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So… today we were actually supposed to have an author spotlight from Jeaniene Frost. I’m not quite sure what happened, because I’ve been emailing her assistant for a while, and we scheduled the guest date months ago – we’d even been in contact recently… but … then radio silence.

Of course, that’s kind of how things have been going.

You’ll notice I didn’t post winners last Saturday. I didn’t get to touch my computer for ~2+ days. Which is why the review actually went up later than normal yesterday, if anyone noticed.

I wanted to apologize for things not going up according to the normal schedule. (Did anyone notice?)

Also… I don’t know. I don’t think I talk about the “back end” of things much… and anyone please let me know if I’m wrong or misjudging that… but they just haven’t been going so smoothly lately. Frankly, I’ve been having more and more thoughts about just shutting down.

There’s drama and bad behavior and stress and it’s just… it’s been disappointing and discouraging lately/for a while now. I don’t need … well best to stop while ahead.

Then again, every so often there are awesome people. And awesomely generous people. [Although none of that benefits me. Ahem ;)] But you know how bad experiences always seem to outweigh the good… like studies have shown. A bad experience with a person/store/company takes multiples longer to get over or forget than a good experience.

Anyway… I hope to have things more settled down and more regularity soon. I also hope to win the lottery and to sweat diamonds. (I don’t know – I had to come up with something ridiculous. It would be pretty awesome though. And would make sweating worth it. I’d also be worth billions, considering the heat of this summer…)

And, if/when I get the post from Jinger/Jeaniene Frost, of course I’ll post it. To this date. Just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on. And specifically today. In a vague, slightly whiny way.

Additional note – a lot of you talk about how I rant all the time. Frankly… I haven’t ranted in a really long time. If/when I post a rant, I hope you’ll see the difference. [Read: Am getting annoyed at stuff. It’s freaking me out – and not exactly pleasant – for things that aren’t rants to be called rants. As in – haha, “Lime! You’re such a bitch!!!” – Not so great. And… why do some people call EVERYTHING an interview?  That’s my other blog pet peeve. I’m about to issue demerits to future comments of “enter me! Loved this interview!” when it’s obviously not one.]

… See? That last part? That was a rant. In case you were unclear. [And in case it wasn’t clear until now – I’m stressed out. Which is making me especially short tempered.]

To balance it out I might make an honor roll of excellent guest bloggers and authors. Don’t worry though – I won’t call out the diva/ABB ones.

… So that’s all.