Lime’s Like It or Leave It – Polished in the Spotlight: If You Want My Bodice from KBShimmer

Hi friends! All sorts of new things going on yes? Perhaps I’ll do some sort of backdated intro, but for now … I figure it’s pretty self-explanatory. Product reviews yay! First up is a polish I bought recently.

I really love nail polish (and make up, although I use that even less than I do polish…) ANYWAY while clicking around, I happened upon this new thing … and swatches of this incredible stuff. If You Want My Bodice from KBShimmer. This is my first attempt ever at swatching so … please forgive me and bear with me.

If You Want My Bodice BottleBack of If You Want My Bodice

This image really doesn’t do it justice. In fact, the colors don’t either. The makers describe it as a “shifty polish starts with a blend of multichrome pigments that in indirect light, help this polish travel from a cool minty teal to a deep lavender. Flecks of unicorn flakes shift in a rainbow of colors that dance among the colorful base. In brighter light, micro holo flakes sparkle, while deeper hues of magenta and blue come out to play.”

This cover for Enchanted Paradise was the inspiration for the polish.

Enchanted Paradise by Johanna Hailey Cover PARADISE LOST
Aurora knew that she didn’t belong with the elves who raised her, but was happy to live among the gentle creatures of the glade. It was not until she met Frayne that she understood her destiny was in his embrace. Frayne – magnificent warrior, reckless lover – the only man Aurora ever needed. The sight of his strong, muscular chest made her weak with longing, for once he awakened her to the joys of passion, she wanted to spend the rest of her nights with him alone!

Frayne’s quest left him with little time for anything other than his search for the unicorn, yet he could not believe his good fortune when he first set eyes on the ravishingly beautiful Aurora. She was an innocent child on the brink of womanhood, and his desire for her pulsed through his body with burning fury. Her long raven hair was like silk to his touch; her ruby lips beckoned for his kiss. He knew he must possess her totally and have her by his side, so together they could share love’s Enchanted Paradise

Isn’t that fun?! Also, obscure. It seems the book was published by Zebra in 1985, and is out of print. I also went ambitious for a first swatch because this … duochrome … holographic … flecks… everything about it it’s a lot and none of the pictures I took – or even saw on other blogs really do it justice. I also definitely know what I’m wearing on my nails in Denver! Shown is various days, and I used 3 coats… with seche vite on top.

Unicorn flecks and mermaid polish

Holo flash image

Purple hue, and blue purple duochrome

I tried to cover the bases on how it appears in different lights … none of the flecks really show. It was only available as far as I can tell from Polish Pick Up for a few days at $10 a bottle … but it might pop up at KBShimmer or elsewhere. If I see, I’ll update this post, because you definitely want this polish! <3 I’ve been wearing it for four days, and it’s still going strong. It’s a really beautiful unique polish, and just looking at my nails has made me happy.

So … what do you think? Are you a polish maven? Do you have any tips for me?

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