Do You Care About Diversity?

Hi friends! Since 2014 I’ve tried to do an annual celebration of the [Smithsonian] Heritage Months at A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet. I went with the Smithsonian calendar because it was definitive. Last year I added Pride because … well a number of reasons.

The Smithsonian Heritage Months are as follows:

    • February: Black History Month
    • March: Women’s History Month
    • May: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM)
    • June: Pride Month
    • September 15-October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month
    • November: Native American Heritage Month

I first decided to celebrate the Smithsonian Heritage Months in 2013. I didn’t do a “kickoff” until 2014 so as to get a full year or each month … and I’ve been haphazardly trying to get posts since. About two years ago I opened it up to international friends as well, and for 2018 I’m opening it up to everyone. For example, in the past, each month was exclusive to someone who fit under the umbrella of the month being celebrated. Not anymore. Everyone is encouraged to write a guest post!

I don’t care if you’re Black, Asian, Hispanic, Latinx, Native American, male, straight, etc etc – you are more than welcome to write a guest post during any month.

“But Lime,” you might say “I’m a straight white man – what on earth would I say for an APAHM post? How is that even allowed?”

Well! Let me tell you! You could discuss books, historical events, historical figures, do some cultural research, so on and so forth. If you’d like to write a post but don’t know what to write about, I’d be happy to help you brainstorm, or come up with topics… or even “assign” you a historical figure or event! Or even food! You know how we [ok I] love food up in here. And food often has such cultural history and significance!

“But really Lime,” says the cautious person. “What if people get offended?”

Heh. Well, I think we can all imagine my response. But in the interest of inclusivity and positivity, I will say this: why would someone get offended about diversity and knowledge? I’ve been doing this for five years now (2018 being the 5th), and … it is sparse. I fully admit to some blame because I have dropped the ball before, and I still feel terribly guilty about not posting some things I was sent. (If you click through posts you might see life has been … difficult.) So! If someone doesn’t want to participate [again] because of that, I fully understand and accept that fault.

If you, wonderful person, fall under the umbrella of any of the Heritage Months, please! Contact me about writing a guest post! Also, if you do get to “claim” any of the months… you can talk about anything you want to. Are you Asian and want to write a guest post during APAHM? You can talk about books you’re reading or writing, knitting, cooking, gardening, your stamp collection! It’s all about you! (I’m keeping this the same as before.)

However, if you’re 100% Irish and want to write a post for Black History Month, I’d ask that you stay on topic.

Does that make sense? I think that’s fair, right?
Also if you’re “nervous” about participating, I want to state plainly and clearly, I will have your back. This is a hill I am 100% willing to die on – that from now on, any Heritage Month is open to anyone who wants to play.

So here we are! February is right around the corner and I’m definitely looking for people for every month still.

And here’s my request and my challenge. Would you be willing to step up and write a post – for any of the months?

2 thoughts on “Do You Care About Diversity?

  1. dholcomb1

    I think diversity is important, and now, more than ever, we need to remember the battles won. For if we forget, we will only slide into the bad behavior of the past.



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