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Charity! Challenges! The End! Panic!

I was so tempted to write that as “panix” but I suppose I have some sort of … something to maintain. Level of professionalism? Intelligence? Ability to at least have people maintain a positive feeling towards donating to a good cause that I asked them to?

If you can imagine, I’m freaking out here. Tomorrow marks the end of my Social Media for Social Good 2011 drive. It’s been a month, and well… frankly incredible. I’ll try to do a recap/total post in a reasonable amount of time.

What am I talking about? Well… if you’re reading this post I can’t imagine you’ve missed it. And frankly you’re probably sick of hearing about it. But I’m referring to this: A Humanitarian Crisis: What We Can Do To Help. I have to say my personal goal was 500 comments. We’ve exceeded that, and I’m happy to say we’ve also doubled the number of comments from my 2010 Social Media for Social Good Drive. That one was only 12 hours though.

There are some challenges that have been issued, and none of them have been met yet, exactly.

First, one I haven’t asked anyone to do, because it’s huge. Maya Banks is donating $500.00, and asked if anyone would like to match. (Although, Tamara Allen technically did prior, so maybe that has been accomplished?)

Next, Avery Flynn said that if 50 small press authors donate, she’d increase her donation by $50. At the moment, I believe we have something like 28 small~29 press authors donating. If you’re a small press author, or have any friends who are small press authors, would you please encourage them to donate? A $1.00 donation counts, and it’s tax deductible. We need 22 21 more authors, please!

Lastly, I decided yesterday to see if we could get 25 readers/bloggers to donate. At the moment I believe we have 21, so we only need 4 more people! Readers – would you consider a donation, of even $1.00? Obviously if you want to, you’re welcome to give more. But I know it’s tough for everyone.

Thanks so much for sticking with me through this! We’ve done an amazing thing, in a grass roots type campaign. You’re all awesome.

And you can see that in the comments. If you haven’t looked through them, might I suggest you do so? There are a few that are incredibly touching, and show just how good people can be, and are. <3

*ETA: We only need one more reader to donate now… and 20 more small press authors!
Also, if we hit 700 comments by the end (tomorrow), the awesome Melissa Schroeder will increase her donation to a whopping $600 total!!!

Double edit: Reader challenge MET!!! And now we only need 17 more small press authors. Three hours to go… :X Hope we can make it!

Triple edit! We only need 14 more small press authors to donate to meet our goal. If it is met, both Avery Flynn and Taryn Kincaid will add $50 to their donations. Both!!!