Valentine’s Guests: Bobbi Romans Interviews Carolyn Hector

Hi friends! With time being fluid here in ALBTALBS land, and mixed up dates on my part, I’m glad this all worked out and we’re welcoming the lovely Bobbi Romans who is interviewing her delightful friend Carolyn Hector. I do want to say first – Cocoa Dreams, Carolyn’s newest book just came out this week! Congratulations on your newest release, Carolyn! Anyway, you gotta love a pair who just take care of everything! So without further ado…

Bobbi Romans Interviews Carolyn Hector for Valentine’s Day

Her Mistletoe Bachelor by Carolyn Hector book coverWhoop-Whoop, its Bobbi Romans here interviewing the fabulous Carolyn Hector Hall, AKA my little cuddle buddy, about all kinds of juicy tidbits both Valentines Inspired as well as just nosey darn questions.

Lets jump right in.

Bobbi: Hey cuddle buddy!
Carolyn: I miss you! I can’t wait until we can sleep in the same bed together! And before we start… Happy Birthday weekend to you! 

Bobbi: So for y’all reading this and us for the first time, twice a year (pre-covid) Carolyn, and I, along with some other awesome romance authors got together for a lake house retreat. At these retreats we do get a lot writing done, but we also have fun. One year Carolyn brought us all our own barbies. And let’s just say when we woke up in the morning, someone one (thou shalt not be named) posed the Barbies in some pretty wicked poses. 
Carolyn: What happens at the lake house, stays at the lake house….. or it ends up in a novel or on Facebook. 

Bobbi: Okay best Valentines ever?
Carolyn: Why do I hear the Jeopardy song? I am the Grumpy Valentine Cat. I may be the worst person to ask about Valentine’s Day … given that I am a married woman now. Hmmm. I am married to a man who doesn’t believe in one single day of romance. He tries to show it all year long. I do prefer several foot massages throughout the year rather than just one day. But c’mon y’all…. It IS the super bowl of show off days! 

Tempting the Beauty Queen by Carolyn Hector book coverBobbi: Any Valentines Bloopers?
Carolyn: Is my husband forgetting that it was Valentine’s Day a blooper? This was when we were first married with a baby. I asked him if he seriously did not have anything planned. So the next thing I knew, we’re driving like demon across town to my favorite restaurant…where there was an hour and a half wait. We turned back around and drove home. In my mind, we looked like that cartoon of the neanderthal of a man hunched over the steering wheel scowling away while the wife is in the passenger’s seat with her arms crossed. 

Bobbi: Oh come on. I KNOWWWW at some time, something more juicy has to have gone wrong on the big day, right? Like we broke a bed back in the day. Or the year he and I both broke out in the worse rash ever! Not exactly romantic.
Carolyn: Well there was this time he decided to break out the flavored massage oil. And… my life being the way it is, … well let’s just say cinnamon is not the flavor to go with. 

Bobbi: So I heard you have a new book releasing. A very decadent sounding new release. Makes me crave some sultry… oh I mean silky Godiva chocolates!
Carolyn: Godiva! As if! This book is all about the Charmant Cocoa Company… or in my WIP folder, “The Cocoa Brothers” about a band of brothers adopted from West Africa as children and raised to run the world’s most premiere chocolate company! Who doesn’t want a man with all the riches…and chocolate in the world? Well, besides my main character… she’s allergic. You’ll have to get the book to find out if it’s the man or the chocolate she’s allergic to. 

Bobbi:  Your characters BEST attribute?
Carolyn: Poppy’s best attribute is… she wants to make everyone she loves happy. 

Bobbi: Worst Attribute?
Carolyn: Her worst attribute would be… if you don’t fall on her happy list, she may make your life miserable. 

Cocoa Dreams by Carolyn Hector book coverAfter a mind-blowing interlude with a perfect stranger, Poppy James is thinking of one thing only… Mr. Gray Sweatpants. The last task she wants to be doing is planning the perfect wedding reception with her cousin’s soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Charmant Cocoa Company CEO, Romaric Charmant, isn’t keen on marriages, or meeting the latest addition to the Charmant family. He prides himself on privacy, yet, planning a low-key reception with a woman who makes her living on television spells trouble. Especially when he discovers that his unforgettable one-night-stand also happens to be his wedding partner.

And guess what?! The fun doesn’t end! You could win a copy of Cocoa Dreams! <3 Now, how do you win? Tell us about your best – or worst – Valentine’s Day! (Or heck – a fun fact about VDay) Inquiring minds want to know!

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Guests: Bobbi Romans Interviews Carolyn Hector

    1. Bobbi Romans

      I am so sorry for the delay in replying. As the post went live my grandson (10, who lives with us tested positive for Covid.)

      If you could chose any type chocolate, which would it be and why?

  1. dholcomb1

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Book Release!

    When we were dating, my then-boyfriend, now-husband, gave me a gold chain for Christmas. Then, on Valentine’s Day, he gave me a heart locket. Guess he was a bit of a planner then. Sweetest gift.


    1. Alice

      Worst Valentine’s day, our dog died the night before…well, early morning of Valentine’s day. It was hard to celebrate for a long time after. He was pretty old and had a lot of health problems, but it was still hard.

      1. Bobbi Romans

        Sorry Alice, replied to the wrong comment. That is the WORST. I am so sorry. I can’t imagine how terrible. Our dog was elder and sadly drowned in our pool. It does not matter old our not, our memories hold them dear and their absence is hits like a ton of bricks!

      2. Bobbi Romans

        By Alice you were selected the e-book winner of Cocoa Dreams! Email Limecello your preferred email address to receive the e-book from Amazon.

    2. Bobbi Romans

      Sorry Denise, replied to you in the wrong place. Knowing it was planned can make ALL the difference!!! How sweet.

  2. flchen1

    Loved the interview, Bobbi and Carolyn! Congrats on the new release, Carolyn! It sounds delicious!

    As for best or worst Valentine’s? Nothing in particular is coming to mind, but I admit I’m still a little salty over all those misspelled valentines as a kid, LOL! The teacher handed out a class list and I still got valentines addressed to interesting variations on my name, and a few to other names that happened to begin with F…

    1. Bobbi Romans

      Ouch!! My bday is actually the 13th so EVERY bday as a kid everything was Valentines themed. You know those spicy cinnamon candies? On everything and I loathed them!

      I hope this valentines was MUCH better for you!


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