Guest “Lightning Reviews”: The Billionaire’s Kittens by Karen Booth & Piper Trace

With a little sweet and a lot of heat The Billionaire’s Kittens series offers up gorgeous billionaires, spicy happenings in the boardroom and bedroom, and lots and lots of cute cuddly kittens. For those unfamiliar with the series here’s a quick recap in time for book eight which releases today.

The Billionaire's Kittens by Karen Booth & Piper Trace coverThe Billionaire’s Kittens – He wanted her body but he fell for her kittens.

Thurston Howard knew he was in trouble the first time he saw the little furry kitten in the lobby of the building he lived in and owned. The kitten looked exactly like one he owned as a child. He wasn’t prepared for the kitten’s owner to be even cuter than her furry feline companion. 

This book is told in alternating POVs of Thurston and Amber Darling who owns her own feline rescue, Amber’s Darlings. It works well here since they are so different but it’s those differences that make this book work. This is a friends to lovers romance that will find you rooting for the couple to realize that friends do indeed make the best lovers. Plus who can resist a man who loves kittens?


The Billionaire’s Secret Kittens – She couldn’t hide his adorable furballs forever

Della did the one thing she was never supposed to do. She fell in love with a human. When she found out she was pregnant with a litter of kittens, her shape-shifting parents made her leave town. Marc Wallace made billions when he sold his tech startup but no amount of money can ease the pain of losing Della.

Not normally a fan of shifter books this is my favorite book in the series so far. Cat shifter Della is a strong woman who has a tendency to hiss at people when she’s mad. She’s back to tell Marc her secrets but first she has to win back his heart. The dialogue is really strong in this book, there’s lots of humor, and I like Marc and his reaction to finding out why Della left. It turns out Marc has a secret of his own.


The Billionaire’s Kittens 3: Fists of Furry – He’ll do anything to win her love. Even teach a kitten to box.

Devon Luna is a household name. He’s made billions instructing people on the care and training of cats. His YouTube channel has millions of followers and his books have all been bestsellers. Margaret Powell-Smyth is in love…with the kitten she adopted from Amber’s Darlings yet her dog isn’t so thrilled. She hires Devon to come to the rescue of her kitten and in so doing he rescues her heart.

The third movie or book can often be a let-down…see The Godfather III for example…but this book does not disappoint. This book is a love at first sight romance and very sweet with the heat in this one behind closed doors. If you’re looking for something wholesome you may want to start with this book.


The Billionaire’s Kittens 4: Kitten Grabs Back – His highly trained kittens are hellbent on saving democracy but can they find him love?

Her code name: Kotenok

The US embassy in Russia has received word that she’s ready to defect. CIA operative Pascal “Cal” Peters has been sent into Russia deep undercover. Armed with only six kittens trained by Devon Luna to be used as a distraction device Cal risks everything to get Kotenok out. When the op goes wrong Cal and Kotenok risk everything to make it out alive…including their hearts.

This book is action packed from beginning to end. There are twists and turns in this book you won’t see coming. What sold me on this book is that neither Cal nor Kotenok are portrayed as super human. They are meticulous planners who are in control at every moment. It’s that control that makes the tension in this book and makes the reader wonder if the two can relax enough to let go and let love in.   


The Billionaire’s Kittens 5: Kitten with a Whip – By day, he rules the boardroom. By night, kitten is in charge.

If you’re looking for spice and heat and kink this is the book for you!

Davis Fouet has it all. All the money a man could want and the fear or respect of other heads of business. He is a man always in control. So how does Megan, the barista at the coffee shop next to his high-rise, make him feel completely out of control? She’s nothing like the women he normally dates and that’s what intrigues Davis. Megan “Kitten” Little loves seeing his car pull up outside her coffee shop. She loves how flustered this high-powered businessman gets around her. Megan also loves being in control and wants nothing more than to get out her whip and control Davis.  

Get ready for steamy kinky sex, domination in the boardroom and bedroom, and a woman more powerful than any businessperson. If consensual sex and role-playing aren’t your things you might want to skip this one. But if you like steam and a realistic portrayal of a dominatrix then this book is for you.


The Billionaire’s Kittens 6: One is Not Enough – This billionaire doesn’t need a man. Not when she has all these cats.

As the CEO of the biggest real estate company in the country, billionaire Stacey Allen doesn’t have time for relationships. She is happy to go home to her two kittens, two cats, and her books. When Stacey wants company her longtime friend and occasional lover Malcolm is only a phone call away. When she finds out Malcolm is getting married and off the market Stacey must find a new lover. And maybe in doing so she’ll make a new friend.

This is not, strictly speaking, a traditional romance. This book is a lovers to friends story where a strong woman is happy being by herself if she can have someone on-call to go to the theater with and share her bed. This book is about her search for this person but it does have a nice happily for now ending but with a nice twist I won’t spoil.  


The Billionaire’s Kittens 7: Kitten at a Distance – She’d let him see her kitten…but only from six feet away.

Nick Ransom has made billions off his inventions. At 40 he’s retired and living happily when he starts hearing news reports of a new virus. Heeding doctor’s warnings, he stays home which is no struggle in his modest 6,000 sq. ft. home with a pool, hot tub, and home theater. What proves hard is the loneliness, which is how Nick finds himself at the local animal shelter. He offers to take a shift walking dogs and it’s there that he meets Hanna. Wearing a mask and socially distancing is a dating challenge Nick never expected but he’s finding that through texts and email he may be falling in love.

This is a really cute story told mostly through the correspondence of Nick and Hanna. It reminded me a bit of some early Meg Cabot. I enjoyed the interplay between the two and how what they were facing is what we are all dealing with on a daily basis.


The Billionaire’s Kittens 8: Vaxxed and Loaded – He’s vaxxed. He’s loaded. And he freaking loves kittens.

Webb Wallace turned his father’s fledgling toy company into a billion dollar conglomerate. He’s seen his fortune nearly double during the pandemic thanks to parents looking for things for their kids to do while home. Webb wants to do some good so he reaches out to his sister Amber with a proposal. Send him the names of ten no-kill shelters and he’ll write each one a check for one million dollars. Once vaccinated, Webb decides to visit each shelter pretending to be a potential adopter. It’s during one of his visits that he meets Lettie Gomez who runs the shelter and may just steal his heart.

First a HUGE thank you to Piper Trace and Karen Booth who provided me with an arc of book eight. I have to say this is now my new favorite in the series. I love that Webb wants to give back instead of sitting on his money. I also love that we get more of Amber’s story who we first saw in book one. What really puts this book over the top for me is Lettie. Here is a woman running an animal shelter, raising a child on her own during a pandemic, and putting those experiencing homelessness in her community to work by paying them to walk the dogs. Something she can do thanks to the donation from Webb. This is definitely a feel good story and is what we desperately need right now.

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