave him what he so clearly needed, and brought him over the edge.

So what’d you think? 🙂 Need a hard cider with a shot of fireball to cool you down? 😉 Stay safe out there tonight my friends! <3

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