“i” Fixed it

So … if you were part of the mad discussion on my most recent post you’ll notice a lot of people talking about typos and missing letters. Well, one in particular. The “i.” I was so confused, because I wasn’t checking the site – just getting email notifications, and there the comments were proper. So I kept thinking “what on earth are these ladies talking about?!”

… And then I tried to comment and me – the site admin! – had the lowercase “i” stripped from every word too! So I fixed it! 😀

Sparkle Unicorn

Well, I didn’t actually fix fix it … I’m pretty sure it was a theme issue and some glitch and I just don’t have it within me to go searching for code. Also that theme didn’t have an update – which it should because someone should take care of that shit  – so I just switched to a theme I like not quite as much, although I like how the icons show more.

[I really hate how it gives me that stupid blue box by every comment I make though. >:( ] And I hate the derpy smilies. I like the cute colorful original ones more. 🙁 But … that’s also for another day.

Anyway, this is just proof positive you need to be on top of things here at ALBTALBS right? XD Especially since it’s so rare I post now – like … seeing a unicorn. Or a blue moon. OR A BLUE MOON ON A UNICORN! … >.> I mean …

Heh. See above. Also, damn. I meant to add a horn on her to make her a unicorn. Forgot about that. And if you ever needed proof that I am a world class procrastinator … I found that image and changed it to what you see below … then went from there into what you see above. :X

Twilight Sparkle

3 thoughts on ““i” Fixed it

  1. Shannon

    Hahaha!!! That was pretty funny. Certainly memorable. I saw that it happened on another blog as well. (Theme (Jetpack?) glitch.)


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