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How This “Works”

Or doesn’t work, perhaps. I meant for this to be a very formal post, all well thought and things listed out, all the good stuff.

But first of all, that’s not really me these days. Secondly, I haven’t managed to do that. Or lose my eye twitch (which has got to be from stress), so one thing at a time.

First of all, if I ever forget to post winners, remind me! I always have the best of intentions. In fact, keep your eyes on this space, because I expect I’ll be updating this post to list the September winners. (That’s where we’re at, right?)

Here are the key points:

  • I will not email winners
  • If you email me, I may not respond. I try to, but things happen. This is especially true for someone who is “cold calling.”
  • Review requests I forward to the review crew. If there is any interest, I follow up. If not, you likely won’t hear anything.
  • I feel free to ignore any email from someone I don’t know that doesn’t address me as “Limecello.” Unless we’re actually friends, “Hi there” + [I want something from you] doesn’t fly with me. I know. It’s a quirk. Such is ALBTALBS.
  • I play fast and loose with time. I might pretend one day is another one, and weekends are more fluid. That’s part of my charm.
  • All my best intentions might be for naught. E.g. Posts. I had one scheduled for today. The person never sent it to me despite numerous reminders. That’s how it goes.

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes I’m wracked with guilt and email winners. Especially when it’s been a while. I obviously will reply to “Lime” or some variation of that – the point is, I don’t like it when people refuse to call me Limecello. And can’t understand what such a person would want to do with ALBTALBS anyway.

So what’s new with all of you? Are any of you interested in reviewing? I’m looking for people who can write thoughtful reviews that aren’t book reports or plot summaries.

A Heartfelt Thank You to December Sponsors and a Giveaway

I wasn’t actually going to do this… but then I figured – oh why not? I did for previous months, and the book covers here are very pretty. Plus it’s the holidays, you know? So, here’s a feature for our lovely December friends, who help fund giveaways, inadvertently. 😉

Once a notorious rake, Camden Folk, Marquis of Warbury, is now consumed by desire for only one woman: beautiful young widow Frances Burdett. And the Yuletide festivities at his country estate present the perfect opportunity for seduction…

After her brief and unsatisfying marriage, Frances Burdett swore never to become tied to another man. Then a passionate kiss under the mistletoe reawakens longings she thought buried forever. But can she give in to the pleasures of the body with a rogue like Cam—without losing her heart?

Christmas Park is stuck in Seoul for the holidays when she should be flying home to Florida. Her parents break tradition and book a Carribean cruise, leaving her to seek a new holiday tradition. It’s Christmas Eve and “Rissa” finds herself in the spotlight—literally! Her plans to enjoy an uneventful, low-key night at the after-hours soju bar turns into a scheme for her co-workers to win the grand prize in a single’s kissing contest.

Nothing goes according to plan when Rissa is whisked away by the city’s notorious bad boy, Min Yoo, on an adventurous night around town. What they hadn’t expected was falling for the magic of the holidays—and each other—which all started with just a single kiss.

Warrior, bastard, outcast, traitor to his kind, these are all labels Lazar has worn for the past several years, since he took a stand against the actions of a mad king. He’s defended the Kingdom of the Hawks even though the blood of the Falcons runs through his veins. He’s bedded their women, drank their mead and protected their king. None of that makes him one of them. An empty pit has been in his stomach for years, believing his true mate perished long ago. When he learns she’s alive, he has to not only win her over, but also make her understand men who can shift into birds aren’t the things of nightmares. They’re real, and he’s one of them.

Sabrina lives a relatively sheltered life. Her overprotective uncle means well but can sometimes go too far. When he shows up with a sexy hunk she’s dreamed about, it’s all Sabrina can do to control her emotions. As old lies are uncovered, she has to decide if she should open her heart to a man who has made using women an art form and who also happens to have wings. Plus, he’s more than just any old shifter male. He’s the rightful king of the Falco, and it’s time he rose to his position and accepted his destiny, even if that destiny includes her.

WARNING: This book contains hot, explicit sex and violence, a dominant, alpha, bird-shifting male who has the rules of seduction memorized and who finally understands he has to take a stand for what he wants. It has a heroine who, while young, knows she won’t settle for anything less than she deserves and who finds herself being taught things that make her blush.

Speaking of a giveaway… Barbara Monajem has been a lovely mainstay at ALBTALBS, and I’d like to say thank you to her. And to share the love, so one lucky commenter will win her (or his!) choice of a kindle copy of one of Barbara’s Harlequin [Historical] Undone(s). What a mouthful, yes?

And, if you want more giveaways, check out the numerous ones here, for the charity water post. Give it a minute – there are so many prize widgets it takes some time to load.

My question to you is – have you ever checked out any of the books featured in the ads? Ever buy one? What’d you think? Or what do you think of the ads in general?

And, if that doesn’t interest you at all… how is all your holiday planning and shopping going?

Lastly – unrelatedly, and yes I’m making up words and in a big hurry – would you check “backdated” posts? There are some things I’d like to say, and I think I might use them to fill in spots that weren’t blogged. Like all that time I was absent in August etc, because I was spending all my time in the hospital. Would any of you see them? Or should I just not do that?

Xoxo to you all! <3

Winners + “Administrative Stuff”

Doesn’t that sound all serious? And… high brow? I was going to say “Winner and Admin Shiz” but that seems a bit too lowbrow even for me. Is it weird it feels “wrong” to say “shit” here? O_o in fact? Who here swears? Do you mind swearing? My “potty mouth” varies. On my mood, my company… and who am I kidding. My mood.

OH! I also totally lost my train of thought. So – my thing is… this blog gets away from me. (Why do you think I have so many guests? Well, also because I know you kids love giveaways. Who doesn’t? And… I can’t handle all that. I wish I could give away stuff constantly, but me, myself, and I aren’t equipped for it, so I find other awesome people willing and able to step up. :D)

OKAY. The point is – if I ever forget to announce a winner? (Or do anything else.) Gimme a nudge. Leave a comment asking if a winner has been chosen. Email. Tweet. Whatever. I won’t be offended. Promise. (Well, unless you’re a dick about it. Nobody likes a douche-canoe, so just don’t be one! … And not so much an issue here since we’ve already established all of you are super nice and awesome and I’m kinda wondering why you even hang out with me…)

And now that you’ve stuck with me so long – here is the winner! (No images – I’ve basically given up on that. But just you wait for the day I have like… a stylus or something and draw. Or don’t wait for that. Nobody wants to see it. Really.)

The winner of a print back list book from Portia Da Costa is Regina Ross! Regina please email Portia ([email protected]) with your book choice and address – as well as a mention somewhere of this blog so she knows what this is about. 😉 Thanks and enjoy!

ETA:  Also – if you didn’t win this time – no worries, Abigail Barnette’s giveaway is still open. And… JS Wayne announced his winner in the comments of his post.