A List of Latinx Romance Authors

Hi Friends! It’s Latinx Heritage Month 2021! (The Smithsonian still has “Hispanic Heritage Month” as does a lot of media – as well as old posts so I’m tossing in the kitchen sink.) Anyway! I mentioned it a while back but this is the way ALBTALBS will generally be celebrating the Smithsonian Heritage Months now. Please find a list of Latinx romance authors below.
(You can also search the blog for guest posts from years past – a few of the authors listed here have written really lovely posts, and/or shared exclusive excerpts from their books.)

And, if you missed them, you can find a list of Black Romance Authors here, as well as a list of APIA Romance Authors.

Lily Anderson
Carmen Baca
Sela Carson
Zoey Castile/Zoraida Córdova
Mary Castillo
Rebel Carter
Andie J. Christopher
Chanel Cleeton
Alexis Daria
Liana De la Rosa
Taylor V. Donovan
Carmen Falcone
Barbara Ferrer aka Caridad Ferrer
Leora Gonzales
Nadine Gonzalez
Adriana Herrera
Isabel Ibañez
Julie Leto
Angelina Lopez
Yamile Saied Mendez
Mimi Milan
Janelle Milanes
Laura Taylor Namey
Priscilla Oliveras
Berta Platas
Caridad Pineiro
Rosemary Rey
Elizabeth Reyes
Lilliam Rivera
Roxie Rivera
Danni Rose
Inés Saint
Jude Sierra
Sabrina Sol
Mia Sosa
Milly Taiden
Dee Tenorio
Piper Vaughn
Ismée Williams


As always – If you fall under the umbrella and aren’t listed let me know – I want to add you! (Or if anyone knows of an authors I missed. Thanks!)

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