Ask Me Anything 2.0

Hi friends! Today’s post is on a whim. Yes, the topic is right and true. You can ask me anything. It’s inspired by a conversation I had at RWA. Jamie Beck told me I did something nice – and to be honest I’m still not entirely convinced she meant me – and that she isn’t confusing me with someone else … but it was really nice to hear, so <3.

ANYWAY ideally, this is a time for you to ask anything book related. Blogging, guest posting, reviews, so on. I promise to answer any question you might have about it. “The industry.” Of course, we all understand the answers are all just from my experience/my opinion. I also invite anyone else to chime in with their own answers too! 🙂

You can feel free to ask me a question about anything else as well … but I reserve the right to not answer that.

You can also check out previous instances of “AMA ALBTALBS Style.”

Happy weekend, and start firing off those questions!

3 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything 2.0

  1. Limecello Post author

    Denise, it’s funny you asked that/you posted it not long after I was commenting elsewhere that I didn’t see any good swag. I did get a neat portable fan thing from write space? But otherwise I just picked up pens, and some of the cheapy nail files. I didn’t get to the goody room until Friday though… but still. Very disappointing :\ OH. I did also get 2 jar openers, but … yeah. 🙁
    Courtney Milan did have custom made washi tape, which was cute.

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