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Review: Wolf Hills by Bianca D’Arc

Liz’s Review

Wolf Hills: A Brotherhood of Blood Novel by Bianca D’Arc
Paranormal romance released by Samhain Publishing April 17, 2012

Danger prowls on two legs…

Detective Sally Decker’s Wyoming trip to visit her newlywed friend, Carly, turns into a dangerous adventure into the unknown when she learns Carly’s husband is a master vampire, and there’s a pack of werewolves living just up the road. As if that wasn’t alarming enough, the sexy Alpha wolf has taken a shine to her.

Jason Moore is an Alpha on a mission to make Sally his own. His very public seduction doesn’t sit well with the pack’s available females, but instinct tells him that Sally can handle anything, including any werewolf bitch dumb enough to challenge her.

Romance gives way to a call to arms when the pack’s children come under attack. Their rescue mission turns into a mating dance and the hunt is on in more ways than one. Their attraction is mind-bendingly hot, though startling revelations about his magic and her origins could drive a wedge between them forever. Can love help them bridge the chasm between their worlds?

Warning: This book contains bombs, bullets, bare-knuckled and bare-naked lust, and some serious ass kicking. Please do not feed the frisky furballs, unless you’re willing to risk drawing back a bloody nub.

The sixth book in the Brotherhood of Blood series brings Sally, the last single girl of a group of college friends, to Carly and her husband’s home for a well-deserved two week vacation.  The first night, she’s told the truth about Carly, her vampire husband Dmitri, and their other married friends (their stories are told in the previous books – no spoilers here!).  She’s immediately plunged into a world that she had no idea existed.

Sally is a typical tough-as-nails detective that “used” to love her job but is unhappy and unfulfilled now.  She is looking forward to her vacation and spending time with Carly, but everything she ever knew about her friends comes crashing down around her head when she sees fangs for the first time and watches a young man shift into a werewolf.  What she once knew as truth has been skewed, but she takes the situation in stride.  Sally’s inner monologue as she considers things she never knew were possible is hilarious and when she proves herself to be quick thinking and willing to help, it’s clear there is more to her than meets the eye.

Jason is every bit the alpha for his pack – leader, hero, inspiration – but has a tender side for Sally that is endearing to watch bloom.  There are a few sections from his point of view that share just how fast he comes to care about her and the choices he makes because of their differences.

Although the focus of the book is split between Sally and Jason’s blossoming romance and the mysterious hunters in the pack’s territory, some attention is given to the pack members themselves.  Although secondary and tertiary characters abound, they are still drawn with depth so that it feels as if each character is important, no matter how small their part.

One of the things that I enjoy about Bianca’s books is her world-building.  She makes vampires and werewolves seem plausible and her sexy-as-sin leading men are enough to set my kindle on fire.  Wolf Hills is a well written story chock full of bullets, fangs, daring rescues, and plenty of red hot werewolf loving.

Grade:  B+

You can read an excerpt here, or buy the book here.