A “Crowdsourced” List of Black Romance Authors

Hi friends! It’s February, and I’m trying to bring back the Heritage Month posts … we’ll see how successful (or not) it is – but I wanted to start out with the basics (which I plan to put in a different post). This is more a “me” post than “the blog” post in a way, so I’m leaving it under my account rather than the administrator one. 

Anyway – there are apparently some people who think/say there are “no” romances out there by own voices/Black authors and … *stares.*
For myself, I wanted to make the commitment to not just read more diversely, but to read more Black romance authors. Especially after our Black Lives Matters post I wanted to put my money where my mouth was.

I’m just one person though, and I miss a lot – so I decided to crowd source on social media, and I wrote down every author suggested. The italicized names are ones I added to the list. There are of course many other lists compiled so I wanted to highlight them as well/will add them as I find them in the depths of my terrifying inbox.

This site is not solely Black romance authors – but if you didn’t know about Women of Color in Romance it’s a great resource, listing new releases, books by genre, etc.

And this list by Katrina Jackson

I know there are more resources to add here – I email things to myself to save all the time, but if you don’t know me, allow me to inform you my inboxes are a dumpster fire. I literally turned off notifications because they gave me so much anxiety. At the time of my writing this post I have 33,205 unread messages in just the 5 email accounts I monitor constantly throughout the day. (In fact 20 messages arrived just as I was working on this post T_T) One of these days I’ll just mass delete … but …

So anyway! This is a good place to start!

I would like to add bits about important people, groups, or events throughout the month, and/or authors I’ve liked. I think we also know that life regularly kicks my ass though, so no promises.

I do want to note – I’ve really enjoyed Cristina C. Jones’ audiobooks narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan and Jakobi Diem. (Or … basically anything Wesleigh Siobhan and Jakobi Diem narrate.) A most recent standout is Crave by Evelyn Sola, which I just reviewed. There are so many other authors/titles to discuss but I don’t want this to go too long. And I want to leave something for the rest of the month. 😉

If you’re looking to diversify your reading I’d love to try to help – and if I can’t I’ll crowdsource. Just let us know what subgenre you enjoy. There’s literally something for everyone, and an author that is writing probably in any [sub]genre you want.

Also! If you have any authors you think should be added to the list, or are an author who wants to be added to the list, please, let me know! I not only am happy to update it, I want to update it! (Some of the authors don’t have webpages/I couldn’t find them, so I linked to their Amazon pages. Otherwise, each name is a link to the author’s website. *whispers* A lot of the AKAs I got from the interwebs so … if they’re wrong, please do let me know. Thanks!)

8 thoughts on “A “Crowdsourced” List of Black Romance Authors

  1. Limecello Post author

    I do want to be clear – [underline? think I said?] – this list is by no means comprehensive and I didn’t do research – it was more “crowdsourcing + off the ~top of my goldfish sieve brain.” In fact :X it’s possible if not probable I have a list somewhere on this site with names that aren’t on this list. 😅🤦🏻‍♀️ Poking around today I realized there’s a lot of clean up needed. :X

    1. dholcomb1

      That’s how I understood it.

      I could add Toni Shiloh… she’s Christian romance and her books might be too clean for most of your readers. The same with Cecilia Dowdy.

      1. Limecello Post author

        LOL I think a lot of the readers might not read as many erotic romances as I/some of the review crew do – and also I want the list to be as inclusive and exhaustive as possible. I’m pretty sure some of the other authors listed also write more “sweet” romances. Like I said – something for everyone, so I’m happy to add them to the list. (And anyone else you think of.) Thanks!


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