On Cultural-ness and a Low Key Hiatus, and BHM

Hi friends! If you haven’t noticed … we’ve been pretty quiet at ALBTALBS lately, and it’s just … I’ve got a lot going on and I can’t even remember if I put the blog on hiatus – and I do want to say it’s not going to look like that at all for the next few weeks … but then we’ll be back to a few posts.

First of all … pretend this went live the date listed.

So! Happy Black History Month, and Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!

I’ve tried for years to always celebrate each Smithsonian Heritage Month. I always put out calls for people to guest and … BHM = Black History Month and there were no takers. None. There also haven’t been many takers in the past few years. And note – as of last year Smithsonian Heritage Months are open to anyone to write guest posts. I did reach out to some people (on general issues), but never heard a response – there may be an issue with my email, but there’s no rhyme or reason because some people get them, but others obviously don’t. In point of fact, it’s possible I am not getting emails from people – so if I’ve ignored someone, please accept my apology. It wasn’t intentional.

I don’t want to call it quits on Smithsonian Heritage Month celebrations at ALBTALBS. That feels too much like giving up, and especially in this day and age … we need as much cross cultural awareness as possible.

And for the rest … you know. This is possibly the most Asian [American] gif I’ve ever seen in my life, so … yeah. Enjoy.

Making it Rain Red Envelopes

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