10 Tenacious Questions with Lorelei James (In Which Lorelei Interviews Herself)

Hi friends! You know what? I can’t believe that Lorelei James has never been an official guest at ALBTALBS before! How is that even possible?! And you know what else is fun? She’s not the first author to have interviewed herself. (Yes there’s even a tag!) ANYWAY. 😀 Please let me welcome Lorelei and see what she has to say!

10 Tenacious Questions with Lorelei James

That got your attention, didn’t it? When I was chatting with the lovely, sweet Limecello and she asked if I’d be interested in doing a blog post, I said sure…can I interview myself? Luckily she didn’t balk at my request, or think it was weird 😊

Why did I choose this type of format? Because honestly, I’ve been published for 14 years and I get the same questions over and over and over. And it really blows when I get a set of generic questions right before a new release and I know damn well the blogger/reviewer hasn’t read my book. I knew Lime hadn’t read this one yet, so I thought it’d be fun and less promote-y given the fact I do have a release this week–1st book in a new contemporary romance series, I Want You Back, buy it now!!—to do something different. Thanks to Lime and A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet for letting me have my dirty, wicked way with this post.

What You Need by Lorelei James book coverQ1—I Want You Back is a second chance love story and readers know that it was mentioned in the Need You series that Jax cheated on Lucy and that’s what ended their relationship. Is this a book about cheating?

LJ—Not at all. BUT there are residual effects from Jax’s cheating and substance abuse problems. The flashbacks in the book are used to remind Jax and Lucy that their relationship wasn’t always all bad. That at one time they really loved each other. So the bare bones of the story is about forgiveness and believing people can change. It’s not a tale where love magically triumphs over past hurts and mistakes, but it is a love story that’s about reflection and hope. I will say that ten years has passed in my fictional world since Jax and Lucy met, so getting to use time as a catalyst to show change worked well for the story and plot line.

Q2—What is the last TV show you binge watched?

LJ—Naturally I have more than one show 😊 I recently watched season 2 of The OA on Netflix. I liked season 2 better than season 1 and the last ten minutes of season 2 are a bit of… WTF just happened? I watched Hanna on Amazon prime and…I’m meh about it. I love Joel Kinnaman (he’s fantastic in Altered Carbon on Netflix) but there was too much coming of age angst in the storyline, and the excessive fight scenes were too over top for this chick, who LOVES her some Jason Stathem.

Q3—What recent song is stuck in your head?

LJ—“Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers. Man. I love that song so hard. The one I find myself humming most often is “High Hopes” by Panic! at the Disco.

Q4—Instagram, Facebook or Twitter—which is your fave?

LJ—Instagram. By far. Most of my posts on social media cross post, which is handy. Facebook is 2nd, I use it for promo and information, I never look at my timeline and I tend to just pop into various groups when time permits. Twitter is my least favorite because people are just so damn angry on there. It can make my blood boil instantly. That said, the poignant, funny, ridiculous things I love seem to be found most often on Twitter. What I prefer about Instagram is that I can follow things that truly interest me—I like the variety of creating my own unique feed and it makes me so happy to see certain things pop up! Side note: I had a cannabis company ask if they could advertise via my account, so that gives you an idea of why I call my interests eclectic 😊

Q5—What is the most bizarre thing you researched recently for one of your books?

LJ—I don’t know if it qualifies as bizarre, but when I was working on I Want You Back, I had to sort through a ton of information about youth hockey, specifically in Minnesota. Then I had to follow additional threads about pros and cons of gender grouping for kids under 10 as well as trying to understand USA Hockey—which is the organization that sets the rules and standards for youth hockey in the US. As well as doing a comparison contrast between men’s and women’s hockey. I loved it but it is one of those things where I looked up from my book or my internet searches and hours have gone by.

Q6—Any upcoming secret projects you can talk about?

LJ—Well, I’m going to be a grandma this year, which is beyond exciting! Wait, you meant secret writing projects, not a secret baby project…okay, yes, I’m working on something that I’m super excited about, but I’m really good at keeping secrets, so nope, nothing going on here, next question 😊

Q7—If you were stranded on a deserted island, which one of your characters would you most like to be stranded with and why?

Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei James book coverLJ—Colt McKay from Branded As Trouble in the Rough Riders series. Why? Because he knows how to fish and it being an island, I’d need a guy who could feed me! Or I’d choose Bran Turner from Saddled and Spurred from the Blacktop Cowboys for the same reason.

Q8—Why do you live someplace where it potentially snows 9 months out of the year?

LJ—Oops, sorry, that question slipped in out of my annoyance that it snowed again today—April 3rd—and I had been excited that spring might actually be here when yesterday it was 50 degrees and I saw some of my bulbs had popped up…

Q9—Last book you read that blew you away?

LJ—Not a specific book, but an author. I’ve recently discovered Alexis Hall and OMFG that man can write! His books run the gamut from contemporary romance to cheeky steam-punk historical to angsty billionaires, but the common threads are the beauty in how he crafts his characters, his lyrical use of language and that all of his stories are set in Great Britain.

Q10—Standard last question: what are you working on and what is coming up for you for the rest of 2019?

LJ—I just finished edits on Spun Out, Blacktop Cowboys book 10 that releases in November. I’m working on book 2 in the Want You series—the title hasn’t been cleared by my publisher yet—and that book releases in February 2020. As far as appearances, I’ll be at Book Bonanza in Dallas in August, and RARE London in September, Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick Rendezvous in October and Bouchercon—the mystery conference as my alter ego Lori Armstrong—in Dallas in November.


Where to buy I Want You Back: Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, Audio

Just a FYI, currently at $5.98 the mmpb version is cheaper than the kindle version 😀

I Want You Back by Lorelei James book coverFormer NHL star Jaxson Lund has returned to the Twin Cities, but he’s at loose ends, unsure if he belongs at Lund Industries, or where he stands with Lucy, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Mimi. Despite the signs she’d like to leave him in the penalty box, the attraction burning between them reinforces his determination to prove that he deserves a second chance…

Lucy Quade is in a good place with a steady job, a nice apartment, and a well-adjusted daughter, which is why she’s hesitant when Jax insists on co-parenting. It’s not that Lucy doesn’t trust Jax…she’s just unconvinced he can handle multiple responsibilities when he’s been singularly focused on playing hockey. But when issues arise with Mimi, Lucy’s shocked at how levelheaded and paternal he acts, giving her a glimpse of the Jax she used to know, the sexy, sweet man she fell for years ago.

Once Lucy lets her guard down, Jax goes all in to show her how good they are together, but will their past remain too large an obstacle to ever overcome?

Where to find Lorelei James: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Website, or Bookbub.

Great interview, Lorelei – and thanks for taking on all the heavy lifting! I really enjoyed the books I read in the “Need You” series and I can’t wait to read all the “Want You” books! So congratulations on your newest release – and congratulations on soon becoming a grandmother! What a wonderful milestone!

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    Great interview! I read a book by Alexis Hall a while back. I really liked it, but I haven’t looked for more books by him, so thanks for the reminder!

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