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Guest: Theresa Romain! (+ Her Brother :D)

You guys, we have an extra special fun post from awesome author Theresa Romain today! Whee! I hope you’ll give her a warm welcome, and also extend the same to her brother!

Limecello, thanks so much for hosting me today! My second historical romance, Season for Surrender, just came out last week. I’ve asked my brother to help me with this post, because

1) Season for Surrender is, in large part, about family relationships, and
2) This way he will do half the work for me.

Thanks for your help, Brother R!

Absolutely – it never hurts to help! So, you say Season for Surrender is about family relationships, eh? I’m intrigued – tell me more.

Well, that statement was only partially true. It’s first and foremost a romance, of course! But when the book begins, both the hero and heroine are trying to figure out how to make their own path away from their family. Rakish Alex, Lord Xavier, has begun to feel trapped by the expectations of his friends (and villainous cousin—grrr). Shy Louisa Oliver is ready to overcome her fears about society by leaving her sister’s household. They meet at a naughty Christmas house party. Whee!

Well, if I lived in my sister’s household, I am sure I would never want to leave because it is so darn cool.

I do keep a lot of baked goods on hand.

Speaking of that sister, are we going to meet Julia and James in Season for Surrender?

Look at you, referring to the hero and heroine from my debut (Season for Temptation). You really did read it?

But of course! I brought it to the gym and read it in between sets. It was great – no one bothered me to ask for a spotter.

Well, YEAH. A guy who’s strong enough to read a pink book in public is obviously a guy you don’t want to tangle with.

In answer to your question, Julia (heroine from my debut) makes a brief appearance in Season for Surrender. But! You can read either book without having read the other. (Not you. People in general. You are required to read both, Brother R. Sorry.)

No worries, I’ve been longing for some more good gym reading to work on my emotional strength as well as my physical strength. 😉 Who else will be at the Season for Surrender house party, and what sort of goings-on can readers expect to find?

*Louisa’s blunt-spoken aunt, Lady Irving, serving as a chaperone
*Xavier’s cousin Lockwood, who has a cunning plan
*Xavier’s other cousin Jane, who wishes she had a cunning plan but can’t because her mother is keeping a close eye on her
*a library full of secrets

I am amazed by your creativity in coming up with cunning plans and characters with awesome names. (I secretly wished I was named Xavier in elementary school.) From whence do you draw your inspiration?

Nice historical-speak, Brother R. A day with a “whence” is a good day indeed.

Character-name inspiration can come from all over the place. Film crew credits at the end of British movies; 19th century novels; my trusty directory of English peerages. As for the cunning plans: strictly my imagination, I swear.

Should we give away a book now?

We are giving away a book? What book? And, I heartily agree, a day with a wench is a good day indeed. May I quote you on that?

Er…sure, why not?

We’re giving away a signed copy of Season for Surrender, so someone will get to read about this ever-festive house party full of cunning plans. And—to return to our original topic—see how Xavier and Louisa find love while also finding their own path away from their families.

Not that families aren’t great. Because they are. Especially when they help one with one’s work. Thanks, Brother R!

You’re welcome. Do I get to ask the question for commenters now? Sweet! Okay, here it is: “What is the most embarrassing thing your family has ever said to a date you brought home?”

I can answer that for you. “When Brother R was little, I used to dress him up like a—”

<coughs loudly> Well, it was nice blogging with you, Sister! That’s all, folks!

Hee! I, for one, was vastly entertained. We’re hoping to get Theresa’s brother here, so what question do you have for either sibling?!