Of Mongolian Warrior Princesses and Garbage Fire Worlds

Hi friends! I might be adding posts or I might not be. It’s the middle of the night and I probably shouldn’t be doing anything but trying to sleep but such is the curse of insomnia (and stupidity?) so here we are.

I’m in this constant cycle of work and exhaustion  (and sick! has anyone else been struck by this virus of doom this past week?!) so all my good intentions of reviews and posts and holidays wishes went nowhere and instead I watched this movie about a Mongolian warrior princess.

I actually find the trailer rather misleading … but I understand why it was used – they want to get people to watch the film, so okay. I also found the film interesting on multiple levels. First of all, it’s not everyday you come across a Mongolian movie. I mean, it’s not every day you come across a Mongolian anything. Definitely the technique (and the technology) are different. Then the style. Hollywood doesn’t so much go for long shots and real time scenes (we all have ADHD!). And we Americans are also way more in love with happy endings than anyone else. Which I’m okay with, obviously, as a romance reader. Re: the movie … I loved that there are so many people named Ahno still. Very cool. You just … should try to watch it if you can. If you have Comcast, or access to it, or know anyone who does, you can stream the movie for free!

Erm, I have a lot to say about the film – like there’s a romance, and it’s really cool the film focuses on the princess. But I hate that it’s “about” the husband, as in so dependent on him, and he’s all “hey baby, sorry I took a second wife but it’s because I loved you too much.” No, fuckface. Fuck you forever you goddamn asshole. I thought about re-reading Prince of Dreams by Lisa Kleypas which I love/love-hate and I just couldn’t because especially these days … just no. And then with all the shit going on lately…

ANYWAY. Warrior Princess made me think of another [Mongolian] movie I’d seen – Mongol.

Which … is/was supposed to be a trilogy of films. This was NOT “low budget” and was a collaboration of multiple countries – though I’m not sure if the project(s) fell through … last word was a few years ago, but hopefully it goes on. Some Western critics panned it which … is a whole other can of worms.

So anyway, yeah. Too many issues to address, but here are some things to distract all of us. Mongolian films. Because why not.

[I know, none of this made sense, but these were just some of the thoughts I’ve had swirling around and I got the basics out.]

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