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Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: Under a Rock by Allee Mae

So now we have Allee Mae, who, no surprise, is Davee Jones writing YA under another name. It’s obviously Davee Jones day. And I’m so tempted to write DJ but I don’t know her well enough (or at all), and who else is having flashbacks to Full House? xD

Finding Love Under a Rock is a YA romance and is the first book in my Critter Getter series. I write YA as Allee Mae and the second book in the series, Finding Love and Bigfoot is scheduled for release November 2013.

Kalista Bristow and Leandra Lehigh moved to Oklahoma not just to attend nursing school, but, to find some adventure. When Leandra reads about the sport of “noodling”, she is literally “hooked’, and reserves top-notch guides, Caleb Chandler and Owen Guthrie, to give them a true southern experience.

Wading through the murky river, Kalista finds herself drawn to the handsome Caleb and his red-dirt good looks. He manages a few shy glances in her direction, intrigued by her tenacity. Could this cute city girl bring him out of his awkward insecurity when it comes to dating? However, thoughts of blossoming love move to the wayside as the girls find more than they bargained for under the surface of that shadowy river. They must rely on Caleb and Owen to keep them safe, all the while beginning to believe the mysterious legends the guys have been telling them are probably all true.

They hit two holes with no success as the clouds furrowed and darkened the sky. The breeze picked up along with the humidity and offered a blanket of atmospheric warmth with a strange chill. Every once in a while the sky offered a fat droplet of rain. Kalista looked up just in time to get pelted in the eye with such a bead. “Ouch! Who would have thought rain would sting?”

“That rain is coming from some high clouds. I’m not surprised it smarted. Are you all right?” Caleb asked her gently.

“Yes, I’m fine, I blinked it back to good.” Kalista winked to prove her statement.

Leandra sighed heavily. “Wow, not much going on today for us, huh?” Each visit and inspection yielded emptiness.

At the second hole, Owen offered his opinion. “Look, sometimes, fish like to be out moving and feeding before a storm. They sense the pressure change in the weather and move around aggressively looking for food.”

Caleb chimed in. “I agree with Owen. I know fishermen all have different thoughts and ideas about when the best time to go fishing would be. Noodling is a little bit of a challenge sometimes. Add in uncooperative weather and it really creates uncertainty.”

“I’d really hoped we wouldn’t strike out this time. Well, that I wouldn’t strike out again,” Kalista grumbled, smacking at the water with her palm.

“Owen, let’s go down by the big fork in the river.” Caleb said with determination in his tone.

“Are you sure? That’s kinda deep isn’t it?” Owen looked toward both girls, almost as if they were not there to hear him.

“It will be fine, I will check the hole before I guide Kalista down. The sky is gonna open up and monsoon on us soon, so it’s our best chance at success before we call it a day.”

“Okay, you’re the boss of this show. Today.” Owen shrugged and began leading the raft down river.

“So, where are you taking us?” Leandra asked with eager anticipation hanging onto every syllable.

“Yea, we aren’t going to drown or anything, right? You are sure we are okay to do this? You guys are the experts you know.” Kalista tried to disguise the worry in her tone.

“Yep, definitely good to do this.” Caleb answered confidently. Looking to the sky once again, he conceded, “It will be our last attempt of the day. The sky will pour, I say, in about thirty to forty minutes. We have just enough time to give it one last shot.”

The quartet once again waded to the edge of the river and then headed toward their last hopeful location. The water was only up to their knees, but still they sloshed and trudged as the guys pulled the raft along by ropes. Goosebumps popped up along the girls’ bare arms.

Trying to take her mind off how cold she felt, Leandra changed the subject. “You know an awful lot about weather, Caleb.” She stated admirably, “Did you take some meteorology in college too?”

“Actually, I took a few classes. I contemplated changing my major at one time to meteorology. But I decided I didn’t want to be inside a television studio as much as they have to be.” He spoke without turning around. Caleb gazed around in several directions, appearing to be studying nature’s mood. When he held his shoulders high, an appreciative smile grew from the corners of his mouth.

“Well, those reporters from the satellite TV networks do quite a bit of field work. I could see you almost blown over during some massive hurricane while you deliver the live, up to the minute report.” Kalista giggled, an image forming in her mind. “You probably wouldn’t even hold on to anything. You’d tough it out.”

Caleb also began laughing, but more heartily than her joke incited. “Oh, you just reminded me of a funny story my momma tells about me.” He stopped, turned to Owen and the girls, “Do you know the one I’m talking about?”

Owen joined him in laughter. “I sure do! Want me to tell it?”

“Please, be my guest.” Caleb continued chuckling.

Owen turned his head to both girls as they resumed walking. “One day, Caleb’s momma was inside their house and she started hearing this ka-whack, ka-whack, ka-whack against the wall, right outside the kitchen. When it didn’t stop for about five minutes, she charged outside to see what the heck was going on. There stood me and Caleb. Caleb had a long stick of bamboo in his hand.” Owen broke for a moment to stifle merriment. “She said, ‘what in the tarnation are you doing with that stick Caleb?’” Owen then turned the tale over to Caleb. “Wanna finish this one buddy?”

“Sure thing. I looked up as seriously as I could muster, and told my momma, ‘I’m playing Weather Channel!’ And I demonstrated by smacking that bamboo up against the house like it was a green screen weather map—ka-whack!”

Owen broke in again. “She got such a kick out of us she didn’t even yell anymore.”

“We were always doing things like that. I don’t remember ever being bored when we were growing up.” Caleb fondly shared with the girls. “I bet you two were a handful growing up, especially with Leandra’s sense of adventure.”

“One thing we always refused was to ever be bored. We always found something interesting to do. We made up recipes, climbed trees, tried to blow stuff up with our chemistry sets, you know—the usual girl stuff.” Kalista admitted with the same fondness.

“Kalista and I have been like peanut butter and jelly since…well…since forever.” Leandra shared warmly. “I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

“You’ll never have to figure that out, cause, you’re stuck with me, bestie.”

“Okay, not trying to dampen our lively conversation, but we are reaching the area I wanted to try. We need to wade out deeper. It’s gonna be chest deep on you two girls, I’m fairly certain.” Caleb’s voice took on a serious quality. “Hold onto the raft and let me know if you need something.”

They walked slowly out to a type of miniature island in the narrow, deepest part of the river. The dampened dirt mounded minimally above the water level. Dead tree stumps poked in erratic locations around the small landmass.

“There are holes all around this odd lump of dirt in the river. They are under the water and some are pretty deep and almost completely underneath this visible part.” Owen cautioned.

“Look, I’m gonna take the stick and start poking around the parts closest to the surface of the water.” Caleb informed them. “Hopefully, I’ll find something there and you won’t have to submerge much.”

Kalista gulped, really wishing the storm would unleash and they could just leave. She felt uneasy at this location and could not put a finger on her discomfort. All of a sudden, it was like something was monitoring them, studying them, watching their every move. “Does anyone live close to this spot?” She asked weakly.

“Nah, this is a more secluded area of the river, no one comes here unless they intend to,” Owen answered her question, missing her underlying fear.

“Why, what’s up, Kalista? You nervous about something?” Leandra asked, completely serious with concern for her friend.

“I think it’s just the deeper water. I’m being silly.”

Caleb joined their exchange. “If you don’t want to do this, we can wait for another day and stick to something more shallow.”

“No, darn it, I want to get this over with and just get a fish already. Once I do it the first time, I’ll be over this ridiculous dread.”

“You can do this, girl! We are right here,” Owen offered.

“Okay, Caleb, see what you can find for me.” Kalista gritted her teeth, steeling herself for the challenge.

Caleb began moving the stick into the crevices and indentions in the muddy depths. The first spot yielded nothing, so he moved a few feet over and started again. Almost immediately his eyes lit up in recognition. “I think we have something,” he whispered to the group. “C’mon over here, Kalista.”

Kalista still felt eyes on her back and turned around briefly to see what was there. Leandra mistook her movement. “Caleb is over there. You aren’t going to find anything moving backwards towards us.”

“Nah, it wasn’t that, I was just…I thought…oh, never mind. Here I come, Caleb.” She moved gingerly up next to him.

And that’s it for Davee Jones (sometimes writing as) Allee Mae day! Three for three! Whee!

Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: The Skin Stalker by Davee Jones

Told you! Here’s post two of three from Davee Jones! 😀 And of frakking course the formatting isn’t playing nice, so I’ve developed an eye-twitch and am giving up. It doesn’t detract from the rest of the post though! So here’s what Davee sent!

The Skin Stalker is a paranormal thriller with romance story undertone. No explicit sexual situations, but, does include some mild violence.

Joelle unknowingly unlocked a portal to a demon- The Skin Stalker- who wants to vanquish her humanity and create a new demon hybrid with her using her former lover, Colin. Although she tried to forget him, Colin continued to break her heart from a distance, making her vulnerable. The Skin Stalker began brutally murdering Colin’s “girlfriends”, setting him up as the prime suspect-but does Joelle really care if Colin rotted away in jail?
Using a softball equipment bag and public dumping grounds, The Skin Stalker morbidly disposed of his victims, celebrating the notoriety, and his ability to stump the police. A unique blue “tattoo” behind Joelle’s ear carries the key to her connection to the paranormal realm. Can an average woman actually conquer a demon?
Set around the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Denver, Colorado, Blue Ink takes you inside the mind of a demon and the woman who must stop him.

Maria ascended a few more feet before she needed another drink of her bottle. She stopped for a moment, and gripped the rope to steady herself. Sascha watched from her belay position on the ground. “Hey, are you okay, babe?” Sascha felt horrible and seemed to be getting worse with every passing minute.

Maria could not see Sascha and did not make the connection that she was not the only one who was ill, so, she attempted to feign wellness and excitement to finish the climb. “Super, baby, never better, watch and learn, it will be you next.”

Not wanting to spoil the good time for Maria, Sascha did not reveal how sick she was really becoming. Sascha maintained confidence she could safely belay for Maria and would not allow her to fall. Sascha took the opportunity to take another drink to quench her parched mouth while Maria took her water break. They both hesitated for another minute or so before Maria began climbing again.

Slowly, Maria inched up the face, her movements deliberate. Sascha blinked in an attempt to focus on her partner. The poison worked gradually, shutting the energy down in each of them. Maria decided she needed to bail from the climb, as she simply could not finish. It had taken forty-five minutes to get where she was when she should have been at the top. “I’ve got a bummer here, I need to stop.” Maria attempted to yell down to Sascha. However, her mouth was so dry; her words came out in a hoarse whisper. What should have been an easy hold became a “bummer”, a difficult hold that was rubbing her hands raw.

Maria finally looked down to Sascha. Even from her distance up the face of the rock, she observed Sascha looked peculiar as well. “Are you okay?” Maria choked out. Sascha looked up, her stance wobbling at the movement to look skyward. Maria felt fear in her gut as the rope loosened from Sascha’s instability. “Hey!” Maria forced out.

Maria’s exertion, combined with her fear, increased her heart rate, dizzying her equilibrium. Sascha watched Maria feebly holding onto the rope as she worked to tighten her grip, “I’ve….got…you, babe.” Sascha answered Maria’s fearful address. Sascha felt unstable on her feet, and suddenly the world turned black. Dots danced in the place of the rock and she spun sideways in an attempt to hold the rope.

Maria watched Sascha collapse as she screamed in horror, her hands, red and raw from gripping too tightly, began to bleed. The slippery blood, combined with her increasing dizziness, interfered with her ability to hold onto the crevice and she peeled away from the face. She screamed for the brief time she fell to the ground. She thumped loudly when she landed only a few feet from Sascha.

They lay unconscious on the ground, their bodies still twitching from the effects of the poison. With each spasm, The Skin Stalker felt a surge of energy. With inhuman speed, he gathered up their water bottles, the partial gallon of spiked sports beverage, and their bodies. He left the climbing equipment on the ground and left their car in the parking lot. This time, The Skin Stalker had an SUV parked closely to the scene.

The Skin Stalker had softball equipment bags in the back of the cargo area. Before they succumbed to rigor mortis, he folded each of them, one at a time, into a separate equipment bag. He folded their arms across their small, yet muscular chests. Sascha’s head lolled forward, a stream of saliva escaping through partially open lips. He punched a small blue dot, with a fountain pen, into the skin behind each of their right ears. “Colin’s tattoo…” The Skin Stalker growled. Right before he zipped the bags shut, he tied plastic bags over each of their heads to ensure suffocation. Maria’s body jerked a few times in response to the lack of oxygen, a rare panic-like reaction her body emitted.

The Skin Stalker left the area undetected. He drove back toward Denver, deciding to leave one bag in a remote location in Castle Rock. He had previously located a rarely used softball field on the western edge of the Denver suburb. He unloaded Maria’s equipment bag-entombed body into the visitor’s team dugout. He was in and out of the park in less than three minutes.

He needed a special location for Sascha. He wanted her body found more quickly than Maria’s. He had a few choices and his decision depended upon the solitude of the field. During the weekday, the softball fields should be primarily empty, but it was the Mr. Moms and stay at home moms frequenting nearby parks that had him concerned for disclosure.

The Skin Stalker took a bypass around Denver toward the western edges of the city. He found a baseball field just outside of Evergreen. The sign read “Buchanan Field.” Very few people inhabited this park during the week. He moved quickly to unload Sascha’s body into the home dugout.

He briefly unzipped the bag and took in the bluish hue of her skin. He smiled at his work and decided to remove the plastic bag from her face. He wanted to baffle the crime scene investigators at least for a few minutes. He swiftly cut away the bag and allowed her head to drop at an unnatural angle against her chest. He put the plastic bag in his trench coat pocket and zipped the equipment bag back up.

He whistled as he walked away undetected from the dugout, got into the SUV, and drove away. He looked down to his gnarly fingers as he drove and smirked as he turned one hand palm up. His skin was smooth, like a snake’s belly. He had no fingerprints.

He rolled the window down slightly and threw the plastic bag out the window littering the beautiful landscape. The Skin Stalker knew the bag would never be traced back to him; probably not back to Sascha either. Throwing it out was just one more way to degrade the society he hated so much. “You are all corrupt and trash, just like that bag.” He sneered at the air.

He wanted to be close to Colin when he saw the news reporting the grisly discovery of Sascha and her partner, Maria. He believed the look of confusion on his face would be priceless, especially when he learned he was only a plaything for little Sascha.

Do you like the Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpts? What’d you think of this one? What might you like to see in the future? Did you know that ever book cover always is also a buy link as long as one is available? 🙂

Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: Lovedust and Trailblazers by Davee Jones

Hi friends! Today we have excerpts in triplicate from Davee Jones! (Who also writes as Allee Mae). I’ll separate them out and we’ll see how this goes. Whee!

Young Marine, Josiah Samuels, was sent home from the Korean Conflict and honored with a Purple Heart for the shrapnel wounds across his chest. Although he proudly served his country, he lived on a daily basis haunted by the sights and sounds of warfare.

As a cattle rancher, he raised stock for local rodeos and lived a simple life of solitude. But, the loneliness and the void the war created in his chest began to overwhelm him.

Then, because of a “cow emergency”, he met Minnie Mitchell, a spitfire neighboring rancher who finished veterinary school in a time when few women were even admitted to University veterinarian programs. She faced her own obstacles in running her family’s cattle operation and finding a job as a vet in stereotypical 1950’s Oklahoma.

Minnie passionately rattled Josiah’s world in ways he previously only dreamed. Now, together, these Trailblazers must find a way to keep Minnie close to the family ranch…and Josiah’s loving arms.

“’Course, there’s no way Will Rogers knew about Korea, he died way before it started. But, that’s how I feel about it. They want to call it a darn conflict and make it sound better. I wasthere and when those bullets zinged by my ears, I knew something was up. After I got blasted with shrapnel shot, I knew for sure.” He regretted his decision to bring up the war, especially after he promised himself before the drive he would leave the matter alone.

Their plates and cups empty, they sat oblivious to the waning crowd of the café. The waitresses and cooks had already begun the nightly cleanup for closing. “I don’t know if you ever told me you got shot, Josiah.” Minnie’s eyes welled with tears at the blatant emotional toll the war had on Josiah. “I did notice the scars…but just barely.”

As if embarrassed by his sudden display of emotion, Josiah rubbed his eyes and smiled, changing the subject. “Now, the other sayin’ I like is, ‘Lettin’ the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than getting’ it back in.’ I’ve never tried it, but imagine it’d be a real doozy of a show. Of course, I know he wasn’t talkin’ literally.”

“I bet you could sell tickets to that.” Minnie grinned appreciatively. “Will Rogers had quite a way with words, I’ll agree with you there, Josiah.”

Josiah then noticed the cleaning efforts of the café staff. “I guess we better skedaddle. Looks like these folks are ready to go home. Are you finished with your coffee?”

Minnie nodded affirmatively. “Yes, this has been wonderful and topped the day off perfectly. Thank you.” She slid out of her seat at the booth as she spoke, continuously facing Josiah’s direction.

Josiah impulsively grabbed her hand as they exited the café. “I appreciate visiting with you, Miss Minnie. Made their pie even better.”

Minnie squeezed his hand tightly in response. “It was so good, I might just have to come back here tomorrow, seein’s how you were such good company that I forgot all about bringing my pa back something.”

“Oh, no, I bet they would still box something’ up, should I go back in?” Josiah stopped walking, interrupting both their strides, a look of mild concern spread across his features.

“Nah, it’s quite alright. Pa will be snoring until the morning. He wasn’t really expecting me to bring anything back to him tonight.”

“If he is sleepin’, then, he might not notice what time we get back to the house, right?” A mischievous glow replaced all traces of concern from Josiah’s face. He opened the driver’s side door and stepped back to allow Minnie to enter from his side.

“Takin’ the direct approach this time for me sittin’ next to you, huh?” Minnie almost teased him.

“I shore am, now hop on in there.” Josiah lightly tapped her fanny playfully as she hauled herself up into the cab of the truck.

After she situated herself in the seat, she directed her smoky gaze toward him settling in behind the steering wheel. “Is that a way of tellin’ me you want to bend me over your lap and spank me, Cattle-Man?”

“Just like Desi gets after Lucy, it looks like it could be fun.” Josiah referenced the popular sitcom I Love Lucy, his voice full of amusement.

“We might just have to try that sometime.” She continued her smoldering stare in his direction. “Every girl needs a good spanking once in a while.”

Josiah’s eyes widened as if numerous naughty possibilities flooded his imagination. “If Newt is sound asleep, would you like to take a little detour on the back roads? I know several places tucked off the road we could get a nice view of the night sky.”

“We can stop, but I don’t know how much I’ll be paying attention to the sky. Watching your mouth working over your fork made me a little jealous for your lips.”

“It never ceases to amaze me just how much of a straight-shooter you are.” The appreciation in Josiah’s words dripped heavily in his tone. He turned the truck on and shifted it into gear with an undeniable sense of urgency.

As soon as they hit the city limits and the darkness overtook the back country road, Minnie made a bold move. She slipped off her shirt and threw it onto the dashboard. “I’m not wasting any time here Cattle-Man.”

Josiah pressed the accelerator a bit harder, tempering the need to drive with caution on those gravel roads against his growing desire.

“I’m going to try something, Josiah. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I do. You’ve never given me reason not to.”

Minnie stretched across the seat, lying on her side, placing her head in his lap. She rubbed his stiffening cock through the tight denim of his jeans. She pressed her face against the erection behind the fabric and blew hot air straight in through the fibers.

“Oh, my goodness, Minnie, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting a second helping of dessert, now just relax.” Minnie unfastened his belt buckle slowly, attempting to get to his button and zipper. Alternating the actions of her fingers with her mouth, she teased Josiah’s arousal through his tight white underwear.

“Minnie, I’m gonna have to pull over, I can’t drive while you are in my lap.” He drove another mile and found a secluded pull off.

By the time he parked and shoved the engine into park, Minnie had made her way to the sensitive skin of the tip of his rock hard penis. “Oh, Cattle-Man, you really need to wear looser pants. I can’t get to what I want.” She licked the exposed tip with her tongue, still sweetly tasting of pie, yet now mingled with his tangy essence.

Josiah greedily grabbed for her breasts through the lace of her bra. Kneading and groping with the finesse of a teenager. He lost all sense of maturity as he squeezed her small, pert nipples.

“That’s it, Josiah, lose yourself with me, we need this.” Minnie pleaded with him.

Davee said that “Lovedust and Trailblazers is an erotic romance based in the 1950’s.” So what’d you think? If you liked it you can buy a copy here. 😀