In re: Sportsball and Charity

… >.> ok so I wrote the below first, but realize MAYYYYBEE there are new people here?

So! In the past I used to do this “Social Media for Social Good” campaign. And there have been various people that participated, various amounts of money raised. Like all social media things it’s changed, and I used to tie it to touchdowns or Ohio State Buckeye wins … and different charities. I think one year I even said every TD I’d donate X amount to a charity of a commenters choice. But with life and such happening, it’s gotten more varied. So now … the below.


Hi friends! Let’s be honest – at the end of the year I’m just going to see how much I can afford and split that amount between World Central Kitchen and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

[Heh unless something totally unforeseen happens?]

But if you’re watching the game right now – and come on. You know the game I’m talking about is The Ohio State University vs Notre Dame. Well. My face is 😐

Anyway this post is to keep me accountable, hope someone else wants to donate, and also send cookies cuz this game is … 😖


6 thoughts on “In re: Sportsball and Charity

    1. Limecello Post author

      Oh damn – lol I just checked what the score was, and yes. I knew Alabama had shut out the other team, but 55-0 is a total blowout. Granted they … lol I had to look again – were playing the Utah Aggies. I … :X don’t think I’ve … O_o are they the school with the blue field? Like I’m sure I’ve HEARD of them before? but … – and OSU was playing ND who is ranked #5. I think people saying OSU was going to put 52 on the board were a bit extra – HOWEVER – had our star WR not been injured early, I think the score would’ve been even more different. And our “non mobile/running” QB even scrambled some.
      But oof the first half/3 quarters were difficult.

      … It was alarming how ~lost the QB was without JSN though. O_O

  1. dholcomb1

    Boise has the blue field. Alabama will always have a team easy to beat for the home opener, or so I’ve been told.

    Glad OSU managed the win.

    There was a lot of exciting sports ball yesterday.

    1. Limecello Post author

      I always thought … well, not thought but – it seemed most teams seemed to play “throwaway games” week one. (I think OSU did a top ten or like “real opponent” 1-3 years ago and … :X well it didn’t go well?) – I think because real games are so different and they want teams at their peak/where they’ve had the chance to test their mettle. LOL midseason seems best for that – when you’ve had time (hopefully) to work out the kinks but players aren’t too exhausted or injured yet :X
      Although I kinda like the end of season games too that are big – so they still matter and everyone is tired and who can last.
      I guess sportsball wanted it more exciting. I don’t know who makes the calls on what games are set … but oof that was a doozy.
      (LOL other than it’d likely *fingers crossed* be Alabama and OSU as 1 and 2 for many years … maybe in different order 😉 … I’d say “imagine #1 playing #2 week one!” 😱 … that would REALLY shake up the rankings.”
      Ahahah I hate it when OSU and M*ch were 1 & 2 cuz it was so stressful.

      1. dholcomb1

        Also, it gives those smaller teams great exposure. There’s some $$$ involved, of course.

        I think Nascar is the only *sport* which starts with the biggest stakes first.

        1. Limecello Post author

          [LOL dammit – I know better, yet I tried responding via my site and it deleted my comment. Argh.]

          Anyway, the gist of it was – you make an excellent point, Denise re: smaller schools and the money. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that like a MAC school or maybe one of the smaller conferences – just playing a single game against say OSU gets them enough money to pay for their ENTIRE SEASON. I don’t know if it “has” to be a network game – eg ABC or FOX vs B1G network/if the latter brings enough money, but I know it’s millions.

          So bananapants. [How much money we throw at sportsball.]


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