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One Magical Night

*ETA: I wanted to point out – all the names are links to their pictures. I can’t have them here because of copyright etc, but if you don’t know what someone looks like, just click!

Hi friends! So we’ve got some frivolity going on here. (And, I know I’ve been kinda quiet – or, I missed a day, but don’t worry I hope to backdate something.)  But anyway one night back in early June I decided to have some fun on twitter, and I decided that we should play this game. Also, that we should have it documented on one post.

Here’s the game – you have to choose between the two guys I list. You can only pick one or everyone dies. (Please don’t take the fun out of it by trying to bend the rules. This is my game, and that’s just how we’re going to play it.) You’re also allowed to pass, so you take neither guy.

Of course, in this imaginary magical night, you can do anything you want with these guys. 😉 (You know, knit, talk, braid each other’s hair, do manis and pedis…) 😛 Reality only matters inasmuch as you want it to.

[Initially I started out with more obscure guys. Some I chose specifically for certain twitter friends. And just assume each pairing starts out with “If you could have one night with this person, who would you choose?”]

If you could have one night with this person, who would you choose?

Takeshi Kaneshiro or Daniel Henney?

Aaron Eckhart or Jim Caviezel?

Will Smith or Idris Elba?

Bradley Cooper or Alessandro Nivola?

Matthew McConaughey or Josh Lucas?

Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal?

Daniel Craig or Viggo Mortensen?

Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt or James McAvoy?

Tom Hardy or Channing Tatum?

Gabriel Aubry or Charlie Hunnam?

Javier Bardem or Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

Ryan Reynolds or Jensen Ackles?

Cillian Murphy or Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

Matt Bomer or Alex Pettyfer?

Christian Bale or Keanu Reeves?

Joseph Fiennes or Raoul Bova?

Jason Momoa or The Rock?

Joe Manganiello or David Gandy?

James Marsters or Ralph Fiennes?

Vincent Cassel or Rufus Sewell?

Richard Armitage or Daniel Radcliffe?

Olivier Martinez or James Marsden?

Eric Dane or Brad Pitt?

Enrique Iglesias or Rhydian Vaughan?

Henry Cavill or Ian Somerhalder?

Eric Bana or Hugh Jackman?

And … because you would not believe the clamoring for the very last guy …

Young Christopher Plummer or young Sean Connery?

*N.B. I’d love to have included headshots etc of all these guys, but obviously I don’t have the rights to an of those images and I really don’t want to be sued. Also everyone’s tastes differ so hopefully this works out even better.

I’m playing around with another round or a “Classics” version – so also if you have names you’d like to see, feel free to suggest them! 😀