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Secret Revealed! Special New ALBTALBS Series

Hi everyone! Well, I’m doing this all bass ackwards, but you know, that’s how we’re rolling in ALBTALBS world these days. Just you watch, in another day I’m going to be guilted into emailing the March winners too, so … Panic time.

Anyway. This is one of the super secret projects I’ve been working on. In fact, I hope it’s one of the things that keeps ALBTALBS special. 🙂 I’m thinking I need to create a page for it.

But you all remember the infamous Parrot Shifter series of stories we had here right?

Well one day I saw @Dumblydore and others having a conversation on twitter. And it was about bad covers. Well, you all know I am all about being the judgeybear ;). Jen said she had an ongoing project. Cover Remix. It’s amazing. (And I can proudly take the credit for some of the plotting of certain covers!)

I said – you know what? Someone has to write stories from those covers! Are you ok with that? And Jen was all “yes! We must make this happen!” And so we did.

The first one is a contribution from Silver James, who is writing hers as a serial.

We’ve got a bunch more scheduled – and we tried to keep it secret until now. Each story, and author contribution I hope will be a fun and entertaining surprise. And the awesome, wonderful, very talented Jen is doing more covers as we speak. Whee!

The Final Parrot Shifter Saga, Courtesy of Megan Frampton

Hey y’all! So the wonderful Megan Frampton decided to let me convince her to step out of her comfort zone, and write about a parrot shifter. I really loved seeing all the different directions people took with their stories, and think it gives you a good idea (yet a different look) at each style. I hope you enjoy this!


I took the knife and made a sharp, careful incision into the orange. The peel came off in regular-sized chunks, dropping onto the cutting board.

My boyfriend Drake heaved a great sigh next to me. “Not pare it, Polly. Parrot. You know, like the bird?”

I stopped the movement of my hands and tilted my head to look at him. “Parrot? Are you sure it wasn’t pair it? Like the way cookies and cream, or bacon and eggs, or lamb and mint sauce—“ Continue reading

Heather Lire and Alejandro the Parrot Shifter

Week three of our parrot shifters! This time we’ve got Heather Lire. I hope you’re all having as much fun as I am with these. 😀 Entertaining and it gives you an idea as to the author, and her sense of humor (and writing style)!

If you’re new to this and wondering WTF is going on… a while back I was on twitter asking for book recommendations. But I said one thing I did not want was an erotic romance that was “OMGWTFBBQ (eg m/m/m/f/m/f/cow/m/parrotshifter/m/f/m).” And then all these people were “that’s hilarious – I’d read that!” So then I thought “I must make this happen!!!” And I did – with the help of these awesome authors.


Alejandro’s Vacation

Alejandro cracked open one eye at the raucous laughter in front of him. Spying the three idiots double over, holding onto each other he swore, “Holy fucking crrrrackers.” All he wanted was a little piece and quiet away from the flock he was now in charge of. A flock full of idiot bird brains.

Okay maybe the bird brain thing was a little harsh, after all they were parrot shifters. And no one took them seriously. Especially after some idiot a hundred years ago decided to act in front of others and the whole “Polly want a cracker” came about. Continue reading

Sorcha Mowbray and the Parrot Shifter Dare

I present you with our second brave author, Sorcha Mowbray, taking up the awesome ALBTALBS dare. Enjoy!

Hi there. So Limecello threw a dare out into the twittersphere and for some reason—maybe I was drinking?—I took her up on it. As a result below you have a completely ridiculous M/F/M Cougar/Parrot/Vampire romance below. It’s 950 words of OMGWTFBBQ! (I hope, anyway.) Continue reading

Laura Hunsaker Takes a Dare

A while ago I asked for book recommendations on twitter. Anyone who knows me well runs away screaming whenever I do this. It’s because I’m a picky reader. I discard or criticize most recommendations I get. Although I know better than to harass/follow up with people that *I* don’t know well. I also generally ask the person I don’t mind annoying  to vouch for the book saying it is one of the best they’ll have read all year. (This is why Cee now ignores me when I ask about books.)

As you see, I don’t normally ask at large. But I did that time – and I added the caveat that “I did not want erotic romance that was “OMGWTFBBQ (eg m/m/m/f/m/f/cow/m/parrotshifter/m/f/m)” which set off a whole conversation. And my twisted little mind came up with a dare. For any brave authors.

And four wonderful, gamine, lovely, and fabulous authors endowed with a healthy sense of humor took up the challenge. Laura Hunsaker was first. The dare was to write a story about a parrot shifter. And she did.

Boy, did she.

I give you… Parrot Shifter the First. (My “title.”) Continue reading