I Live Here Now, Thanks (Talking Up The Double)

Hi all! Since I’ve been convincing people left and right to watch The Double, a currently airing Cdrama, I was like “wait how could I ignore this whole ass site I own?” [I mean >.> answer is “pretty damn easily,” considering *gestures* – BUT ANYWAY.]

I’ve mostly been talking about it on Bluesky which is where I hang out most on the socials now … but I know not everyone is there (JOIN US!) And especially watch The Double!

I mean come ONNNNNN. 😻🤩🥰

You can watch up to episode 11 today … Youku keeps adding them. Live/if you pay for the Youku access the series is up to episode 21 with 2 more to be released at midnight. There will be 40 episodes in total so 😱 we’re more than halfway through! That means you can binge!

If you have Viki you can watch it there too. https://www.viki.com/tv/40573c-the-double

The English subs … *sigh* sadly I’ve noticed a trend where they’re not wrong in dramas, but they’re not right either exactly. Just, you kinda miss a lot. (And 😱😅 sometimes they are straight up wrong – on Viki at least that tends to get fixed. Maybe YouTube too.)

It’s such an excellent story and has fantastic actors! I’ve said watching this makes me want to re-read the book. But my second time around I’d want to wait for the book to be fully translated. Which … if they continue on at the same pace, already taking five years, will take another five. 🫠)

3 thoughts on “I Live Here Now, Thanks (Talking Up The Double)

  1. ki pha

    OMG! I’ve been watching clips and scenes of The Double and it indeed really is good. Haven’t had the time to really sit down and watch episodes of it but it really is different from what is or have been showing in terms of historical C-dramas lately.

    1. Limecello Post author

      AHHHHHHH I hope you get the time to watch it! I was highly highly highly anticipating this series – I like both FL and ML and I loved the book. It’s the first c[romance] novel I read, and I’m so excited to see the other adaptations by the author.
      I don’t even mind the changes they’ve made from the book – I get why some are necessary, and I like they’ve bumped up the sweetness & romance considering all the stupid series constraints TBTP have instilled.

      Would love to know what you think if/when you get to watch it, Ki!


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