Blogiversary Version Guest Author & A Giveaway: Nicole Flockton

Hi friends! So we’ve had a lot going on in the world, but we’re trying to truck along! Therefore, I’ve got another post for you to celebrate Blogiversary, and would everyone to welcome back Nicole Flockton! It’s also release day for her! Shelter for Cerise is out today so everyone also wish Nicole a very happy release day! 

What was your favorite book as a child? 
Hmm my favourite book. I’m not sure I had one but I had a favourite author. I read a ton of Enid Blyton books. I love the concept of toys coming to life and living independently. And what is your favorite book now? Hmm that’s a toughie. There was one book I used to read every year it’s a book called Fortunes by Vera Cowie. I need to get it out and read it again. It’s been a while since I’ve read it. It’s about an auction house and an ugly duckling heroine getting it all in the end.

If you could create any movie mash up – which films would you combine? (Why?)
Oh you ask the tough questions! Okay let me see. Let’s go with National Treasure and The Mummy. I’d love to see Nic Cage take on some mummies while hunting down the mother lode of treasures.

What inanimate object would you eat if it was safe to do? Why?
Ohh I know a football. I mean it was made out of pigskin so it could taste like bacon. 😉

What is the first thing you learned how to cook? Do you have a go-to dish? And/or a signature dish? (What makes it so?)
My first memories of cooking were helping my mum make a cake so I guess that was the first think I learned. My go to dish is what I call Sausage Pasta. Basically it’s smoked sausage, pasta, broccoli and parmesan cheese. It’s simple and quick and my kids really like it. I guess this is my signature dish.

What was your first job? What is/was the most interesting job you’ve had?
 My first job was as an administration assistant at a Credit Union. I was fresh from Secretarial College and eager to get started. What is/was the most interesting job you’ve had? I think it was when I was working for a property developer. The owner was a really sweet man and he collected vintage cars and had a ‘farm’ which he grew wine grapes on that he sold to a local winery. My hubby and I helped with a harvest one year, which was a lot of fun.

Which fairy tale would you most like to be in?  Oh Cinderella – hands down. I love, love, love Cinderella. And the least?  Hansel and Gretel because that’s just a scary tale.

What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you at a conference?
 One year I’d gotten to know someone online but hadn’t met in person. She called out my name “Nicki” and I stopped but thought she couldn’t be referring to me because in the author world I’m known as Nicole. We often joke about it now.

What is the coolest thing that has ever happened to you at a conference?
 Oh it was at the 2015 RWA conference in New York. I was part of the Harlequin book signing. The book I was signing was published by Escape Publishing which is a digital first publisher and so I thought I was signing digital books with this company that created a software to be able to sign ebooks. Instead they’d actually printed up books for me to sign! It was so exciting to actually sign books at the Harlequin signing. Ticked off author goal list.

You’re an actor or participant in a TV show for a season. Which show are you picking and what is your role? (Why?)
Okay I think it would a History Channel show called ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. They’re searching for ‘treasure’ and it would be so cool to be there as they uncover little things they find.

What is the most interesting or oddest “fun fact” you know?
You know I don’t think I know any fun facts. If you do research for your books, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve come across? I write mainly contemporary so I don’t tend to do a great deal of research. So I haven’t come across anything interesting.

You must become a mythological creature. What combination of 3 or more animals are you? How are you put together? And what would your new mythological creature name be?
Okay let’s see a dragon, so I can fly and breathe fire. A cat because I like cats and they’re cute. Finally a lion because of their roar. So I’d have the body and agility of the cat with the wings of the dragon so I can fly. Then when I roar like a lion I also breathe fire. Now the name of this mythical creature would be –Calogon.

Now – I know why you’re all here – the giveaway! Nicole is giving away a copy of Fighting for Nadia, which is book one in the Tarpley VFD series – Shelter for Cerise (out today!) is book two.

A Fresh start. One Chance encounter. The storm of the century.

Ex-Army surgeon, Mitchell ‘Buff’ Alexander has returned to his family ranch to try and rebuild his life. He lost a lot in the war, but not everything. He can still help at the Tarpley Volunteer Firefighter Department. Now, relationships, that’s a battle he’s not prepared to fight. He knows he’s better off alone. PTSD is the one thing Buff wished hadn’t followed him home. While in the throes of yet another attack, a stranger helps him in a way no other person has ever been able to. But she’s a complication he can’t deal with at the moment.

ER Doctor, Nadia Fletcher wants more than this small town has to offer. She sets her sights on a dream job at a bigger hospital. After helping Buff through a PTSD episode, she wants to get to know him, but he won’t give her the time of day. As doors open and close, Nadia finds a new path and sees that the Texas Hill Country and the people might be what she needed all along.
When the storm of the century hits their small town, Nadia and Buff reunite and work together to save lives, reigniting the spark between them. Buff wants to be the man Nadia deserves, but he’s drowning in his own hell. Will Nadia be the one to pull him to the surface or will fears keep them apart?

And how do you win a copy? Nicole wants to know: what is your favorite celebratory drink?

6 thoughts on “Blogiversary Version Guest Author & A Giveaway: Nicole Flockton

  1. flchen1

    Gotta go with sparkling apple cider! Or my go-to–diet ginger ale! I mostly don’t drink, but love the bubbles 🙂

  2. Aliquis

    Hi Nicole!

    Congratulations on your book release! My favorite celebratory drink is champagne. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  3. Limecello

    Hi Nicole!!

    Thanks so much for joining in on the blogiversary festivities!
    (I’m of course not entering the giveaway)
    To answer your question … I mean, what else is there to drink but champagne or sparkling wine for celebrations?! 😉
    My family is also an “every day is a day for sparkling wine” family so … especially that.
    Otherwise though, if an event has a speciality cocktail, I’m all for that too. 😀

  4. Sandra

    Congratulations on your release, Nicole! I don’t drink alcohol but I like sparkling cider for special occasions.


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