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Emotional Development

And social, if not human development… but the point is I saw this and wanted to share it with all of you. Very interesting. Especially since most people think – and say – “oh, XYZ happened  when the child was so young it doesn’t really matter/isn’t so bad.” It changes things or perspective from a lot of books too, right?

Anyway, I think it applies to older people too – of course not in the exact same way. But anyway… The Still Face Experiment.

I waver between liking babies, and being creeped out by them. I mean I like playing with toddlers, but I guess my biological clock hasn’t been triggered. If it ever will be. But still – isn’t that interesting? Like… whoa.

Also good thing I’m not a mom/have a baby though because I’d be so tempted to try it. >.> Maybe a few times. I mean, just watching the video when the baby is so distressed made me a bit teary. But once you’re past that it’s just so fascinating! Also, crucial in underlining why every aspect of childhood or personhood is so important.