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Taxes & Reading

Mine aren’t done – anyone wanna come do mine? 😛

Reading wise … I’ve read some ok books, nothing great … and do >.> maybe? hope to actually update Goodreads although I’d have to go back to January and remember things so that seems unlikely… :X

I did get a paperwhite about a month or so ago – it was on sale (first time ever?!) and because of Swagbucks I got it for free 😀 … but I read a kindle book and noticed some parts had “X# highlighted” and I just thought that was creepy as hell. Is there anyone who likes that? O_o

Someone is now blasting White Flag by Dido and it’s floating around and it’s just a very strange weekend.

How about all of you? Any new recs for me? Tax advice? 😛

[Oh and yes – this is me, being behind as usual. I mean for everything, but especially ALBTALBS :X]