Winners and June in Review

Hi friends! A day late but no dollars short because giveaway winners are being announced!!!

Also, if you’re a stranger to ALBTALBS, personally, I’ve had a lot going on and am currently in PT and I might not always be 100% timely. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For the author post giveaways … I’m going to defer to them to pick winners unless/until I hear otherwise … so yes I’ll be reaching out to them and maybe you’ll want to check this space [this specific post] for any changes.

So you know, these are all the birthday posts, and if authors haven’t posted winners yet maybe you can still comment and win. 😉

Meanwhile *I* said I’d be drawing names from the awesome Avon giveaway. Well, randomizer would be, but you know. Anyway here they are! If I don’t hear back from the winners by the end of July 14th I’ll re-draw and re-post names here. JenM & Shelly Bagchi CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please contact me with your mailing info so you can get your awesome prize back of books.

So, Nicole Morgan said she wanted to pick her own winners … she hasn’t done that yet so you’ll have to keep checking back. (She’s dealing with a lot, so please have patience with both of us.)

The winner of the Eva Leigh and Cecilia London giveaways are as follows: Aryai for the Eva Leigh book, and  Christina Maria Rose for the Cecilia London prize pack! Both of you, please email me with your contact info so we can get your prizes out!

That’s all for now! And if you’re looking to diversify your romance reading, may I suggest looking into any and all the wonderful Pride Month guests!


Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me!


P.S. – this was also a bit delayed because I’ve been on a huge *fantasy romance kick. Grace Draven (who writes simply wonderful fantasy romances!) saw me asking for recommendations, so she posted on her Facebook page, and wow did her readers respond! If you’re interested in suggestions, check it out.

*N.B. I mean the book genre fantasy.

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