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Hi friends! I’m reviving an old ALBTALBS feature today, with the fabulous Avery Flynn! She just had a new book come out on Tuesday – Tomboy which I really enjoyed (I’m even going to review it! I know!!! Gasp you should!!!) But first, we’re here for some fun, wherein we do 0 book talk (yeah I don’t know how that happened either) – but I asked Avery a bunch of off the wall questions and challenged her to answer them. The crazier the better right?!

But first, I mean, we can’t >.> have no book talk… so you know. Info! Tomboy is the third Hartigan book. (Although I still really consider The Charmer to be the “first” Hartigan book … >.> I mean Felicia Hartigan is the heroine … and that book might be my favorite by Ms. Flynn … so far… *whispers* so hybrid series Harbor City/Hartigans and all thus Tomboy is Hartigan 4…) BUT ANYWAY!) N.B. while each book can stand alone I think it’d be helpful to read the Haritgans books in order. You definitely don’t have to though. … But you should read Harbor City book 2. The Charmer. I really liked it – can you tell? :P) The other two preceding Hartigan book are Butterface, and Muffin Top (which I reviewed.)

Tomboy by Avery Flynn book coverHow exactly has one good deed landed me in the penalty box?

Ice Knights defenseman Zach Blackburn has come down with the flu, and my BFF—his PR manager—begs me to put my nursing degree to use and get him back to health. Of course she would call in a favor for the most hated man in Harbor City.

But when he’s finally on the mend and I’m sneaking out of his place, everything goes sideways. Paparazzi spot me and pictures, plus accusations that I slept with him, fly faster than a hockey puck.

At first, all of Harbor City wants my blood—or to give me a girlie-girl makeover. But then…the team finally wins a game. And now this fickle town wants me with the big jerk twenty-four seven.

Argh. I never slept with him the first time! But no one will listen. Then the grumpy bastard goes and promises to break his no-fan-appearances rule to help raise money for a free health clinic—but only if I’m rink-side at every game. That’s not a deal I can turn down.

But when the team keeps winning, and I realize there’s more to him than his bad reputation, suddenly remembering to keep my real hands off my fake date gets harder and harder to do.

If you could be any one character in any book or series, who would you be? 
You know, I wanna be Kinsey from Kate Meader’s Flirting With Fire because Luke should be all mine. Seriously. That man. *faints*

What is the funniest prank ever played on you? What is the best prank that you played on someone?  
You know I’m boring and not really a prank puller. I’ll tease people but I’m not much of a pranked. However, my three kids are and they love to lurk in dark corners of our house and scare the crap out of me whenever possible.

Would you rather be bitten by a radioactive spider, a vampire, or a werewolf? 
I’m gonna go with vampire—better wardrobe options.

Would you rather wake up with a different face with the same gender, or a different gender with the same face?
That is such a great question. I have never thought about that before! I’m gonna go with same face, different gender because I really want to know what all the fuss is about having a dick (at least that way of having a dick).

Have you ever been arrested? … 😀 Tell us about it 😀 
Nope! Have I had waaaaaay too many speeding tickets? Yes.

What is one question you always wish as an author people would ask you but nobody ever does? 
Are you romantic in real life. Answer. OMG, no. I the most “ewwwww, feelings” kind of person there is.

What’s the best admonishment your mom ever gave you, or that you’ve ever given a kid? e.g. if you make that face it’ll freeze like that. or… if you walk from the kitchen to the table w/ a fork in your mouth you’ll stab yourself through the throat and die. 
My mom’s go to when she didn’t like something was “that’s interesting.” Ouch.

What two movies from different genres would you most like to see combined in a mash up? 
How about Leap Year and Kill Bill???? Road trip RomCom with a vengeance twist. OH, I want that movie now!!!

How’d you come up with your author name? 
I wanted to name Flynn Kid 1 Avery, but the Fab Mr Flynn objected. As for Flynn it was the name of a guy I had a crush on in college, plus it was in the front of the middle of the alphabet- so great for bookshelf staring spots at the bookstore.

You can only use 3 specific beauty products for the rest of your life. (Only one color, etc.) What do you pick? 
Black eyeliner, pink lipstick, pasty-girl foundation (the joy of rosacea).

If you could switch places with someone for 72 hours, whose life would you want to live? 
Who wouldn’t go with Beyoncé here????

What five other authors do you think more people need to be reading? (You can assume you’re already on the list :)) 
Kimberly Kincaid, Robin Covington, Anna Zabo, K.M. Jackson, and Sarina Bowen.

If you were a serial killer, who would be your target? And what would be your MO? [“Calling card,” what memento would you take?] Target = old men, young men, school children, college aged women, etc. 
– People who don’t use turn signals and/or drive slow in the left lane. My MO? Car bombs of course!

What would your superhero name be? And your super power? 
SuperFlynn and mind reading

Now… what if you were an anti hero? What would your “anti super hero power” be? 
To freeze people in time

What’s the most unique/strange silly skill your possess?
I make up songs and sing them to my dogs all day long.

You must become a mythological creature. What combination of 3 or more animals are you? How are you put together? And what would your new mythological creature name be? 
I’d be a mix of a puppy (head), baby pig (tail) and a kitten (body). My creature name would be Cutaposamus and my power would be to beguile humans with cuteness.

So what’d you think? Do you have any questions for Avery? How would you have answered any of these questions? 😀 Join us!

P.S. – You can buy a copy of Tomboy here.

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  1. dholcomb1

    Her kids sound like mine–lurking in corners to scare Mom.

    Avery–I found and bought that Kate Spade bag!!! But, now I’m afraid to use it, so it’s sitting in the dust bag.


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