What Limecello Read from January – June 2021

I did it!!! I have a post going up in a reasonably timely manner! Ahhh!!! >.> So like … remember how down all of us were on/about 2020? And like … 2021 is in some (a lot of ways?) worse? Like a lot worse? So … yeah. That’s somewhat reflected in my reading … there were weeks [a month] where I just … didn’t read much. I binge watched all of Schitt’s Creek in literally a week in February … and there are a lot of books I didn’t get around to ~reviewing/writing my thoughts on. But 🤷🏻‍♀️ Here’s my list anyway. I think the biggest note of the bunch would be Tiffany Patterson – if you like contemporary romances, I think she’s definitely an author you should check out. Each book is so unique yet her voice is so strong. I loved that each character is so developed and distinct. As you see I read through almost her entire backlist in basically a month.

Anyway, here goes!

Accused by Sharon C. Cooper C+ ♪ (the kindle copy is currently on sale for $0.99)
*Let Me Love You by Alexandria House B- ♪
Marry in Scandal by Anne Gracie D++
*Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas A–
Hidden Sins by Selena Montgomery D++ ♪
Carter’s #Undoing by Sherelle Green ♪
Sweet Deception by Rochelle Alers ♪
Yours to Take by Joely Sue Burkhart C+
Solid Soul by Brenda Jackson ♪
Night Heat by Brenda Jackson C ♪
The Christmas Pact by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward C—
Duty or Desire by Brenda Jackson C- ♪
Bane by Brenda Jackson ♪
Scrooged by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon C+ ♪ (I talked about/reviewed it here)
Crave by Evelyn Sola B ♪ (I reviewed it here)
Cherish by Evelyn Sola C+ ♪ (kindle version currently on sale for $3.99)
Crash by Evelyn Sola C ♪

*Crave by Evelyn Sola B ♪
Wait for your love by AshleyNicole ♪
*Let Me Love You by Alexandria House B- x2 ♪
The Agent by Nancy Herkness
*Let Me Hold You by Alexandria House C+ ♪
*Ante Up by Christina C. Jones B+ x3 ♪ (currently on sale for $2.99 – kindle)
The Boss and the Brat by Sosie Frost D+
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jenn Bauer Britton
My Fake Christmas Fiancé by Julie Kriss D+
Santa Baby Maybe by S. Doyle B
Let Me Be Your Motivation by Tay Mo’Nae D+ ♪
The Sweet Spot by Tay Mo’Nae ♪
The Perfect Present by Rochelle Alers, Cheris Hodges, and Pamela Yaye ♪ (kindle copy currently on sale for $5.99)
Room Service by Rochelle Alers C – – – ♪
How My Brother’s Best Friend Stole Christmas by M. O’Keefe C–
Taming Clint Westmoreland by Brenda Jackson D x2 ♪
*Quade’s Babies by Brenda Jackson D+ x2 ♪
The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob by Pippa Grant B++
*I Think I Might Love You by Christina C. Jones B+ x2 ♪

*Pulling Doubles by Christina C. Jones C X2 ♪
*Getting Schooled by Christina C. Jones C X2 ♪
*Safe With Me by Stephanie Nicole Norris D ♪ (This is currently a kindle freebie)
*Crave by Evelyn Sola B ♪ x2
Guided Meditations for Self Healing Mindfulness and Transcendental Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety and Pain Relief
Transcendental Meditation: Learn Healing and Transformation Through Mindfulness Meditation
*Westmoreland’s Way by Brenda Jackson D++ x2 ♪
*The Boy Toy by Nicola Marsh C+ x2 ♪
*Mr. Vega by Xyla Turner C x2 ♪
*Mr. West by Xyla Turner C– x2 ♪
[*]Want You to Want Me by Lorelei James B++ ♪
Strictly Professional by Christina C. Jones C— ♪
Unfinished Business by Christina C. Jones D- ♪
To Wake a Dragon by Naomi Lucas
A Change Had to Come by Gwynne Forster D+ ♪
Tropical Dragons Series Boxset with Bonus Exclusive Short Story by Naomi Lucas
Beyond Temptation by Brenda Jackson D+ ♪
*Risky Pleasures by Brenda Jackson D x2 ♪

*Tempest by Beverly Jenkins B++ x2 ♪
Montana Mistletoe by Kim Law D—
*Vivid by Beverly Jenkins B+ ♪ (kindle version currently on sale for $5.99)
Blood Rogue by Linda J. Parisi (currently on sale for $3.99 – kindle)
Indigo by Beverly Jenkins B++ ♪ (currently on sale for $5.99 – kindle)
What the Rake Remembers by Amy Quinton (currently on sale for $2.99 – kindle)
Off Camera by Wendy Qualls
Claiming his Angel by Veronica Banks
Calling on Quinn by Blue Saffire
*The Taming of Jessi Rose by Beverly Jenkins B+ ♪
*Always and Forever by Beverly Jenkins C+++ ♪
*Night Hawk by Beverly Jenkins A- ♪
Claimed by a Steele by Brenda Jackson ♪
*Destiny’s Embrace by Beverly Jenkins B- ♪ (currently on sale for $1.99 – kindle)
*Destiny’s Surrender by Beverly Jenkins B- ♪
*Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins C ♪ (kindle version currently on sale for $1.99)
Through the Storm by Beverly Jenkins ♪ B-
*Rebel by Beverly Jenkins ♪ (kindle version on sale for $5.99)
*Crave by Evelyn Sola B ♪ x2
Deeper Than Love by Delaney Diamond D— ♪
Lust by Victoria Christopher Murray D—- ♪
Give Me Fever by Niobia Bryant ♪ (kindle version on sale for $1.99)
When the Smoke Clears by Kenya Wright D+++ ♪
Redemption by Kenya Wright ♪
Eric’s Inferno by Tiffany Patterson C+ ♪

Carter’s Flame by Tiffany Patterson C ♪
Emanuel’s Heat by Tiffany Patterson D+ ♪
Slamdunked by Love by Jamie Wesley C+ ♪
Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley C— ♪
The Deal with Love by Jamie Wesley C– ♪
A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas C— May 6
*The Wife He Needs by Brenda Jackson C— x2 ♪
High Stakes Holiday by Christina C. Jones D++
*The Marriage He Demands by Brenda Jackson C x2 ♪
*Hard Love by Peyton Banks C- x2 ♪
*The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes by Xio Axelrod C++ x2 ♪ (currently on sale for $7.39 – kindle)
Broken by Evelyn Sola B- (kindle copy currently on sale for $3.99)
Dirty Talk by Julie Kriss
Mine by Kenya Wright D+ ♪
Aaron’s Patience by Tiffany Patterson C
Meant to Be by Tiffany Patterson C+ (on sale for $4.99 – kindle)
For Keeps by Tiffany Patterson C–
Until My Last Breath by Tiffany Patterson D+
For You by Tiffany Patterson D+
No Coincidence by Tiffany Patterson C++
A Holiday Temptation by Tiffany Patterson C–
*Before the Dawn by Beverly Jenkins B-
*Winds of the Storm by Beverly Jenkins C++ ♪
Just Say The Word by Tiffany Patterson C+
Safe Space by Tiffany Patterson C (kindle copy on sale for $3.99)
A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole D++ ♪
Safe Space II: The Finale by Tiffany Patterson C+
Black Pearl by Tiffany Patterson C (on sale for $0.99 – kindle)
Black Dahlia by Tiffany Patterson C (on sale for $2.99 – kindle)
Black Butterfly by Tiffany Patterson C-
An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole B

Jacob’s Song by Tiffany Patterson B- –
A Holiday Seduction by Tiffany Patterson C–
*Ante Up by Christina C. Jones B+ x2 ♪ ($2.99 right now)
This Is Where I Sleep by Tiffany Patterson B (currently only $2.99 – kindle)
Luke by Tiffany Patterson D+
*Let Me Love You by Alexandria House B- ♪
Forever by Tiffany Patterson C+ (currently on sale for $0.99 – kindle)
*Haunted by Christina C. Jones D x2 ♪
Miles & Mistletoe by Tiffany Patterson C
*Coveted by Christina C Jones D x2 ♪
7 Degrees of Alpha by D.J. Parker, Tiffany Patterson, Sara Alle, Kasey Martin, S.K. Lessly, Phoenix Daniels, and Mariah Violet (currently $0.99 – kindle)
My Storm by Tiffany Patterson D++
Madness of the Horde King by Zoey Draven C–
In the Doctor’s Bed by Brenda Jackson D+ ♪
Broken by the Horde King by Zoey Draven B-
Love in Catalina Cove by Brenda Jackson B ♪
Don’s Blaze by Tiffany Patterson C+
Forget Me Not by Brenda Jackson C+ ♪
Something Special by Tiffany Patterson C-
Wedding Season by Jo Watson, Natasha Anders, Alissa Baxter, Marie Dry, Ashleigh Giannoccaro, Sharonlee Holder, Suzanne Jefferies, Sophia Karlson, Romy Sommer, and Tanya Wilde
Finding Home Again by Brenda Jackson ♪
*The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders B+
Kraving Khiva by Zoey Draven
Prince of Firestones by Zoey Draven
Follow Your Heart by Brenda jackson ♪ (on sale for $4.99 – kindle)
Just My Type by Sophia Karlson
Two Nights in Paris by Delaney Diamond ♪
Takeover by Evelyn Sola
Trent by Xyla Turner
Guilty Pleasures by Deborah Mellow Fletcher ♪ (currently on sale for $1.99 – kindle)

So as usual/for new friends – the asterisk before the title means that it’s a re-read. The “♪” means I read/listened to the audiobook. The “x#” means how many times I re-read it specifically that month. (I think my record was 4 or 5 re-reads of the same book in a month? 😅) and …  I think that’s about it. The ALBTALBS “grading scale” is on the about page – but just for the sake of you having to click less… a “C” read means I liked the book. It was good – like most other books, an average read. I’d re-read it or recommend it. A “B” book was very good, and an “A” book was AMAZING and you should definitely IMO give it a try! 😄

Oh and :X at some point in June life really was kicking my ass again, so I definitely fell down on writing my thoughts on GR for books, so I didn’t rate or review or grade them. :X Oops. As you can see that happened a few times throughout the year. (If you noticed any incorrect links too I’d love if you let me know. Thanks!)

And as always, if you’re so inclined … *angelface* I am of course happy to answer any questions about these books and offer recommendations and such. <3
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