July 4th in America

Hi friends! So … I thought about doing something like I did four years ago, sharing the entire text of the Declaration of Independence. However, it’s easy enough to just click over.

Also, the state of the country is just … such a mess now that … well, it’s more important than ever to celebrate the ideas of democracy and to work for one. A lot of people are feeling burnout and such, and I can’t even articulate how I feel about this administration so … here’s this.

Enjoy the tongue in cheek “America Yay” – I hope if you’re stateside you have a lovely, safe, and fun holiday. (And hat tip to Manda Collins for bringing the video to my attention.)

3 thoughts on “July 4th in America

    1. Limecello Post author

      Denise – wasn’t the Declaration of Independence read by a bunch of celebrities in a compilation of sorts? … I have a vague memory of seeing that in [school?] … that was cool 🙂

      1. dholcomb1

        You’re younger than me–I don’t remember that.

        I remember seeing a movie with Caesar Rodney riding to Philadelphia to be the deciding vote. Of course, they never mention he was with his mistress. There’s a statue of him on the horse at Rodney Square in Wilmington.


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