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Surprise and Winners! o/

So – here we go.

Everyone who commented on my “Blogiversary” post at the time I wrote this post get a free book! That is … Liz Kerrick, Jeanne Miro, Bella@BeguileThySorrow, vanillaorchids69, Avery Flynn, Sarah M. Anderson, Raonaid Luckwell, Regina Ross, June M., Mary M., Liz, JoAnne, Cathy P, Mary Kirkland, and Jane! I’m sorry I can’t afford shipping costs etc… or you know, rent… so each of you get a $.99 kindle romance! Of your choice! I’m going to list a few at the bottom if you need somewhere to start. (I asked twitter a few days.) Just email me at limecello (dot) contest @ gmail (dot) com by this Saturday, January 14th to claims your prize! If you want to do a guest spot here, either instead, or in addition to the book, let me know. I’d love to have you!

Now, we have of course, other winners to announce as well! From the lovely and wonderful guest authors/post/excerpts we had! (Same “rules” as above.) So in chronological order courtesy of randomizer.org…

Debra Mullin’s winner:  Fedora

Emma Lang/Beth Williamson’s Winner: JoAnne

Megan Hart’s Winner:  Liz

If you didn’t win this time – no worries. As you know there are giveaways with almost every post. And Portia Da Costa’s is still open! With an exclusive excerpt too. 🙂

Winners – please email me at the listed address … please state what you won (you can find it in the post – I linked to everything). If you’re a print winner please remember to include your address. For the blogiversary giveaway… please tell me where/what email you’d like the kindle book sent. [And if you’d like to do a guest spot! Please!]

$.99 e-book suggestions*
Undercover Lovers by Chloe Cole, Cari Quinn, Dee Tenorio, Dee Carney
All I Want for Christmas by Ros Clark
Dare Me by Julie Leto – Ms. Leto tells me Phantom Pleasures is also supposed to be price matched to $.99 soon, so if it is by Saturday you can claim that book as your choice.
The Trials of Virtue by Jeff Joseph
Shaking It Up by Erin Quinn
Convicted by Dee Tenorio
All the Right Reasons by Sandy James
A few choices from Jody Wallace: A Wintertide Spell, Cooley’s Panther, Field Trip.
From Joselyn Vaughn: Hauntings of the Heart, Sucker for a Hot Rod
From Karen Rose Smith: Kit and Kisses, Everyday Prince Charming, Everyday Cinderellas, Ribbons and Rainbows, Because of Francie, Mom Meets Dad
It’s in His Kiss by Caitie Quinn
From Shannon Donnelly: A Compromising Situation, Under the Kissing Bough, Proper Conduct, A Much Compromised Lady, Barely Proper
And Jessa Slade said most of these books should be 99 cents – so you can check that out. But… I’m about to poke my eyes out here so that’s all the links you get.

*NB: These titles are not personal recommendations from me. They’re just what people on twitter told me was available for $0.99. If there’s another kindle title you find that you want for that price, just link it to me and I’ll gift you that title. Easy peasy!

*ETA: Oh! But one book I did want to mention and forgot… To Love a Thief by Julie Ann Long. This is also a $0.99 book up for grabs. So – you know. Even if you weren’t a winner or choose something else, you might want to look into this one. 🙂

Dude! Also? Unlocked by Courtney Milan. I even reviewed it – which… if you’re at all a regular here you know is a big deal. And … well this one is only $0.79, a Tessa Dare book – Once Upon a Winter’s Eve is also up for grabs of course.

I’ll possibly be randomly updating this post with more links as I find them/they come/I have time. 🙂