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Sorcha Mowbray and the Parrot Shifter Dare

I present you with our second brave author, Sorcha Mowbray, taking up the awesome ALBTALBS dare. Enjoy!

Hi there. So Limecello threw a dare out into the twittersphere and for some reason—maybe I was drinking?—I took her up on it. As a result below you have a completely ridiculous M/F/M Cougar/Parrot/Vampire romance below. It’s 950 words of OMGWTFBBQ! (I hope, anyway.) Continue reading

Laura Hunsaker Takes a Dare

A while ago I asked for book recommendations on twitter. Anyone who knows me well runs away screaming whenever I do this. It’s because I’m a picky reader. I discard or criticize most recommendations I get. Although I know better than to harass/follow up with people that *I* don’t know well. I also generally ask the person I don’t mind annoying  to vouch for the book saying it is one of the best they’ll have read all year. (This is why Cee now ignores me when I ask about books.)

As you see, I don’t normally ask at large. But I did that time – and I added the caveat that “I did not want erotic romance that was “OMGWTFBBQ (eg m/m/m/f/m/f/cow/m/parrotshifter/m/f/m)” which set off a whole conversation. And my twisted little mind came up with a dare. For any brave authors.

And four wonderful, gamine, lovely, and fabulous authors endowed with a healthy sense of humor took up the challenge. Laura Hunsaker was first. The dare was to write a story about a parrot shifter. And she did.

Boy, did she.

I give you… Parrot Shifter the First. (My “title.”) Continue reading