Birthday Bash Guest: Author Nicole Flockton + A Giveaway

Hi friends! It’s June! That means it’s MAH BIRTHDAY MONTH! … And I wasn’t going to add “bitches” but gosh it just seems wrong to not add it. So … IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, BITCHES!!! <3 <3 <3

To kick things off, we’ve got – as you can see, Nicole Flockton visiting with us, and offering a giveaway. BAM! BIRTHDAY! 😀 Also – I can’t believe it, but it seems Nicole is a first time guest! Everyone please give her a warm welcome! <3

When Birthday’s Collide.

I’m so excited to be part of Limecello’s birthday celebrations. Sshhh don’t tell her, but I’m going to send her cake on her birthday. LOL

June marks the middle of the year and also my mum’s birthday. Her birthday is the 6th June and in Perth, Western Australia (where I’m from) every few years it fell on a holiday Monday. The holiday was called “Foundation Day” and it was to commemorate the approximate date Perth was settled as a colony. Since I’ve been living in the States for the last 7 years I understand it’s now called “Western Australia Day”.

Whenever it fell on the Monday holiday my poor mum had to spend the day at the football watching the mighty Bulldogs aka South Fremantle play cross town rivals East Fremantle in what is termed the “Foundation Day Derby”. Now I’m talking Australian Rules Football here, which is very different to NFL and Rugby. But it’s a fun sport. My mum didn’t seem to mind spending her birthday at the footy, after all we were all with her and that’s all that mattered.

When my oldest sister announced she was pregnant with her first child, her due date was June 4th. I promptly said, “She’ll have it on mum’s birthday”. Well, guess what, I was right! Mum and Dad’s first grandchild, a boy, was born on my mum’s birthday. The bond my mum shares with my oldest nephew is very special.

Fast forward a few years and I’m pregnant with my first baby and my due date was 8th June. I told everyone I would be crossing my legs on 6th June! As it turned out my daughter was breech so I had to have a C-Section and my daughter was born in May and not June.

Birthdays always hold memories and sometimes those memories aren’t the best. But I know my mum is more than happy to share hers with my nephew, after all there were years she shared it with thousands when we sat in the stands at the football!

Limecello, enjoy your day! My sweet and tart friend!

Oh, I’m going to do a giveaway too! Two lucky commenters will win a copy of my book Fighting to Win. It’s the first book in my The Elite series which features Olympic athletes. All you have to do is tell me, what’s your favorite cake flavor?

Julia Ashland walked away from Mitch Osborn when a scandal rocked her world following the diving world championships. Now she’s face to face with him again at the biggest event of the year – the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Not only must she fight her attraction to him, she has to fight to prove she earned her position on the diving team.

Mitch Osborn is the darling of the swimming world. Competing at his third Olympics his focus is on increasing his personal gold medal tally not rekindling a relationship with Julia—the woman who publicly humiliated him with another member of the swim team.

Now thrown back together at the Olympics, will their competitive natures take hold or will they be fighting to win each other’s hearts once more.

I LOVE CAKE!! YAY! I mean – who doesn’t want to talk about cake, right? 😀 I’m curious as to your favorite cake flavor and family birthday mashups too. Thanks Nicole!

6 thoughts on “Birthday Bash Guest: Author Nicole Flockton + A Giveaway

  1. nicoleflockton

    Hi Lime!! Thanks so much for having me and yeah I’ve now popped my lime by visiting you LOL

    So happy to help you celebrate your birthday!! <3

    1. Limecello

      Thank YOU – I can’t believe you’ve never been a guest here before. [How is that even possible?!] … I must be mistaken …
      Happy birthday to like “half” your family! XD

      As for cake … oh man. I love vanilla cake with fresh fruit – have you ever had it from an Asian bakery? There’s something special/magical about their sponge cake. It’s so smooth. Otherwise i like citrus – because I love fruit but I hate artificial flavors and coloring, so at least citrus you can use the zest/juice and it works. Of course on twitter people recently made Cook’s Illustrated’s coconut cake and it looked AMAZING. I’ve never had Boston Cream Pie but I think I’d adore it because – it’s cake with “pudding”/pastry cream.
      OH! And have you heard of “magic cakes”?! When I was in recovery I badgered my dad into making one but he kinda f’d it up so it only had 2 layers not 3… I LOOOOVEEE s’mores anything – mostly for the marshmallows/marshmallow layer. And one day I want to try and make the magic flan cake too.

      … Basically I love cakes that are “magic” … and marshmallows. XD


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