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SNAHM Guest: Cynthia Eden

Hi friends! Today we have the lovely Cynthia Eden guesting with us. As she says – November is winding down, and I know the rush is starting for holiday madness, but I hope we all take a minute and reflect. I love that Cynthia has such a rich background, but I think all of us can take a look back. I hope you’ll all chime in – especially since Cynthia is so beautiful and adorable. Seriously – you want to hate her cuz she’s basically so perfect but you can’t because she’s so nice. XD

Anyway, here is what Cynthia had to say.

Memories In A Box

Hi, everyone! It is such a pleasure to be here with you—a huge thanks to Limecello for inviting me over! When I was growing up, one of my very favorite things to do was to pull out the old box of pictures that my mom kept in the bottom of her closet (yes, these were the non-digital days!). In that magical box, my mother kept pictures of her relatives and my father’s relatives. They were grainy, faded photographs. The edges had turned nearly white because they had been touched so many times over the years. Continue reading

Guest Author & A Giveaway: Cynthia Eden

Hello my lovelies! Another fabulous author visiting with us on a Tuesday for special birthday month posts! As in … just superloading it. Because dude – the world has lost its shit. Or at least, my world. However, the wonderful Cynthia Eden is here! And she was fabulous and wrote an original post for us! Whee!

Romance Novels

I can confess—quite easily—that I am addicted to romance novels. I’ve been addicted to them for most of my life.  Maybe it’s the happy endings. The fairytale promise of love everlasting.  That promise sure gets me each time!

But the romances that I read (and write) aren’t sweet, light tales. The heroes and heroines have to fight for their happy endings. Hey, if something is worth having, you have to fight for it, right?  I enjoy watching characters overcome their obstacles in the pages of books. The heroes and heroines become stronger through their struggles, and I just find myself rooting more and more for them.

I will gladly read romance novels about vampires. About werewolves. About Greek gods or fallen angels. I can read about the boy next door or the rich CEO who is about to crumble for love.  Paranormal, contemporary, historical—I’ll take them all, please.  I’m a firm believer in variety being the spice of life, and when it comes to my romance novels, I’m all about reading different sub-genres.  BUT…there is one thing that my books must have (and this just circles back to my addiction)—the promised happy ending.

Let’s be honest. All too often, real life sucks. There is sadness, there is death, there is heart break. When I open the pages of a romance novel, I want to know that things will end differently for the characters there. I want to know that happiness wins, love wins—and my romance novels never let me down on that promise.

In my latest release, Avenging Angel, I certainly put plenty of obstacles in the paths of my hero and heroine. My heroine, Marna,  is a fallen angel who has recently lost her wings. She’s now in the mortal realm, helpless and desperate.  But she isn’t alone.  Because the hero of the story, a fierce shifter named Tanner, is by her side. Through the darkness and the danger, he is there, every step of the way.  He is willing to fight for her. Heck, the guy is even willing to die for her,  in order to prove to Marna that he can be the man she needs.

Ah, true love. It can be a wild and desperate (but beautiful!) thing.

But what about you?  Are you addicted to romance novels?  Is there a particular sub-genre that you prefer to read? Or, like me, do you enjoy a variety?  One random commenter will be picked to win a $15 Amazon.com gift card.

Thanks so much for checking out the post. Have a wonderful week!


Cynthia Eden

So – answer Cynthia’s question(s) – and feel free to ask her one yourself! There’s a gift card up for grabs!

Author Spotlight: Cynthia Eden

Look who we’ve got! I managed to trick Cynthia Eden into coming back and playing with us! ;D And this time she’s talking about New Orleans, and has some questions for you!

Scream For Me

Hi, everyone! Lime, thanks for having me over for the AAD Spotlight!

I am very, VERY much looking forward to the big Authors After Dark event in New Orleans this August. I love New Orleans. Love the city to a pretty ridiculous degree, so I can’t wait to head back for some awesome reader fun.

New Orleans is the setting for my Fallen books (with Kensington Brava). As Angel of Darkness began, my hero watched the heroine flee through Pirate’s Alley. He perched on the St. Louis Cathedral…and it was there that he made the decision to spare her life. Well, spare her, save her, condemn her…I guess it’s all in how you look at it. 😉

New Orleans has always enchanted me. So much magic seems to hum in the city. And when I realized that I was going to write about Fallen Angels of Death (b/c those guys wouldn’t leave me alone), I knew their books had to take place in the Big Easy.  Come on, haven’t you ever wondered if some fallen angels walk in the crowd on Bourbon Street?

In my next book, Angel Betrayed (due out on 6/26/12), my hero isn’t a good guy—or even a good angel. He’s Sammael—Sam for short—and he’s pretty much been foretold to be the one who will bring hell to earth.  He’s, um, kind of a bad guy. But can’t bad guys be fun?

Ahem…and now this brings me to the title of this post…Scream For Me. I love writing bad guys. Love figuring out their devious layers. Or, in the case of Sam, I love to create anti-heroes that are far, far from perfect beings.  What can I say? Sometimes, the bad boys are just more fun. To celebrate those wonderful bad boys, I will be hosting an Ice Scream Party at AAD—I’ll be hosting the fun event along with fabulous authors Katie Reus, Virna DePaul, and Manda Collins. Everyone will be making cool desserts, playing wicked games, getting cool prizes, and talking about their favorite bad boys or villains. If you’re attending AAD, I hope you can make the party.

And if you’re not attending…then, hey, I’ve got a contest right here.  You can still get a cool prize—and have some villain fun.  I’ll give one commenter a $15 Amazon.com gift certificate AND an autographed copy of Angel Betrayed (as soon as my author copies arrive, I will ship one to you). Want to win? Then just tell me…which villain would you scream for? Who is your favorite bad guy?

Thanks for checking out the post!
Cynthia Eden
Angel Betrayed—Available 6/26/12
When you betray an angel, there’s hell to pay…

And if you missed it – Ms. Eden also shared an exclusive excerpt of Angel Betrayed here earlier!

Teaser Tuesday: Angel Betrayed by Cynthia Eden

Hey y’all! We’ve got Cynthia Eden here today sharing an exclusive excerpt of her upcoming book Angel Betrayed! Which is totally exciting, because it’s out June 26! So we’re getting this teaser a whole month in advance. But not only that, the book releases a measly two days before my birthday! (Cuz we all know what’s important to me here, right? … ME! ;))

Unedited excerpt from Angel Betrayed (by Cynthia Eden, June 26, 2012, Kensington Brava)

Sammael–call him Sam–was an angel once. An Angel of Death. But the dispassionate, watch-from-above thing just wasn’t working for him when it meant watching evil torture innocent souls day in and day out. It might have cost him his wings, but these days he gets to apply the direct method on the bad guys. Problem is, what’s making his life difficult is a bad girl…

Seline O’Shaw needs protection, and with the hounds of hell on her tail, she’s not going to quibble too hard about where she gets it. Sam’s virtue is questionable, but he’s smoking hot, massively powerful, and owes her a favor. So what if she’s getting a little case of angel lust? There are some damn deadly sins after her hide…

    A shiver slipped over her at his touch.  She hadn’t expected her reaction to Sam. The first time she’d seen him, she’d…wanted him, and that wasn’t the way things were supposed to work in her world.  She was the one desired. The one wanted.  That was the way she’d been made.  She might not like the life she’d been given, but screw the bitching and moaning routine. Seline couldn’t control what she was, but she could use her power.

    Sam led her through the crowd and to a small door on the side of the club.  The private room. Yeah, she knew the place. She’d been working at Sunrise for a while now, and she’d learned the rules. This room was for the VIPs. A place for them to have quick sex, to run a business deal, or to party the night away.  All without having to worry about any prying eyes watching.

    Unless you wanted to be watched, because she knew some folks in Sunrise liked that, too.

    The bouncer at the door immediately let Sam inside. Figured he’d get instant access because right then, she knew Sam was the most important VIP in the place.

    Fear had a way of making certain people very, very important.

    The door closed behind her with a soft click.  No watching. Seline’s heart did a too-fast kick when Sam turned around and locked his stare on her. “Better now?” he asked with a twist of his lips. Sexy lips. “I’m all yours.” He crossed his arms over his chest and watched her with a gaze that always saw too much.

    Oh, damn.  She swallowed. Play the game. “I-I…you owe me, Sam.”

    His dark brows—black to match his midnight mane of hair—rose. “Do I?”  His voice was careless, but she saw the intensity in his eyes.

    Seline nodded quickly. “I helped you before. I told you—told you when the shifter wanted you dead.” Who didn’t want him dead? But a few weeks ago, she’d tipped Sam off about the very dangerous coyote shifter who’d been hunting him. That tip-off should give her the bargaining power she needed right now.

    His head inclined. “So you did.” His gaze raked her body, and that hot blue stare lingered a bit too long on her breasts and her thighs.  The top of her “uniform” plunged right between her breasts, and the skirt barely skimmed the tops of her thighs.

    She shifted slightly beneath his stare but quickly caught herself. “You owe me now, Sam,” she reminded him.

    That brought his eyes back to hers.  His face, that perfect face that didn’t belong on someone so dangerous, tilted to study her.  Sam might have the reputation of the devil, but the man’s face and body were pure perfection.  All the better to tempt.

    Sometimes she felt like everything about the man was a lie. But, fair enough, she was pretty good at deceiving, too.

    She pressed, “You pay your debts, right?”  He’d better.

    “Depends on the debt.”

    That wasn’t the answer she wanted.

    Sam lowered his arms and stalked closer until only a foot of space separated their bodies. The door was closed behind her, and when he leaned in, Sam slapped both of his palms against the wooden frame and caged her with his arms. “What do you need, Seline?”

    She wasn’t surprised that he knew her name.  He’d watched her often enough in the last two months. First, he’d watched her at Temptation.  Going in as a dancer had been the only way she knew to get close to Sam—and she had to get close.

    But when some assholes had torched the joint, she’d had to come up with a real fast plan B. Since she knew Sam spent a lot of time here, she’d taken a waitressing job at Sunrise.  All to stay close to him.

    It had only been later that she’d learned Sam actually owned Sunrise, too.

    “Seline?” His breath feathered lightly over her cheek. “What do you want from me?”

    Her chin lifted but she kept her hands at her sides. Don’t touch him. “Protection.”

    His brows rose.

    “I won’t lie to you, Sam.” Yes, actually, she would. A lot. “I haven’t exactly been living the pure and innocent life.” Okay, that line was one hundred percent true. “I made a mistake a while back, and now there are some people out there that want me dead.”


    The door was shut. They were totally alone. She could confess to him. “Because I killed a man.” The words seemed to fall into the thick silence of the room. “I didn’t plan to do it. It-it was an accident—”

    “Was it?”

    Her hands clenched into fists. Ah, caught me. “No, it wasn’t.”  Again, this part was true. The lies would only come later. “He was an asshole who got off on hurting women. He used his fists any chance he had, and I wasn’t gonna be the next body he put in a box.”  She wouldn’t be any man’s punching bag.

    His eyes studied her. “You’re afraid.”

    Only of a few things in this world.

    “Is that why,” he continued quietly, “you’re always armed?”

    He knew?

    “With a gun close by, tucked in your purse or…” His fingers slid up her thigh. Up, up, stroking over her flesh until he found the sheath of her knife, tucked right on the interior of her thigh. “Or why you keep a knife strapped to your thigh?”

    “You can’t be too careful,” she whispered, her body tight because he was still touching her—and she liked it. Can’t. Too dangerous. Wanting Sam could make her weak, and lust was a weakness she couldn’t afford right then.

    Unfortunately for her kind, lust was like kryptonite.  The closer the temptation, the stronger the weakness.

You can also read an additional excerpt on Ms. Eden’s site here.

Wasn’t that such a tease? Ms. Eden also mentioned a signed copy of Angel Betrayed to one lucky commenter here. But, I wouldn’t take that at face value. I’m sure the heat got to her, and she meant to say she’s going to send me a copy and all the rest of you are supposed to congratulate me on my luck. Yes, that’s it. 😛

For those of you unused to my sense of humor… yes, Cynthia Eden is giving away a signed copy of this book. So tell us, what did you think? Do you like paranormal romances or not? Which are your favorite types of paranormal creatures?