Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: Dry Heat by Louisa Bacio from the Summer of Seduction Multi-Author Anthology

Hi friends! As you see, Louisa Bacio is back with us! Welcome! So here’s a summer antho, and originally I think Louisa said the plan was to have excerpt from all (most?) the other authors. But, you may not know this but *stage whisper* dealing with authors is too often like herding [feral] cats.

But don’t let them know that, okay? 😉

Anyway, we do have an excerpt, and I’m excited to share from Louisa’s novella contribution to A Summer of Seduction, Dry Heat! Because she is good. 😀 Enjoy!

Avoid the burn, but savor the heat of the season! Kick back in the shade with your copy of “A Summer of Seduction”.

Nine Hot Authors – Nine Tales of Summer Sizzle!

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A Summer of Seduction

Dry Heat by Louisa Bacio

In Palm Springs for a conference, James expects little more than long meetings, hot days and lonely nights. He’s prepared to get through the boredom one day at a time—right up until the moment he runs into Sofia, a former flame he’s never been able to forget.

Hot to rekindle the physical side of their relationship and enthusiastically okay with some no-strings-attached sex, Sofia joins James during his off time—in his hotel room, between meetings, for sexy dinners and even on the sky tram.

With every illicit whisper and each delicious encounter hotter than the last, James finds himself wishing this business trip would never end.

James looked over at the other couple – straight into the woman’s eyes. She had a Mona Lisa smile on her face, and it thrilled him that she knew what he’d just done for Sofia. He smiled in return, and she closed her eyes, tilting her own head back, her lips slightly parted. He grinned and turned back to Sofia.

Good girl. You’re so responsive. Now, I don’t owe you one.”

Playfully, she smacked him on the shoulder. “No. You owe me two, since we’re keeping score.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Two it is. That’s a bit of a challenge you’re throwing down.”

She laughed. “You know it.”

Yeah, well. We do have some time to make up for,” Jaime paused for a moment. He’d thought to himself, No Small Talk, but realized they had to talk about something between bouts. If they had more time, or privacy, he’d make her suck him off again. “Where are you living these days?”

She shifted into the seat next to him, reclining back and slinging her legs over his. She massaged him through his pants, keeping him stimulated. Her half-closed eyes told him how relaxed she was and she stifled a yawn. “I’m still in New York. The job’s going well. I was promoted last year.”

The job that had taken her from Los Angeles, all the way across the country. When things didn’t look like they were going to progress between them, she’d chosen to focus her energy toward her career. He never could see moving from Southern California. Sometimes it felt like his soul was connected to the surf and sand.

I just bought a condo. In some ways I miss California, but I feel connected to New York.”

Glad it’s going so well. It sounds like you made the right decision.”

Unsaid between them was the added reason a relationship wouldn’t work. The tram halted, stopping his train of thought. He took her hand. “Let’s go eat.”

The restaurant up here isn’t quite as nice as the peaks you’re sporting,” James said, giving Sofia a gentle tweak through her shirt. “But I’m sure we’ll enjoy it all the same.”

Crisp, fresh air and an abundance of greenery greeted them at the top of the mountain. Sofia shivered and James slung an arm over her shoulders.

They say it can be thirty degrees cooler up here. I should have warned you that your sexy skirt may not have been the best idea,” he said. “But I enjoyed the easy access.” It seemed like the grin wasn’t going to leave his cheeks.

I’m sure it will be much warmer once we get inside.”

With a view of Coachella Valley, their table was right up against the full-length windows. The lights were dimmed and a candle rested on the center of the table. Sofia sat cross from him and the flickering light danced on the red streaks in her hair.

A knowing, seductive smile spread across her face. “What are you thinking about?”

He reached across the table, taking her hand and rubbing his thumb along the top of it. “You,” he paused. “And how lucky I was to run into you this week.”

I’d say we were both winners.”

The waiter brought over a basket of warm bread and took their drink orders.

Don’t you love how their cocktails follow the atmosphere?” she asked. “I’d like a Mountain Gust.”

He played along and chose a Tram Car, JD with sweet honey and a splash of sour.

They clinked glasses and James offered up a toast. “To old acquaintances…”

And pleasurable excursions.”

Light background music played and throughout dinner James thought about how nice it was to relax without thinking about future projects and work. He’d been putting in way too many hours lately and it seemed almost impossible to unplug from technology. While he wasn’t traditionally one of those people to espouse upon the evils of being plugged in, perhaps he needed to plan for a bit more time away. Who dictated that the single guys got to put in all the overtime?

Appetizers consisted of bruschetta slathered with tangy tomatoes and marinated artichokes. Sofia bit into the crostini, remaining ladylike, and the crispy bread broke in half, flinging the other side onto the white tablecloth. She covered her mouth, stifling a laugh and brushed the droppings under her plate.

Has anyone ever said you were adorable when you eat?”


It’s good to see. You enjoy it.” He lowered his voice. “Like sex.”

It always goes back to sex with you, doesn’t it?”

Beneath the table, he felt her foot slide up his calf and make its way to his inner thigh. He squirmed around a bit and raised his eyebrows.

Feeling a little playful, are you?”

She leaned across the table. “Well now that you mentioned sex, it’s hard not to think about it.”


About the Author: A Southern California native, Louisa Bacio can’t imagine living far away from the ocean. The multi-published author of erotic romance enjoys writing within all realms – from short stories to full-length novels.

Bacio shares her household with a supportive husband, two daughters growing “too fast,” and a multitude pet craziness: Two dogs, five fish tanks, an aviary, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and geckos. In her other life, she teaches college classes in English, journalism and popular culture.

You can buy a copy here.

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