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Random Guest: Dee Tenorio

Today we’ve got Dee Tenorio visiting with us, and telling us a bit about one of her new books. I’m totally excited about the series, and I also loved the hero in this book, Kane. After reading what Dee wrote for the post [not book] she also scares me a little…

Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done…

I’m not a crazy person—barring the occasional low blood sugar moment. In fact, I’m pretty darn pragmatic and adventures don’t often follow us stay at home, hole up until it’s done, naaaaah, too dangerous types.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve never had an adventure. Believe it or not, I’ve done some truly colorful things. Dumb things like jumping in front of a train (don’t do that. EVER.), flashing 30 guys on a $2 bet (because I’m stupid and miraculously, none of them noticed). I won’t even go into all the moron things I did with my sister—driving the car from the BACK seat (That’s right up there with the train thing, people).

And yet, some of those moronic things are my best memories. Funny how that works, huh?

So I think that’s why I wanted to write a story about two people who woke up married—probably—especially when one of those people was supposed to marry someone else… I wanted to take two normally reasonable people and make them do something totally stupid. Suddenly, “10 Ways To Steal Your Lover” was born. 🙂 Because reasonable folks need a little fun too, don’t you think?

I’m going to include a small excerpt of that here, but first, I want to ask, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Is it something you regret or something you remember with one of those wry smiles you never want to explain to your kids? Share yours and be entered in a drawing for a free copy of “10 Ways To Steal Your Lover”!

Hope you enjoy!


“I guess that means you don’t know how we got here either, then?” Delilah brushed her hair off her forehead, almost wishing she didn’t have this absolute lassitude. The melted-chocolate sensation throughout every cell of her body made it entirely too difficult to feel the guilt she knew she should be feeling. Her fiancé’s best friend was even now wedged deep inside her body, their skin slick and all but glued to each other, but instead of guilt or horror or self-disgust, she had the strangest urge to grin.

She’d just had the most incredible sex of her life with the sexiest man she’d ever known.

That was something to grin about, wasn’t it?

Given the way Kane’s jaw hung open and the abject horror on his face, probably not.

Wincing, she forced herself to turn away from him again, searching around for something to cover herself with. Naked with a man who looked at you like you were a snake who’d snuck into his bed had a way of tamping down any notion except escape. Seeing the edge of the sheet on the floor, she grabbed it, throwing it over herself and pulling away from the man behind/beneath her. He groaned, his hands tightening on her hips as if he meant to keep her right where she was, but she just couldn’t bear it.


“I’ll just be in the shower.” She was on shaking legs, determined to make it to the bathroom where she could close the door and be horrified all by herself. She got all of three steps to the closed door but he was right on her tail, spinning her around when her hand reached the knob.

“Wait a second, okay?”

She wasn’t about to make eye contact again, though. “No, I really need to get in the shower.”

“Delilah.” Oh, man, Kane’s voice dropped into that deeper, authoritative tone that did the strangest things to her stomach. She only heard it every now and then, like when her teasing was pushing his buttons or when he was talking to his foreman on the phone. She bit back a whimper. Dammit, Kane was lethally sexy, even when she was desperate to escape him. If she let him talk to her now, she was going to say or do something stupid. Stupider than waking up and letting him screw her senseless even after figuring out that he wasn’t Craig.

She was an engaged woman, for God’s sake! Engaged women did not have mind-blowing sex with men who were not their future husbands. Or at least, they shouldn’t. And she still had no idea how she’d ended up in that bed in the first place. No, now was the time to panic and hide in the bathroom. It was the only plan she had and she was determined to follow through out it, twisting out of his grip and pushing out of his hold. Thankfully, the door opened just enough for her to slip inside, but Kane was right there with her, making it impossible to shut the door on him. His big body wedged itself between the door and the jamb. Worse, the stupid sheet hadn’t followed her completely into the room, even if she could push him out, she’d never get the door closed.

“Del, stop.”

“No.” She kicked at the sheet to drag it in with her, pushing at his rock-solid shoulder, her head down so she wouldn’t have to look him in the eye again.

“Del, damn it, you’re trying to lock yourself in the closet.”

Well, that brought her head up. She looked around, realizing he was right. Instead of tiles and a sink or toilet, she was surrounded by shelves and rods. The half-second distraction was all he needed to push her away from the door and follow her inside the walk-in. If she hadn’t tangled her feet with the sheet, that’s probably all that would have happened, but she did and so, when she started to pitch backward, she grabbed the only thing within reach—which happened to be his neck—and promptly found herself flat on her back with his very naked, very heavy body slammed on top of hers.

“Shit, are you you okay?” Kane scrambled to get off her, lifting his upper body on his forearms while she tried to blink her eyes enough times to make the stars go away.

“I think so,” she sputtered, feeling like a pancake and simultaneously realizing the sheet must have slipped away in the hubbub. Meaning that while the top of her body was covered well enough by the sheet, her bare ass had just gotten a hell of a burn on the carpet.

The utter ridiculousness of the situation finally sank in, tickling at her throat. Worse, when she looked up at Kane, the big rancher who usually moved like a well-oiled machine, he was balancing like a cat trying to walk on two high-wires above her. Her lips twitched, the tickling now an almost hysterical itch.

Kane’s brow suddenly furrowed, no doubt reading her mind with that almost eerie knack for it he had, a scowl darkening his handsome face. “Don’t you dare laugh, Delilah Anne.”

“Of course not,” she managed, a giggle messing up her attempt to be serious, but really, Kane was the only one on earth who used her full name and every time he did he was trying to tell her what to do. How could she possibly take him seriously like this? Just like that, the giggle turned into a snort, which only made him scowl more and by then she’d lost it completely. He looked so determined and worried about squashing her but he hadn’t given a thought to what he might be doing to her spleen when he’d been ramming her like jack hammer a few scant minutes ago.

That thought got her cracking up harder.

“Del, come on, this isn’t a laughing matter.”

She whooped, her hands landing on his shoulders while she tried to breathe. He rolled his eyes, but she could see the corners of his lips pulling upward. Ah, the smile… She loved his smile. Always had, especially once she knew how rare they were. Just getting the corners of his mouth to curl was a triumph in her book and it had been so long since she’d earned one. Even better, this smile hinted at the straight white teeth he always seemed to hide. As far as she knew, she was one of only a few to have even seen them.

Kane was an exceptionally handsome man, yes, but most people were put off by his stern disposition. His ranch kept him busier than anyone she knew, but he managed to find time every few months to visit them in Vegas for dinner and a little time out with the boys, as Craig called it. Craig, Kane and Jesse, three friends who’d met at summer camp when they were thirteen and maintained their friendship against all odds into adulthood. She couldn’t imagine three men more different—Craig the slick city banker, Kane the rugged rancher and Jesse the wild musician—but she had to admit, when they were together, she’d never seen more devoted friends. Through ups and downs, they’d stayed in touch with phone calls and letters, leading eventually to emails and texts and they never went more than three months without seeing one another.

At least, not until she’d come into their lives.

Finally, that sobered her.

Jesse always managed a trip, but after she moved in with Craig, Kane’s visits became more spaced. He blamed it on the ranch’s expansions, but Delilah knew it was her. Knew because she’d felt his eyes on her. Felt his desire like a caress, no matter that he never said a word or made the slightest move on her. If anything, the last year he gave her such a wide berth it was almost a joke. Finally, he stopped coming altogether, until Craig insisted he come for the wedding preparations. He hadn’t taken no for an answer.

And now, here she was, underneath the body of the wrong man.

But if he was wrong, why did he feel so damn right?

Dee is also running a contest where you can win one of five copies of this book! (Just click the link.) So – what’d you think? And come on – spill. What crazy things have you done? We’re all friends here!