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Craziness from Last Hit Authors Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

Hello hello hello! We’ve got double the troublefun visiting with us today ;). Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick! (I think both might actually be ALBTALBS first timers! Whee!) And another slightly new thing … NA. (Not my particular genre. So many … kids.) But I’ve started this book – so if anyone has already finished it feel free to discuss! 😀

And … I’m not quite sure how this keeps happening, this blog tour thing but … :X Yeah.

Last Hit Blog Tour

Last HitWhy NA and not [straight] adult? What made you pick this particular genre?
Jess: Originally the idea was to have a hitman in college (DON’T LAUGH, it was my idea). Jen talked me out of it! But Jen is a NA writer and her books are awesome. And I’ve written a lot in first person before, so it seemed natural to set it in new adult vs contemporary adult. That being said, we’re SO not good with staying in the box, and I’ve had a lot of comments that it’s not very ‘new adult’ either. So it’s like a strange creature that straddles both lines?

Jen: I’m pretty juvenile? I think Jess’ voice is perfect for a New Adult book and I’ve been bugging her relentlessly to write one for me. She came up with this hitman in college idea and I was stunned by the brilliance of it that I begged her to write it. But she wouldn’t. And like a relentless stalking hero, I kept at her until she gave in. Then I rewarded her with punishing kisses.

What gave you the idea for this story/premise?
Jess: Spitballing, really! I think Jen and I were talking via email about dark heroes. And I said, well, okay, now I want to write a hitman book. And Jen was all DO IT DO IT. And I was too chicken unless she partnered with me. J

Jen: It was Jess’ idea first and then I kind of shoe horned my way in by writing the first scene from Nick’s point of view. She wanted to know more I guess but I would only tell her if she wrote some for me.

How many books do you have planned and where do you see this series going?
Jess: We knew going in that we wanted to do Daniel’s book, and Vasily. I think we’d like to do more, provided we’re not sick of them and the general reaction isn’t OMG HITMEN EW NO. Because it’s so fun to write heroes that have NO boundaries.

Jen: Three for now and then who knows. Jess was talking about a post apocalyptic book and since I’m a secret doomsday prepper at heart I think that sounds perfect.

The characters – what are Nikolai’s favorite color, favorite food, and favorite song? And Daisy’s favorite color, favorite food, and favorite song?
Jess: Since Jen is the expert on Nick, I’ll let her answer those (but my guesses would be black, Daisy, and Wagner). For Daisy, her favorite color would of course be yellow (it’s happy), her favorite song would be ‘Walking on Sunshine’ (it’s happy) and her favorite food would be EVERYTHING NEW.

Jen: Ha ha ha. Yes, Nick’s favorite thing to eat is Daisy. (Is that too racy for an interview?) Nick’s favorite color is whatever Daisy is wearing at the moment. His favorite song is whatever she is listening to. See a pattern here?

Getting to know the authors! What are your favorite color, food, and songs, Jessica and Jen?
Jess: I don’t really have a favorite color as much as I have favorite color combinations! Black and pink! Or black and teal. But never teal and pink. My favorite food is either pumpkin everything (fall) or cream cheese (every season). And I have shitty taste in music, as is evidenced by my eternal love for Ace of Base.

Jen: My favorite color is black because I have a kid and black is pretty durable even with sticky fingers and dirty hands. My favorite food is caramel. I love caramel. And my taste in music is largely influenced by my daughter. I listen to a lot of Radio Disney. It’s not very edifying. Can’t wait until she gets older and we start listening to something else.

Did you have nicknames for the characters while writing the book? (Or do they have nicknames for each other?)
Jess: Well, Daisy was ‘Polly’ for Pollyanna, originally. And I think we referred to Nick as ‘SEXY BEAUTIFUL BROKEN HITMAN’ repeatedly when we were being silly.

Jen: Our manuscript was a Google document for the longest time and we would periodically add adjectives to the title. Nick calls Daisy котенок which is kitten in Russian.

How successful do you think you would be if you were a hit[woman]?
Jess: Terrible. I’m a huge wuss and don’t even like speeding. I so could not do something illegal that involved violence. Big ol’ NOPE on this end.

Jen: I’ve fired several guns before and it is a powerful feeling and I’m fairly good at planning but when it came to pull the trigger to end someone’s life? I just don’t think I could do it.

Which character are you more like/who inspired what?
Jess: Oh jeez. I don’t know that I’m like either one. I’d say Jen is like Nikolai. Bitch is fierce and will cut a girl. Trust.

Jen: If I’m Nikolai then Jess is Daisy although based on Jess’s emails she’s a hell of a lot more knowledgeable than Daisy is, in all things.

Everyone’s favorite television show – and … go!
Jess: Um, I think everyone has guessed that by now I love reality TV. All flavors of it. If I have to pick a non-reality TV, I am currently loving It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Nick’s favorite show would probably be some true crime stuff (to pick up tips) and Daisy would probably like the Bachelor, because she is naïve like that and would probably really think it was a happy ever after.

Jen: No, Nick would love Bob Ross! And, of course, anything that Daisy would like. Although if they were watching Bachelor together, then Nikolai would be fantasizing about how best to kill all the men so that Daisy would not gaze upon any other’s form but his.

Describe the perfect day. (It can be as you, the characters, or a mix.)
Jess: For me right now? I wake up early, have two or three cups of delicious, delicious coffee, don’t get out of my jammies, write 10,000 words in my book LIKE MAGIC, lose 5 pounds overnight by doing nothing, eat pumpkin pie for dinner, and Jen calls me and says “Oh hey, we just sold ten thousand copies of our book today.” Yeah, that’d be pretty sweet.

Jen: My perfect day would be waking up and then going back to sleep. And then waking up and going back to sleep. If I didn’t have to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, all the better. Oh, and having Jess text me that we sold ten thousand copies of our book.

And because I know everyone always loves book information…


I have been a contract killer since I was a boy. For years I savored the fear caused by my name, the trembling at the sight of my tattoos. The stars on my knees, the marks on my fingers, the dagger in my neck, all bespoke of danger. If you saw my eyes, it was the last vision you’d have. I have ever been the hunter, never the prey. With her, I am the mark and I am ready to lie down and let her capture me. Opening my small scarred heart to her brings out my enemies. I will carry out one last hit, but if they hurt her, I will bring the world down around their ears.


I’ve been sheltered from the outside world all my life. Homeschooled and farm-raised, I’m so naive that my best friend calls me Pollyanna. I like to believe the best in people. Nikolai is part of this new life, and he’s terrifying to me. Not because his eyes are cold or my friend warns me away from him, but because he’s the only man that has ever seen the real me beneath the awkwardness. With him, my heart is at risk..and also, my life.

A note from Jess and Jen: Last Hit will be available at the introductory price of $3.99 for the rest of 2013 as a thank you to our fans. In 2014, the book will return to the regular retail price of $4.99. And what fun would this be without a giveaway?

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Special Guest: Carly Phillips

Hello my lovelies! We’re slowing time yet rushing along here at the same time! And today we welcome the totally fabulous Carly Phillips! I’m so thrilled to welcome her back to ALBTALBS. Not only is she a superstar author, she’s also one of the nicest people I’ve met at any conference. <3 Her newest book Dare to Love is out now, and y’all know I’m not normally big on blog tours (or you know, at all) – but for Carly, I’m happy to make an exception. 🙂

I meant to crowd source here too, but we know how that has been going, so these are some questions twitter friends wanted to ask Carly. I hope you enjoy!

Dare to Love Official Blog Tour

1) Do you wear pajamas when you write or do you wear “real clothes”? (Georgina really hopes it’s the latter! XD)
Comfortable leggings during the day, and sweats or pajamas on the weekends! Either way it’s comfy clothes all the time. It’s such a luxury being home, I do enjoy not dressing up!

2) What inspires you to come up with your new stories?
It really depends.  Sometimes it’s something I’ve read in a magazine or seen on TV.  Other times it’s a news clip.  Sometimes it’s pure imagination. 🙂

3) Who is your favorite author? [Or authors/stories]
I have SO many auto-buy authors it isn’t funny and I’m such a voracious reader that I always have something new on my iPad mini ready to go.  Too many to pick just one!

4) As madly successful and a veteran writer – do you still get nervous with each book release?
OMG YES! I’m a basket case with each and every new book.  It never gets easier and it never gets old. I’m just so grateful to be able to do what I do … and I always want to please readers with each and every book.

5) Since your background seems very big city, what do you love about writing small towns?
I love the intimacy of the characters and how wacky I can make the neighbors, LOL.  It’s familiar and everyone loves the familiar. I’m not a big city girl, so small town comes naturally.  That said I understand the city and can write it too.  Dare to Love is set in Miami.

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Remember to enter the giveaway! And also, what questions would you have asked? Who knows – maybe the fancy will hit and Carly will stop by. 🙂

Also, have you read Carly Phillips before? Do you enjoy contemporary romances? And of course, we can’t forget the most important part. The book!

Dare to LoveNew York Times Bestselling Author Carly Phillips turns up the heat in her newest sexy contemporary romance series, and introduces you to the Dare family… siblings shaped by a father’s secrets and betrayal.

Since finding out his father had another family on the side, Ian Dare swore to be the upstanding, responsible man his cheating parent had never been. When it comes to his relatives, he gives his all but in relationships he offers the bare minimum. But one glimpse of sensual Riley Taylor arouses his dominant and protective instincts and Ian is entranced. He will do anything to possess her … and does. But any future with Riley must include him extending an olive branch to the half-brother who is a constant reminder of the pain he’d rather forget.

Independent and always in control, Riley Taylor makes no apologies for choosing men carefully. Relationships have never been a priority and she believes herself hardened to domineering men – until she meets charismatic Ian Dare. He manages to turn a simple kiss into an all out assault on her senses and when he takes control in the bedroom, she’s stunned to discover she likes it. As their affair heats up, they soon realize they complete each other in ways neither imagined. But Riley’s past is closer than she cares to remember, and her struggles with Ian’s dominance might just cost her everything.

You should totally buy a copy today! (If you haven’t already…) 😉

J. Kenner: “Staycation, All I Ever Wanted” – The Joys of Lounging and Reading

Hello my darlings! I have internet! The sun is shining! I have soup! (These are very happy making and exciting things.) And today, we have J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) visiting with us! I’m normally not all about blog tours, but Sue from Random House asked who was in, so of course I was! I hope you all enjoy – Julie has a great topic today. (Don’t know why but I also feel the urge to call her Julie J. :-P)

“Staycation, All I Ever Wanted” – The Joys of Lounging and Reading

Yes, I know that I’ve bastardized the lyrics of the Go-Go’s song, but the sentiment is true.  Because I don’t want an actual vacation (well, I always want a vacation … Paris, anyone?) but simply one weekend with no distractions and nothing to do.  Nothing, that is, but read.

I don’t know about you, but my TBR pile is spilling over.  Fortunately, I read most books digitally these days, which means that I don’t have to buy another house to store all of my bought-but-unread books.  But every night the pile calls to me, but work and life and kids interfere and I can’t just blow through them the way I want to (that way being by a pool with a drink, and maybe a massage thrown in as a break between chapters).

Recently, my husband and I were talking about our upcoming Disney World vacation and the fact that it was going to be so much fun – but exhausting at the same time.  I mentioned my fantasy of a reading-only vacation.  I was picturing the place we went in Mexico on our honeymoon—good food, lots of pools, a swim-up bar—but without the PITA factor of traveling.  Something close, something just for a weekend …

Not terribly surprisingly, he jumped all over the idea.  And a few hours later—since I am nothing if not Type A—I had reservations for us at Central Texas resort.  And, yes, there is a swim-up bar.  There is amazing food.  And there is a spa.

Soon—so temptingly soon—we’re checking out of real life for the weekend, charging up our Kindles, and heading off for our Staycation.

I. Can’t. Wait.

Have you ever done a Staycation?  Think it sounds tempting?  May I be so bold as to suggest that you relax with one of my books, maybe even my latest release, Claim Me by J. Kenner, the second book in the bestselling Stark Trilogy following Release Me!

And, hey, my TBR pile may already be full, but I always have room for more books.  So if you have the perfect book to add to my ever-growing list, give a shout-out.  After all, I can always book a second (and third and fourth …) staycation!

Bio: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J. Kenner has written over 40 books under multiple names including Julie Kenner and J.K. Beck.  You can learn more about her at her website or connect with her on Twitter or on Facebook.

 We also have a lovely giveaway for all of you! “A copy of Claim Me to one lucky winner … a print copy if the winner is in the U.S. or a digital copy if the winner is outside of the U.S.” (And I don’t have the official word on it – but I’d think if you’re in the US and would like the digital copy, that would be ok too… but you know, don’t take that as gospel.)

Guest: Lissa Matthews

Hi friends! As you see we’ve got Lissa Matthews visiting with us today! When Brandy emailed me about it I was like “of course! Anything for you!” And here we are! The time has come 😀 [And sidenote – beyond that, the two of them are awesome because the post was sent to me all formatted and beautiful! <3]

And confession – I know this is about Twisted Up, but Melting Jane has a great cover, and it’s only $0.99 right now!

So, it’s my first print book. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet either. Even when the books arrived up on my doorstep… I opened the box and pet the new shiny with my fingertips, then picked them up, flipped through them, even inhaled between the pages. It’s still not sunk in. It still doesn’t seem as real as it probably should…

It’s never been about print for me, not once I discovered ebooks. Being published at all was the dream. It didn’t matter digital or paper, it was really only and all about writing and finding a home for my stories.

I mostly read digital books now. I rarely buy print for myself and a few of the authors who were auto-buy in print for me aren’t anymore. But I also know there are many readers out there who want and crave print books so I’m thrilled for them that they’ll have Twisted Up. I mean, if for no other reason than to lick the cover *wink*

But now I am in print and… I think when does hit me, I’ll be over the moon.

One rope. Three days. And two hearts on the line.

Justin has had enough. Ella, the woman who healed his broken heart, has been cancelling on him for two months straight. Sure, she’s busy with her job, which has her traveling far and wide. But that never stopped her from sharing nights of trivia, long conversations and blazing hot sex—until now. Truth to tell, he misses their easy friendship, the way her sighs fill his ear as he fills her body.

What he can’t figure out is, what’s changed?

At work, Ella finds it easy to talk to rooms full of strangers. Once back at her lonely apartment, though, she’s back to her painfully shy self—until Justin. Their chance meeting grew over the months into a year-long affair, but she can’t shake the feeling that rejection and pain are just around the corner. Best thing to do? End it now, before their intimacy digs too deep.

Suddenly he’s at her door with a length of neon-green rope and a naughty proposition, daring her to say no. Just how good could it be? There’s only one way to find out…

Warning: The sheets are tangled, the hat is crumpled, and the jeans are worn low on the hips. The cowboy is hot, determined, and helpless in the face of bunny slippers. Readers may need extra batteries to get this one out of their system.

There are 8 stops on this blog tour, the final one being my own blog. One commentor from each stop on the tour will be chosen for presents and giveaways. There will be everything from signed copies of books to a signed black and white poster to rope and coffee bowls.

Thank you for having me and letting me tempted and tease you with Justin and Ella. If you wish to find out more about me, please visit me in one or all of the following places: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Living in North Carolina, talented, multi-published author, Lissa Matthews, writes contemporary erotic romances with Southern ties, delicious food, copious amounts of coffee, and spankings for those who are extra naughty.

Guest: Sarah M. Anderson

Hi everyone! As you can see we’ve got author Sarah M. Anderson visiting with us today! She just had her very first book come out, so congratulations and happy new release to her! You might also “know” her from the lovely charity drive for the Pine Ridge Reservation she started here – remember that? Um also, if you read her bio, it says “I got … a Master’s of Arts in English from The Ohio State University.” Which basically means she’s awesome. Because she’s a Buckeye. (And if she doesn’t love being a Buckeye and/or Buckeye football *she’s not welcome here anymore.)

So, my debut novel, A Man of His Word, came out last week. Chances are, you can find it just about anywhere you look (unless you’re looking in a town where my grandmother shops, because she keeps buying them en masse and then telling me she doesn’t know what she’ll do with all these extra books). I had two signings in two days, which felt like a lot.

My very first book is out! And people bought it! This meant I needed to have a party!

Except there’s a problem: I don’t ‘have’ parties. I’m not even a huge fan of going to parties, because parties usually mean pressure—pressure to be witty and charming and look good in my clothes while being witty and charming and not getting the spinach dip stuck in my teeth. Especially not that.

In other words, I usually freeze up any social gathering that’s anything other than casual.

But this was different! This is my debut! I had to have a party! Or else!

Oh, that ‘or else.’ A lot of people wanted to celebrate with me. I had mom friends come with their kids because my kid was at this party and I wanted other people there to entertain him. I had family come, some from over five hours away. Retired neighbors, one of my bosses, and don’t forget my 96 ¾ year old Gram. I had local friends come, and I had one of my oldest friends come—all the way from Texas. She brought me a quilt—that had my book cover on it! Isn’t that the most cool thing ever?

In other words, I had a fairly schizophrenic guest list. Which lead to an immediate problem: what do you feed this wide swath of humanity?

The answer? Dessert.  God blessed me with a husband who views baking as a form of relaxation, so he made cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. We had gift cards to TCBY, so we got an ice cream cake. And, because this was my party, I decided to go big (because the party was already in my home): I ordered a book cake. A cake that looked like my book.

Cake made by Cakes by Kimberly

Oh, yeah! You know how ‘they’ say everyone has a book inside of them? Even more true when you party with me!

Totally awesome. And even better? It was a tasty cake. I got a layer of strawberry cake between two layers of French vanilla. My son insisted he get to eat the part with the horse’s head on it. I tried not to think about how weird that could be. He’s never even seen The Godfather, after all.

Of course, I ordered a cake that would have fed a small village, so we’re going to be eating this cake for most of the rest of the winter. But that’s okay.

Each bite of publishing tastiness will be just as sweet.

I’m giving away one signed copy of A Man of His Word to a commenter who tells me what the neatest/weirdest/ugliest cake they ever ate was. I want all of your cake glory and heartbreak!

This post is brought to you as part of the A Man of His Word Blog Tour. U.S. residents only. For a complete tour schedule and rules, visit www.sarahmanderson.com. Comments on this blog will be entered to win a signed copy of A Man of His Word. All blog comments are added to the Jewelry Grand Prize list. Jewelry Grand Prize announced on January 1st, 2012 to one randomly drawn name on the list.

Attorney Rosebud Donnelly has a case to win. And she never lets anyone see her sweat. But her first meeting with Dan Armstrong doesn’t go according to script. No one warned her that the COO of the company she’s fighting would be so…manly. From his storm-colored eyes to his well-worn boots, Dan is an honest-to-goodness cowboy. But is he honest? Her yearning for the Texas tycoon goes against reason, against family loyalty, against everything she thought she believed in. And yet, in Dan’s strong arms, Rosebud feels she might be ready to risk everything for one more kiss….

Bio: Award-winning author Sarah M. Anderson may live east of the Mississippi River, but her heart lies out west on the Great Plains. With a lifelong love of horses and two history teachers for parents, it wasn’t long before her characters found themselves out in South Dakota among the Lakota Sioux. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how their backgrounds and cultures take them someplace they never thought they’d go.

When not helping out at school or walking her rescue dog, Sarah spends her days having conversations with imaginary cowboys and American Indians, all of which is surprisingly well-tolerated by her wonderful husband and son.

*I was just joking about the her not being welcome bit. Maybe. >.> (And yes, I know some of you are fans of other schools, even M*ch*g*n … and you’re welcome here too. Remember when I even [let] someone say “Go Bl*e” in the comments? 😉 But Sarah went to The Ohio State University. So that changes things.

Jill Shalvis Blog Tour

Hi everyone! So Jill Shalvis and her publisher assigned a blog tour, and today’s my day/stop! I asked Jill three questions, and here they are! It’s just a little random something so all of you can peek into Jill’s mind and learn about her newest book.

1. What can we look forward to after these books? (What are you working now?)
Three more Lucky Harbor books for next summer in June, July and August.  At Last, Lucky In Love, and Forever And A Day!

2. What, in your opinion is the best kind of cookie? What about chips? (I remember you said you’d pick chips over cookies if you could only have one…)
Best cookie … oh boy.  I can’t pick just one!  But quite possibly Mother’s Double Fudge … or Chips Ahoy chocolate chip… As for chips, salt and vinegar, hands down.

3. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever learned researching for a book?
I learn something for every book, mostly that I know a lot less than I think I do.  😛

There will be a three copies given away to random winners who comment on the tour. So have you read anything by Jill Shalvis before? She will be an official guest here – so what questions would you like to ask her?

If you care to follow the tour all the way through… The other stops with the giveaway chances are at these places on these days: Dec 3, Dec 4: here, here, here, here, Dec 5:  here, here, here, Dec 6: here, here, here, Dec 7: here, here, Dec 8: here, here, here, here, Dec 9: here, here, here, Dec 10: here, here, here, and here! Or at least that’s what the sheet from Grand Central Publishing said. 😉 Enjoy!