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I Know. Winners. Finally.

A sleep deprived Lime is a tardy Lime. Something to do with not going to bed until 5, 6, or even 7 AM does that. Especially since the rest of the world refuses to pause, or even accomodate my sleep schedule. Or lack thereof. Which is so very inconsiderate, and yet how the world works. Le sigh.

There are things I want to talk about. Like all the crazy plagiarism stuff going on in Bloglandia. (Prominent YA blogger plagiarized but handled it incredibly badly, dust ups and dramallama galore.) Then more of the same with reviews and backlash and my view is the only view despite me being so very openminded and loving everyone and everything.

I think we’ve made it clear I’m not one of those people who believes that “if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all.” Of course sometimes that fits, but others… no. If there’s something out there that needs to be addressed, even if it’s difficult, or possibly ugly, it needs to be talked about. My little soap box moment.

But I know why you’re all here. You want to know who won what?! And I’m going to tell you. Well, who won. You (if you won) need to tell me what you get. (And huh – I didn’t do too badly… only 9 posts, and I did say nobody/nothing would be going up on the 14th…) I hope y’all made your proper offerings to the randomizer.org gods. 😉

Cat Grant visited and talked about N’awlins. Her winner is caitymack.

Jessa Slade came and shared an awesome post with us about her pets! Really – if you missed it, check it out. Her winner is Carolline!

My rant about my life – ish. And my discussion of RebeccaRemember that? The winner is Portia Da Costa!

Yet another fabulous post from Theresa Romain – complete with chart! – and the use of crazysauce was all sorts of winAretha zhen, you’re the winner!

I have a major soft spot in my heart for my Weddings of Doom post  – well really Laura Hunsaker’s. Randomizer.org chose lucky number one! JenB! You win!

Then we had Stefanie Sloane here, and her winner is… candymorton!

And… friend Ali F guested as a part of her month long birthday bash! Lucky luck Mich, you win!

Cassandra Carr was nice enough to include a giveaway with her Teaser Tuesday excerpt, and Patti Williams, you benefit!

Definitely not least, although last, I finally got Kris Cook here to visit! And the last but not least winner is… JoAnne!

Everyone please email me by 11:59 PM EDT on May 5, at the latest. Please include what you won, and relevant information. (If you won a print book, send your address. If you have a choice of books, please pick on. If in ebook and you have a format preference, state it!)

Cheers and I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!