Under “Construction” – to be updated when I get to it.

Which is how ALBTALBS rolls.

But the basics/evergreen:

I’m also always looking for more reviewers, so if you’re interested, contact me, and send a sample. If you’d like us to review your book, feel free to contact me via the form. We of course reserve the right to decline reviewing any book. (And as the page states, if someone on the review crew is interested in reviewing your book, we will respond.) Beyond that, ALBTALBS by no means only posts “positive reviews.” That’d be silly. And the obligatory/requisite FTC disclaimer verbage: Not every book/item reviewed or mentioned here was purchased by the blogger. The item may have come from the publisher, a third party, or a fairy. And some of the things were purchased by our hard earned cash. It’s a crap shoot. Or not, because craps are actually more complicated. Or less. I don’t know.


*If you’re here from the contact page… if don’t call me Limecello in your email you probably shouldnt expect a reply.

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