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Ask Me Anything 2.0

Hi friends! Today’s post is on a whim. Yes, the topic is right and true. You can ask me anything. It’s inspired by a conversation I had at RWA. Jamie Beck told me I did something nice – and to be honest I’m still not entirely convinced she meant me – and that she isn’t confusing me with someone else … but it was really nice to hear, so <3.

ANYWAY ideally, this is a time for you to ask anything book related. Blogging, guest posting, reviews, so on. I promise to answer any question you might have about it. “The industry.” Of course, we all understand the answers are all just from my experience/my opinion. I also invite anyone else to chime in with their own answers too! 🙂

You can feel free to ask me a question about anything else as well … but I reserve the right to not answer that.

You can also check out previous instances of “AMA ALBTALBS Style.”

Happy weekend, and start firing off those questions!

Ask Some Bloggers ~Anything

Hi friends!

First things first – I got to see this yesterday (and a picture) and it was so cool.

White House 6/26

So it’s birthday month and all that jazz and I figured I hadn’t been doing as much – like me saying stuff in a long time. I meant to write distinctive posts for each Saturday in June but you know how life never turns out as planned. Continue reading

A Little About Me, A Little About You

I’ve done something similar a few times – and I had another post in mind but I just ran out of time. (Also I’ve been fighting this cold for 2+ weeks. I feel human now, but am under the weather. I know – you’re thinking “WTF? This Lime chick is always sick!” And… it’s true. I have the immune system of a horse. A dead one.)

Anyway – the first time, I was trying to come up with Author Interview questions. (My favoritest one ever is still when Meljean Brook was here.)

And then when I first struck off on my own I had a “Getting To Know You” post.

So, here’s the deal. I’m going to tell you a few things about me, and you’ll have to do the same.

You can also ask me any of the questions in the “Author Interview” series. 🙂

I might even use some of the questions you ask in future interviews!

Oh and the catch you say? Any question you ask me, you have to answer first. 😉

Here’s my “about me” list. Continue reading

Ask Me Anything! AKA Fun For Lime!

Hopefully fun for you too. I’ve been wanting to do this because it seems like a cop out post.. but it really isn’t! You know all those kooky author interviews I’ve had posted? Well I love those questions.

Also I feel like we have no idea who each of us is. So… today, you get to ask me any question you want. The kicker is though, that you have to answer it as well! Come on – what strange and silly things can you think of? I’m happy to give my opinion on say, sauerkraut to biscotti. Whatever. (I can’t think right now.)

Ready? Set? Go! [Oh and you see that tag? Yeah. Someone’s going to win something.]