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SBHM Feature: Dee Carney

Hello ladies! I can’t believe that February is ending today! I’d be all like “let’s kill this bitch!” but … Daylight Savings approacheth and I’m saving all my killing for that. >:( *hisses* …  Anyway, we’ve got Dee Carney visiting with us today! She’s closing out [Smithsonian] Black History Month! I hope you’ve been introduced to some new authors and new reads!

So without further ado … Dee!

Brush StrokesFirst, I’d like to thank you Limecello for inviting me to your blog again this year. It’s always a pleasure to be featured here.

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SBHM Feature: Dee Carney

Look! I’m current! Ish! You guys, this is really exciting. Dare I say fucking exciting?! Cuz, we know I haven’t been a super star of timeliness. Anyway, I’m really excited to feature another author as part of Black History/Heritage Month! The lovely and wonderful Dee Carney!

I’m also really excited about this post itself, and I hope you share your thoughts about it.

Before we started dating, my Caucasian friend used to tell me about the vast amount of discrimination he faced in an average year. To him, it was excessive, egregious and wholly uncalled for in the contemporary age. He faced ageism, sexism and, on occasion, racism. The former two tended to occur at the job, while racism appeared evident in social situations. Of the “isms”, racism bothered him the most.

When we finally transitioned to dating, he started to notice things. Things like the way my large purse attracted an attentive escort when we were in a store. Things like the way although I could be next in line for service, how service somehow drifted in his direction instead of to me. Things like the stares I (not we) received when dining in very upscale restaurants.

Before long, my friend stopped telling me about discrimination he constantly faced. Do I believe that he did have his fair share of issues to deal with? Absolutely. But I think, it took him being exposed to my reality, my every day, for a different viewpoint on discrimination and racism.

On the flip (and amusing) side, my friend also gets handshakes from complete strangers, usually black men, after they’ve seen us together. It took a minute, but he eventually caught on to the idea that he’d been inducted (kinda) into a you’re down club. If you’re curious, he loves the positive attention!

I don’t think stories which involve interracial characters have to hammer issues of race into the reader’s head, but I do think the reality of the differences the characters face should at least be evident. In an age where the Trayvon Martin case can happen, race is still an issue. People who don’t have to face the ugliness of discrimination or racism with any sort of consistent frequency can sometimes be skewed on the realities. That is until they get a bird’s eye view of it. So when I wrote Once Burned, I incorporated a small piece of my personal history into Damien and Pepper’s story. It’s only a sliver of the plot, but is the driving force behind their break-up in the past and what could prevent them from having a future.

When I write interracial stories, I give my characters a happily ever after, but their histories, what makes them who they are, need to be heard too. Otherwise, I can’t expect the realities that I have faced and continue to face to be understood by everyone. I strive to give the reader a viewpoint of social issues that may not be their own. I like to think my friend is a little better-rounded after experiencing my world. I like to think that readers of my stories feel that way after experiencing my world too.

Annnnd Dee wanted to highlight the first book of her Close to the Heat series.

Once BurnedTemptation never tasted so good.

Close to the Heat, Book 1

With a chance to win a cooking competition that will advance her career, the last thing food truck chef Pepper Joseph needs is a distraction. Except she’s got a heaping helping of it in the form of fellow chef Darien Priest, the man who broke her heart.

It’s been years, and she tells herself she’s over his betrayal, but to her irritation, she finds she still has an appetite for his steel-gray eyes, clean-shaven head, and sleeve tattoos.

Darien regrets the single, juvenile act that ended it with Pepper, but he’s never found the courage to apologize. Now that they’re in close quarters, something’s steaming and it’s not just the saucepots. One toe-curling kiss proves there’s the potential for more than just a guarded friendship, and he sets out to prove he’s grown into an honorable man.

Until he discovers she’s pulled a seasoning switch that could have ruined one of his dishes. Now it’s on. There’s ten thousand dollars on the line, but if they don’t surrender to another chance at love, one—or both—of their wounded hearts could get singed.

Warning: “Scorching hot” doesn’t refer to the food. Contains two chefs who’ll inspire cravings of the very carnal kind. Includes one delicious recipe guaranteed to blow any diet out of the water.

Teaser “Tuesday”: Consumed by Dee Carney (Undercover Lovers)

You’ll notice that things are a little different this month. Yes, I realize it’s not Tuesday. In fact, today is Thursday! (Well, in my time zone at the moment…) Generally, my “Guest Author & A Giveaway” series are the first Tuesday of each month. As June is my birthday month… well it’s jam packed with not me! 😀 I decided to fill every Tuesday… (also because authors were like “you want to schedule me for when? So.) And so this month’s Teaser Tuesday spots get pushed to Thursday.

Also, this month, it’s perfect because there are four novellas in this anthology, and more than four Thursdays this month! Whee! So, each week a different novella from the anthology Undercover Lovers will be the Teaser subject. The book blurb is:

Who’s undercover?

Saffron Burton – Sensual food critic posing as just another customer
Tucker Lamb – Smooth as butter former conman posing as nerdy professor
Shane Madison – Dead sexy private eye posing as a Strippendale’s dancer
Katrina Killian – Brazenly sexual cop posing as a gang member

Four ultra-sexy stories by four great authors, with one theme!

Consumed by Dee Carney — It’s no surprise Chef August Jaeger’s rivals would do anything to discover the secrets of his signature dishes. When the curvaceous woman of his dreams shows up out of the blue, he grows suspicious. Fortunately, the best way to get to the truth is by offering a private dining experience that would teach her a passionate lesson she won’t soon forget.

Food journalist Saffron Burton has a job to do: find out what August is serving for Restaurant Week or lose her job. But with every course that passes her lips—and every minute in his presence—she’s finding what she really wants isn’t listed on any menu…

      Instantly, a series of decadent thoughts involving Saffron and the spatula raced through his mind.

Fuck, he could just imagine turning her over his knee and lifting the hem of that pretty black dress. Ever so slowly revealing thick, delicious thighs covered by sheer hose and then higher up to a pair of white–no, black–panties, damp with her juices and stretched tight over an ample ass.

Just thinking about it made his hand tingle with anticipation. To slap his palm against her soft flesh over and over again until her skin flushed a deep pink made his dick stir. The thought of maybe even adding the spatula into his play awakened the rest of his libido.

“I don’t know,” he said slowly, swallowing hard, “maybe a type A asshole who’s set on getting his way.”

“But what happens if he doesn’t?”

“Never mind that. He always gets his way.”

“You sound very sure of yourself.”

August slipped the last crepe out of the pan. With a different, small off-set spatula, he spread a light layering of raspberry compote on each crepe. Saffron remained standing by the stove while he gathered a large serving plate and a fork. “This is where the forceful part comes into play, remember? Now sit.”

Her eyes narrowed. “First tell me why do you keep looking at that spatula and then back at me.”

He almost laughed out loud. If only she knew… “Sit first.”

There was a moment’s hesitation from her, during which he wondered if maybe she really was having second thoughts. He couldn’t blame her. They moved at a reckless speed. But then Saffron sat. Before she could cross her legs, though, August stepped in between them.

The pace of her breathing quickened, her breasts rising and falling in what he hoped was anticipation. Reaching for the fork and plate beyond her with one hand, he slid the other onto the soft flesh of her thigh. “Now open your mouth,” he said softly.

Looking into his eyes, Saffron did as he commanded. As August lifted the fork topped with raspberry filled crepe to her mouth, he slid his other hand beneath the hem of her skirt. At the same moment her lips closed around the food, his fingers wrapped around the cloth of her panties. She hummed a soft noise, looking at him from beneath hooded lids. “So good,” she practically purred.

“Yeah?” He fed her another bite and then another. All the while keeping his hand against the softness of her skin. So close to uncovering her pussy, but not nearly close enough.

Thank God, he worked on automatic pilot cutting pieces of crepe, scooping up bits of raspberry compote. Feeding her. His mind remained solely focused on the fact he could slide his fingers against the plump lips of her pussy at any time. A war raged within him; the chef ensured she found oral satisfaction while the man in him wanted her sexual satiation.

Before he knew it, there were only crumbs on the plate.

“That was delicious. But you already knew that, huh?” Saffron asked as she realized she’d eaten it all. “What about you though? Aren’t you hungry?”

August kept looking at her lips. Unable to help himself, he growled, “Starving.” Adding credence, he captured her lips and devoured them.

The fresh taste of berries burst upon his tongue when he parted her mouth with it. Saffron matched him stroke for stroke, soft moans and encouraging whimpers driving him. Making good on an unspoken promise, August tugged on the panties still in his hand. She arched her body, helping him, wriggling out of the material until they were nothing more than scraps around her ankles.

Her hands clasped onto the front of his jacket before she made short work of his buttons, unfastening each. He could scarcely breathe for the need choking him as she pushed the material away from his chest. “Liebling,” he groaned. English escaped him. Words vanished.

Saffron pulled away, breathing hard. She placed a finger on his lips, sensing the frenzy overtaking him. “Shh… Let me.”

He was panting, but August went still. He clamped his jaw down, tightening until it pained him, but he found his patience again.

And it was fucking worth it.

Saffron stood in the centimeters of space he’d left her and with the grace of a ballerina pushed down the straps of her dress. Chin elevated, she slowly revealed herself, inch by creamy inch of skin. From the freckles decorating her chest, to the rose-blushed tips of her ample breasts and down farther to the rounded flesh of her belly, August stood enthralled as it all came into view. If anyone asked him if he’d managed to breathe during any of it, he wouldn’t be able to say. All he knew was the glory being uncovered before him and the pounding of his heartbeat.

Hands on hips, Saffron canted her head to the side. “So…about that spatula?”

“Turn around,” he forced through a tight throat.

She twirled slowly, a vision in heels and hose, and rested her hands on the island. With a husky voice, she asked, “What now?”

August picked up the spatula, sticky in spots from raspberry compote and moved behind her. Letting her anticipation build, he studied the slender shape of her calves, the dimples behind her knees, the delicious fullness of her thighs. He admired the heart-shape of her buttocks and the feminine contour of her hips.


“So impatient,” he murmured. His hand went to the slope of her ass, rubbing its round form. Saffron watched him from over her shoulder, teeth biting into her kiss-swollen bottom lip.

She cried out the moment his hand slapped one cheek. August offered her soothing words, circling his palm against the warm spot he created. “Are you alright?” he asked gently.

She blew out a breath. “Yes.” Her head fell forward, her face turning away from him, but August heard her next whispered words. “Again, please.”


Dee Carney is a best-selling, award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal erotic romances. Every one of her heroines loves exceptional food and every hero knows the best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. To read more about her stories and to indulge your senses, please visit her on the web at www.deecarney.com

And as a special treat, Ms. Carney is giving away three copies of Undercover Lover. So start asking questions! *Winners will be drawn by 8 PM on June 8, and posted on June 9th, so remember to check back!

So – what do you think? Gonna give this book a try? Have you ever read anything by Dee Carney before? Have any questions for Ms. Carney?