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Random Guest: Ally A Discusses Summer Books

Hi Everyone! I’m still in NYC – but have no fear! I’ve got content lined up for you, so you don’t even have to deal with me! Well, not really. 😉 I thought I might need an emergency guest in June, so sent out a call in May, and Ally totally stepped up and was all “I can guest!” And I was like “that’s totally awesome!” So without further ado… heeeeeeeeeerrreeeeeeee’s Ally!

Summer’s Here and I’m Ready for Contemporary Romance

My husband will tell you I’m a seasonal decorator. He’s not wrong. January marks a clean slate in our house. February brings an occasional heart shaped item and the odd bunch of red roses. Bring on spring and it’s flowers and Easter eggs. By summer I’m ready for nautical prints and seashells. And when autumn arrives we head off to the pumpkin farm to stock up. My favorite holiday is Christmas and we do it up big.

My garden is fairly seasonal too. Try as I might to ignore the pull of annuals there’s nothing quite as happy on a desolate winter’s day than a cheery pot of violas. Lantana means summer is here and it’s pretty much the only thing I can count on to last through our hot Georgia summers. Mums are my absolute favorite in autumn. And by the time my birthday arrives in November I’m on the lookout for Paperwhites and Poinsettias.

And don’t get me started about clothes. Suffice to say I’m happy that flip flop weather has arrived.

So with all this talk about changing with the seasons is it any wonder that I read seasonally?

That’s right.

When the winds of March start blowing, I’m in the mood for sweet romance. By May I’m ready for contemporary romance at its finest. When the fourth of July rolls around I’m ready for something with a soldier.

By summer’s end I’m looking for suspense and a thrill. Come autumn its hearth and home. Halloween wouldn’t be complete without paranormal romance. And when the holidays get here, lets’ just say I’m on the hunt for a holiday themed novella.

As I said, summer is here, and I’m ready for contemporary romance at its finest. Luckily, I know just the thing…

This month I’m revisiting two of my favorite books ever. Pocket Books released a 2-for-1 of Susan Mallery’s The Marcelli Bride and The Marcelli Princess. It’s a big thick book and I’ve been really enjoying my Kindle lately but I will say, there’s something about holding this particular paperback in my hands. These were the stories that sealed the deal for me and made me a Susan Mallery fan for life.

Are you a seasonal reader? Do you have any contemporary romance suggestions for me? Pretty please?