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I’m doing this on my phone for the first time ever and hoping it works so this’ll be bare bones and hopefully updated once I can get to my computer (providing it cooperates).

If you’ve been around ALBTALBS you know I also make charitable donations specially based on how the Buckeyes do, so now that the season is here, I wanted to get this post done before the game is over.

I’ll donate to charity each time the Buckeyes win. (This year I don’t have a set number yet – I need to look at my finances as I was again on unpaid medical leave for a period.) Anyway, if the Buckeyes win and break 70 points I’ll probably make a larger donation.

Last year I believe I gave to the ACLU and SPLC. In the past I’ve donated to any non-profit charity the first commenter suggested.

No decisions yet but I’m always looking for worthy causes, so what charities do you think need more love?

Keep this post in mind for updates and interaction, especially if I decide to do game donations by comment. ❤️

4 thoughts on “Sportsball Social Media for Social Good

    1. Limecello

      @Denise ooo he goes to Alabama? They’ve always got a good team [too]. I haven’t been following sportsball as closely this year.
      I’d actually PREFER it not be played at all during the pandemic. Obviously I don’t get a call, so … since it IS here :X I guess I’m being bad by watching it since just me makes no difference … but yeah. I really really hope all the players are okay and if they do get Covid-19, which it seems a number of them have, they don’t have the [potential] lifelong side effects.z

      😛 I guess I should put this ~caveat in the body of my post …

      [And >.> good luck to your team too unless they are ever in competition with the Bucks.] 😇

      1. dholcomb1

        Thank you!

        Yes, he’s in his final year. He’ll graduate in May with a undergrad in Finance, Economics, and Math, plus a Master of Finance. Because of AP/CLEP credits, he entered as a Junior. Instead of graduating in three, he took the Accelerated Master’s Program, and his scholarship covered almost 100% of classes. Already has a job lined up in Dallas. He’ll be making good money. His girlfriend is there.

        The oldest will graduate with his DPT in May, too.

        Youngest is still in high school.

        Agree that I wish it wasn’t being played, but if it’s on, we’re watching.


  1. Limecello Post author

    O_o I’m losing my mind. I could have SWORN I commented and posted that I donated $60 to SPLC and $60 to WCK. I even took screenshots and everything.
    So … where did they go?
    I also have no idea now why I went with $120, but there you have it.
    SO … hopefully this works? I squeaked right in there at the end of the year. Screenshot of partial CC statement showing donation amounts


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