#GivingTuesday SMSG [Payout]

So remember this? Especially with the newest rankings I cannot imagine the Buckeyes season is anything but over – so they won all but two games in the regular season. For most teams, that’s great. For spoiled Buckeye fans [>.> yes such as myself] … it is disappointing. I think especially because of the way it happened.

But … I know most of you don’t care about sportsball, and that’s cool. So it turns out that the Buckeyes also scored 491 points this season through their winning games. [Didn’t count the scores of the games they lost cuz … duh.] Anyway … I wish I could just be like “cool! I’ll donate $491!” But uh … sadly I am poor. [Like … wow that’s really sad poor] … So … even half that is out of my reach. So I was like <.< ok 1/3 isn’t that pathetic. It’s 163 and 2/3 … and I was like “whatever” so I donated $100 to WCK and $75 to SPLC.

I also definitely have donated every year – but am not so great at posting proof. While I have been absolutely terrible at blogging this year … at least I’m on top of the proof game? :X

I think José Andrés and WCK are absolutely wonderful. It warms my heart to know there are people like him and this organization out there doing work for the world. And SPLC does good work – they’ve renamed/rebranded “Teaching Tolerance” to “Learning for Justice” but if you’re a parent or teacher I highly recommend you look into the resources they have.

I know this is squeaking in but – it is still Giving Tuesday – and a number of charities have generous donors willing to match donations through the day. Also if/when you donate to a non-profit charity, always remember to see if your employer matches donations. Many do. 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me/ALBTALBS! <3

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